Tennessee Thread - We have Arcade Edition. Come play with us

New topic: I am better than you. Post your thoughts here.

Damn, that time already?

I guess that line is getting cliched by now.

Oh well. dances in the wide open space before everyone else arrives

Dang man why you hating on me? I didn’t mention anyone by name! I guess you are a partaker of the “slaw”. Anyways man when are you going to get on XBL so we can decide how much I cost?

I was telling Lycan my company might be opening something in Memphis, so I might have to drive out in the next couple months… hopefully will make it out to a fight-night or two…

GDBell: Do you even own T6? If not wait on playing it with anyone really. Its not something your gonna come out to fight night to and pick someone up and play them. Thats just not how the game works. Unless you are like O and just mash using Cheddy LOL. If you are interested in playing let me know when you get a copy and we can sit down and I can show you the little that I know of the game.

I’ll be up there around noonish

Anyway, GG’s to the people I did play last night, namely Bishop, Sunstone, Justin and I think that’s it, lol. I honestly almost never play at fight nights unless it’s a ranbat.

As far as Memphis being hungry, I think everyone who was at the Saucer last night knows that that question will be answered very soon.

Lastly all you bastards with tickets, if you can make it out tonight, 6:00 PM at the theatre, try and keep an eye out for each other.

Was planning on going up to GG as well, but I don’t get off until around 6 tonight. Anyone still gonna be up there?

Dammit I cant believe I forgot big ups to Bishop for also being a Billy Idol fan!


Gabe- You need a certain date?..

Sev- Many reasons why people rather deal with SF than play Tekken. SF- Simple fighting game that can be played a high level. Tekken- High Level Fighting fighting game in general.

Krazyslaw- I’ll MM you if you win I’ll stop saying slaw.

Memphis 5 man team vs Nashville 5 man team any time soon? I have HD capture capability. How about this saturday or sunday?

Regarding new players/shittalk/competition:

The drive that we feel as FG players needs to be fostered in new players. I?ve thought about different ways to encourage it, as it?s come up fairly recently with friends/family/guests.

While intermediate players benefit immensely from playing people better than them, I?m not sure that new players benefit in the same way. We want to ignite that spark in players, let them have fun with the game and give them a chance to experience some back-and-forth in a match, and to give them a chance to make adjustments that their ability allows. When I have a group of players and some of them are brand new, I go out of my way to get them to play each other. The traditional ?winner-stays? isn?t going to allow for that, we just have brand new players taking turns getting rolled over, and they come away a bit disillusioned. So I?ll say ?here, you play him/her?. These are the most fun matches for the players, and actually pretty fun to watch? to see someone learn quickly within the context of even competition.

We could implement a ?new players? setup at some gatherings, or at least be aware of people?s skill level and try to get them playing with people around their level.

While we?re on the topic, I?ll share the order of things I teach, and let you guys give input if you want:

  1. moving around with the joystick (walking, jumping, crouching)
  2. blocking (low, high, crossups). I?ll then let them practice blocking against me.
  3. Normals (pokes, sweeps, jump-ins). I?ll then explain how to get around my blocking and practice against me
  4. Throws

At this point they should just try and have fun with the game for a few matches, preferably with someone on the same skill level. After a few matches I?d teach

  1. Anti-air normals
  2. Specials (how, why, and when)
  3. Basic 2-in-1 combos.

Other aspects of the game are learned best through experience at first (e.g., spacing), and then you can offer advice.

Regarding hype/shit-talk:

Tournament hype is a big part what drives the scene, in my opinion. It appeals to new players and spectators, and lets them share the experience even if they don?t fully understand everything that?s going on.

However, there?s a difference between ?hype? (mostly positive, competitive banter, razzing friends) and ?shit-talk? (hostile, disrespectful).

If we want new/intermediate players to have fun (and therefore continue playing and getting better and contributing to the scene), we gotta watch the shit-talk. To me, the worst kind of shit-talk is when you dis a player’s abilities who just beat you. It implies that the winner didn’t deserve his victory (which is always bullshit). The complainer is disrespecting himself, too, because if you really don’t respect the ability of the person who beat you, then what are you saying about yourself? You are dissing yourself.

I’ve had some losses to people who I went in expecting to beat. It made me respect them -more-, and told me I had some work to do. I also try not to take anyone for granted.

