Texas Republicans, the best state, the best party

The Texas GOP has officially declared its 2012 platform, available in full here: http://s3.amazonaws.com/texasgop_pre/assets/original/2012Platform_Final.pdf

God’s Own Party has spoken, and while their manifesto is filled with bold, glorious new ideas, two shine especially brighter than all others:

Finally, these courageous men and women, these righteous servants of God, will end the tyranny of children learning to think for themselves and minorities being assured the ability to vote. A new day dawns in Texas, heralding even greater changes for the country at large. Let us rejoice!

see also http://www.patheos.com/blogs/friendlyatheist/2012/06/28/texas-republicans-oppose-teaching-kids-critical-thinking-in-school-because-it-undermines-parental-authority/

Lets sell Texas back to Mexico. Rick Perry wanted to secede from the nation already.

what’s wrong with not letting felons vote?

There’s a lot of stuff… Texas is like any other place. You take the good with the good, and the bad with the bad.

Unless I’m not reading this properly:

Voting Rights* - We support equal suffrage for all U.S. Citizens of voting age who are not felons. We oppose any identification of citizens by race, origin, or creed and oppose use of any such identification for purposes of creating voting districts.*

***Voter Rights Act – We urge that the Voter Rights Act of 1965 codified and updated in 1973 be repealed ******and not reauthorized.***----

***I don’t see the problem here. Basically they’re saying we choose not to identify people by such things as race etc. therefore the voter rights act is superfluous and not necessary.

Voting is still a right

Totally ignoring that different skin colors and heritages exist can only begin to be beneficial in a society that’s free of personal and systematic racism. Would you describe the US as that kind of society? Turning a blind eye to the problem is saying the problem doesn’t exist, saying the problem doesn’t exist is one of the most powerful enabling excuses. “I’m clearly not purposely disenfranchising 12% of the voting population. I had no idea all those voters were black!”

The problem with Texas in particular, at least in regards to the opposition of teaching critical thinking skills, is that for whatever reason Texas mandates the standards for which school textbooks across the nation must comply. Any potential legislation passed in this regard would have ramifications in literally every grade-school classroom in America. (Hell, it’s had effects long before this)

e: re Tekno Virus - besides i just read about this now so i’m just getting pissed at this in particular now

Saying you want to repeal a law that enforces you to do the thing you believe in without supplying your own idea for such a law doesn’t give me a reason to trust your intentions regarding that law.

Critical thinking would have brought that small issue to light, if only they hadn’t outlawed that too.

Fight the power, Texas. God will be bummed and ignore you if you don’t.

They also want to kill the minimum wage so corporations can pay people as low as they want, oppose all forms of taxation so that the rich and their corporations can keep all their money, privatize Social Security even though that actually works and only has a surplus so that they can most likely give the money citizens paid into it to the rich and make it super hard for older people to collect their retirement money, teach abstinence-only education and some other retarded stuff.

Fuck that state. Banning critical thinking? They want everyone stupid as fuck so the republicans can keep winning and fucking the citizens over. Its so damn blatant.

Texas, what a horrible place. Everything truly is bigger, especially their stupidity.

I hope that one day, that place will burn

You know… While reading this, at least for some passages, I get the feeling the author(s) some idiotic person who can’t understand a thing and is narrow minded and is narrow hearted. You know like this passage:

While this is okay by itself, but it really depends on what you mean by “American identity”… aargh but this is really a whole can of worms which by opening, I feel, would lead to fruitless discussion. To sum up, I would support a national identity as “American” but culturally and ethnically, that should be up to the individual.

I read one good line, that is, the repealing of the Top Ten Percent Rule would be very good. The education system as a whole, well, I don’t really know what to say, but I do have an uneasy feeling about it. Can we really say this is as competitive as other countries? This is interesting: http://www.exxonmobil.com/Corporate/community_math.aspx
Some parents feel education sucks in some ways and think about sending their children somewhere else, to either a good public school of good reputation or some sort private education.
A lot of it also depends on the individual. Just because the system sucks doesn’t mean you have to. Like everything else, there is good and bad. There’s ways around the bad and sometimes there’s some crap you just have to put up with.

