(Test Your Skills 8) Neo/Cali vs Texas/Rudy [2000$ MM] Houston,Tx March/6/2010

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(((AirbrushKing/TournamentsWe Pay Our Players”?)))

AirbrushKing Venue

13700 Beechnut St.
Houston Texas, 77083
United States

Contact Information:
Email: AirbrushKing@abdk.net
Capacity/Hours: 500+ People 40+ Tables 300+ Chairs/Hrs:10am-2am

(Video Of Venue–> [media=youtube]BeNaRgHsdaI[/media])

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Tournament Information:

HOBO=Hobo stands for Houston Official Brawl Organization. Every HOBO/Brawl tournament grosses 50+ players and is ran by Xryo.

TYS=Test Your Skills is presented to you by AirbrushKing.net. Featuring all of the new/retro games and is organized by AirbrushKing.
Games in: (New/Sf4/Sc4/Tvc/All others) (Retro/Mvc2/3rdStrike/Cvs2/All others) (Future/Blazblue/Tekken 6/Arcana Hearts 2/All others)

Cali Vs Texas Flyer
Cali Vs Texas Schedule

Airport/Hotels/Housing/Food Areas:

Hotels close to Funplex (CLICK HERE)


B.Y.O.S/Bring Your Own Setups (Tv/Console/Controller/Arcade Sticks/Ubs cables)

You are not required to bring any setups but if you do, you will be compensated

Live Stream:

www.AirbrushKing.net (Front Page Under Recent News)


Movie Theater
12,000 Sq. Ft. Roller Skating Rink
40 Lane Bowling Alley & Pritchard’s Pro Shop & Bar

Confirmed States/Cities/International:

New York



Venue/Entry Fees:
$10 (Venue) (Wristband) (Purchased upstairs)
$10$ (Entry) (Per Game) (Collected inside of the venue)

Cash Prizes/Payout:

1st 70% + AirbrushKing Custom Airbrushed Prizes
2nd 20% + Funplex Prizes
3rd 10%

Special Prizes sponsored by www.AirbrushKing.net and www.SmashBrosTournaments.com

(Rules and Regulations)

A wristband MUST be purchased in order for you to enter the venue. If you do not have a wristband on, you will be asked to get one. If you REFUSE, you will be escorted out the venue by SECURITY!


(((Casuals start at 12:00Noon & Registration for all games begin at 1:00pm)))

(((ALL GAMES ARE WELCOMED. Bring a full setup and I will provide you with the space)))

(Smash Bros. Brawl) (Wii)

Tournament begins at 2:00pm

(Smash Bros. Melee) (Gamecube/Wii)

Tournament begins at 2:00pm

(Street Fighter 4) (Ps3/X360 Casuals)

Tournament begins at 3:00pm

(Tatsunoko Vs Capcom Ultimate All Stars) (Wii)

Tournament begins at 4:00pm

(Marvel Vs Capcom 2) (Dreamcast) [Regional Tournament Cali Vs Texas]
(((1st place winner will win a FREE Flight to Gamme sponsored by Gamme)))

Tournament begins at 4:00pm

Followed by the
Main Event/Money Match:

Neo vs Rudy 2000$ [FT15]

Undercards/Money Matches:

PYT vs Reset 200$

Ronald vs Neo 2 (TBA) [The Runback from evo2k9]

Team Neo/Reset vs Ivan/Eric for 200$

3rd Strike Money Matches:

Iaan vs JD 100$

(If you want to money match anybody. Post up and I will add it in this section)

(((5$ Late Fee for any sign up?s after the tournament begins for all games so be ON TIME)))

((For All Games Rules Go To?> http://www.airbrushking.net/tournaments/?p=73))

Stay tuned for updates cause this will be an event you will not want to miss…

So… according to the flyer (which is vague by the way) it looks like the game is going to be, Marvel? :confused:

Correct. If sf4 cali players want to come, i have no problems with that. I just put mvc2 on the flyer cause thats what the big mm is being played in and the main event/attraction.:cool:

Who you got. Cali or Texas?

Damn… if it’s Marvel and it’s Reset… I’m going with Reset (Cali) I’ve played him and been watching him play for years at each Evo, while I was in Cali. There is a reason he is called Reset… Cali is too good in Marvel. I would place Reset top to 8 in Cali, maybe top 5, but there are so many top Marvel players. Chris Schmidt, Soo, Chunksta, Finnese, Duc, Clockwork, DP, Ruin, Crizzle, Potter, more… oh, and that was in no particular order either.

Hell yeah! Mahvel baby! … I def gonna watch that match!

Well i guess u havent seen Many Texas ppl play… I know reset is good but ppl want to see this happen for a reason… And i got rudy over Neo… And as far as my MM goes vs reset . Just gotta see what happens not saying im gonna win or anythong but u never know ita Marvel… But who thats Marvel for u… u dont want to miss this one…


We shall see how reset does against texas in the tournament/mm. Rudy Beasted potter at evo2k7 and others.:cool:

Yes sirrr. Are you coming with anybody?

I agree with Shin, been watching these guys play for years. They are Beasts and hardly ever mess up. Ive also seen the all of the Best Texas Marvel Players play and some from back then, i dont think alot of them play anymore like Power-Dn, VinnyMan, Joe R, Dr. Deelite and so on H-Town has the best Marvel Players in TX as of right now, other than Toan who is from Dallas, but i can be wrong and years change, but either way im still rooting for Texas. Good Luck Guys. :tup:

not really, i’m gonna be in TX around that date and I def gonna assist to the event

i’m going for texas all the way,and also pyt vs reset man Brian u better get that money i put down $50 on u

lol im gonna play my best Marvel, i ever played bro… this boy is no joke i gotta have my shit down… Win or Lose… im gonna do my best…

Yo I miss houston a lot
Im going to this

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WTH are you talking about?

I got a homey names iaan that plays remey and said that he would like to mm you. Would you be down and for how much?

Just posting here that Im down for the MM with Ian
Id side bet on me if I were you :lovin:

sooo since rudy can play for 2k can i get my 100$ from him or what??

lol… I’m pretty sure he thought u had forgot about that…

Are you coming through to witness this massacre?

hmmm. I’d have to put (imaginary…I probably won’t be there) money on reset and neo. the only person I haven’t played and seen play out of all of them is Rudy though…but I like Neo still! Especially since it’s a longer set.

what team(s) does Rudy play though?