If a newer player manages to beat you through techniques you don?t ?agree with?, don?t get hostile about their character or their playstyle. That makes the experience of winning unfun for that player. If you want them to change, just beat that crap in-game. Block and punish mashed DPs. Or have fun and use some ?cheese? against them. They?ll adjust and become better players, but only if necessary.

Conversely, newer players talking shit about people they can?t beat, or complaining about tiers, char balance, bullshit excuses, etc., should be called out too.

I want to clarify that I think our community does a great job with all this stuff for the most part? these are just things I?ve observed that I think lead to healthier communities in competitive activities. I?ve had to deal with this stuff in other competitive activities too, and have been on all sides of player ability. Out of all the competitive activities I’ve been involved in, this scene has the most camaraderie. There are some awesome people here, and we’re lucky to have the scene we do.

Lastly, if you need to be reminded why we play this game in the first place, I just read this post which does a great job articulating our drive to be better players (I don?t share his lamentation of hype, though). He’s talking about the kind of “simple inexplicable want” that we want to foster to help our scene thrive.

I’m going to break this tension by bringing you weird Japanese stuff I found on YouTube.


first related video is [media=youtube]_migLQ802Go&feature=fvw"[/media]

Damn new thread already…a few things…

ShinBlade: On the contrary, Tekken is a very EASY game to play, but a very HARD game to master. It has easier basics than Street Fighter, but in order to be very effective at the game you have to understand the frames and spacing and know about juggles. It is a much more played “casual” game amongst the basic fighting game populace because of that.

I am not saying it is easier to master than Street Fighter, it is much harder in fact because of what you need to know about the game to become a good player at it, but you’re forgetting Tekken is known amongst players to be button mashing in the beginning more than any other fighter than possibly Soul Calibur and the learning curve still is high requiring how to understand the blocking mechanics because there is more stuff you have to recognize as opposed to Street Fighter where you could see it once or twice and not fall for it.

Basic example, Eddy/Christie/whoever has combos that involve a low move or knockdown:

You have to see this stuff a LOT and become accustomed to it

That is what makes Tekken harder. It is a much more dangerous game (hence the 3/5 instead of 2/3 in tourneys) and every character has so many moves you can’t recognize them off the bat.

Can’t say Tekken is hard for everything because press D/B and B + 1 to do moves is a lot easier than crazy Viper stuff. It’s the juggles and wall stuff and frame data, knowledge of the ground game, recognition of counter hits and B! and having X amount of frames to do certain moves that make it harder but the overall basics are easier than Street Fighter…

It’s still apples to oranges, without Street Fighter there would be no Tekken, Tekken is a great 3D game, Street Fighter is a great 2D game, they really can’t be compared in any sense other than to be a GOOD player in Tekken it will take a VERY VERY VERY long time to master, whereas Street Fighter will take 1/4 of as much time.

u slawTR

Fuck slaw, you all potato salad.

Now from the last thread…

GDBell, I think you are forgetting something VERY important in terms of attracting new players to a game…

The question is, why does Nashville have less overall players for Street Fighter than Memphis?

Nashville has only 640,000 people (Davidson County)
13 county area which would include places like Cookeville and Clarksville is about 1.6 million.
This would reach 80 miles in each direction.

Memphis has 680,000 people, however, in a small area of surroundings, you have 1.3 million (more people per square mile) as opposed to Nashville which has to stretch further…

Now what do we have, 16 people in each city for the most part playing?

Check this…
Atlanta Metro Area-5.4 million
Miami Metro Area-5.6 million people (WAY more people per square mile, and 4th most populated area in the US in terms of metropolitan area and people per square mile)

Now what do you have for Atlanta tourneys…20-35 regulars? Miami tourneys 16-25 regulars? 50-60 for the big ones which include out of area ones?

If you look at total populace we are doing pretty well with what we have, that’s for sure. Most of Tennessee is rural as it is and Miami has a LOT of people that play but only a handful more than Memphis and Nashville.

You have to understand, we had 3-4 TOTAL players here (Nashville) for Street Fighter and everyone was 50 miles apart and 4-5 Tekken players but the casual base was still there, so Street Fighter has come a long way since then and we do have SF4 and the arcade to thank for that, but it’s hard to get a lot of new blood on these games because everyone is so spread out and there just aren’t as many interested parties…

I wonder why the first LOTR is coming on so much right now. O.o

Now that’s something I can get behind. I do love some potato salad.