(Test Your Skills 8) Neo/Cali vs Texas/Rudy [2000$ MM] Houston,Tx March/6/2010

Rudy plays Row. How much money would you put on reset and neo if you did come here?

ROW? hmmm. that sorta counters thrax…and Neo is always stubborn with keeping with thrax even when he’s greatly countered. But I think he still has this because I don’t think the counter is toooo great :cybot:

lol, I’m not a big better. I’d probably put 50 on neo. I would put more on reset because I’m more sure of him winning.

Its a super coin flip cause rudy is nice with row and neo is solid with santhax. 50$ on neo sounds like a reasonable amount of $$ to bet on neo. I dont know if reset would win the mvc2 tournament or his mm’s through. Texas is really deep with players that play all kind of different styles so we will have to see.

You should come out to witness the madness thats about to take place?

i like neo and would put $100 on this, ofcourse that means shit if i cant make it out there.

I would take that but already have enough money on rudy as it is. Somebody else will take that 100$ though…

For those who havent seen the new venue that this event will be held at. Here it is–> [media=youtube]BeNaRgHsdaI[/media] More updates on the way so Lets get HYPE!!!

What are you talking about. I get over 100+ in every tournament I run. Sf4 is just starting to pick up. Thats cool. Check your pm!

Didn’t see the pm. Just got home and checking replied threads. Responded to your post on mine. Apologies… going to check my hatemail, lol.

I like Me Over Both of Them… Looks like I’m saving for this =) Yo Pat If i go to This Over Mm Is going Down in Sf4

I’ll be there for street fighter.

Keep in mind those 100+ numbers are for Brawl. There’s 20 something that show up for Marvel, and only around 10 - 15 at most for SFIV.

If Vegita-X accepts your money match, I will add it to the front of the page to confirm it. Just let me know how much you all are playin for…

Btw: Just so everyone knows, all matches will be played on console and will be projected on the wall. Check the video above to see an example. The chairs will be setup movie style and the mms/main event will be played on the stage. I welcome all recording/photography/setups for any games at this event. The venue can hold 500+ so I want to use as much space as possible. Some cali players might be carpooling so texas bring the $$$/hype!

Calm down.

wait? pat you coming? i doubt beats would come all the way from chi town although i’d like to play him if he did :smokin:

hell naw! lol :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m tryin to finish up school and save up money for GAMMEX and EVO (I have no idea how I’ll do both D:)

Donate blood, sperm, and plasma. There you go. Trading in some games to GameStop will help too :tup: Done…

Does that mean I am part of Cali so I can be apart of this?

Hell yeah! I got you and you’re in if you want.

Toan is a beast!

hmmmmm damn imports lol toan is a beast and i will be taking mm’s in sf4 if ANYONE still plays that game ahem jwong, I WANNA BE LIKE MIKE!!!