Oh and on the topic of bilingual education, everyone should be taking some foreign language starting 6th grade or maybe earlier, even at the earliest possible.

On business:
That document outlined some pretty business friendly practices. Interesting lines include the elimination of the Department of Energy, elimination of the minimum wage, and the support of the freedom to continue using of incandescent light bulbs, Right to Work, … , lots of stuff.

On environment:
Didn’t see anything on environmental control, but government regulation I know has been much more stringent on emissions and flares. Probably the main thing to tackle would be emissions from cars, but how much can be done? I guess you could install Selective Catalytic Reduction buuuut you would have to handle some pretty decent amount of ammonia which unlike your Windex, is pretty dangerous stuff to handle.

By the way, I represent:



yeah still not seeing a problem with banning felons from voting.

im of the opinion that 90% of the united states should not be allowed to vote, because they are too stupid to. felons would fall under this category.

is there really any evidence that shows that minimum wage improves the standard of living for poor people? you increase the minimum wage, the price of everything goes up to compensate. how is it improving anything at all?

taxes are bad because government squanders all that money anyway. it is bloated and incompetent. the more tax money the government rakes in, the more bureaucratic crap they create and get bogged down in. just take a look at the DMV.

social security is awful and is a ponzi scheme which we simply cannot afford. its one of the main reasons usa has a gigantic deficit. people should fund their own retirement and if not then thats their own damn fault.

so really the only problem with texas is that they want to teach creationism and are bible thumpers.

as far as i can find there’s at least no positive correlation with inflation rates and average national minimum wage, but show me information otherwise as i might be overlooking something?

i’m in no condition right now to address any of your other points, but lets just say i think you’re incredibly naive

Really? I got kind of a republican vibe from him.

and i’m asking for any evidence that minimum wage actually helps poor people, which i’m assuming is what its intending to do? minimum wage jobs are bottom of the barrel for unskilled labor. those are shitty blue collar jobs. white collar jobs pay is determined by capitalism. if a white collar job such as sales brings in lots of profit, then you pay more to the person who makes all that money. to fix problem of poor people not making enough money, makes more sense to give them better education so they dont end up with shitty jobs.

anyway i work in the tech industry and my company just won a huge government contract and i see firsthand how wasteful the usa is. i’d rather not pay more taxes if its being spent fighting useless wars, paying homeland security, paying out social security, and paying out ridiculously huge contracts for various shit (i mean that’s great for the companies and the employees like me who work for the companies that get these contracts, not so much for the taxpayer though).

to think higher taxes without massive spending cuts is going to accomplish anything is just totally naive.

edit: vynce i dont vote and i do not affiliate myself with either party nor do i care to.

Just let me have my fun, God damn it.

this is pretty much the #1 thing

the thing with minimum wage is that its based on, inflation, and cost of living. You can’t pay somebody 5 dollars and expect them to live off it. but then again, you aren’t supposed to live off those wages (retail, fast food type jobs). But there aren’t enough white collar jobs for everybody, nor there are enough specialized blue collar jobs out there. BTW, not all blue collar jobs are unskilled.

yes but minimum wage blue collar jobs are unskilled. that’s why they pay out minimum wage. nobody’s endgame plan should be to work a minimum wage job for life. those jobs will be replaced asap by companies via outsourcing or automation (like those self checkout lines at grocery stores) as much as possible by corporations to cut down on costs, and thus circumvent minimum wage entirely.

yeah and that’s got to be paid for somehow. i’m off the opinion that college level education should be fully funded by the government. however that’s gotta be pair for somehow. higher taxes will cover some of it, but you gotta slash spending elsewhere to make up for the rest. typically though when the economy is good and tax revenue is high the government will spend that money on new layers of bureaucracy that they then cannot afford to maintain when economy becomes bad.

i’m also of the opinion that the bible belt should secede from the union entirely, and that will solve majority of the country’s problems.

Ron Paul.

you spout that as if its the solution, but is it really the solution?