Hi everyone.


January 8 Pre-KiT tournament 6pm for SF4…

Also January 2 Saturday SIngles/Doubles at Hickory Hollow


PO’ FOLKS who don’t travel…LOL!

Dream - was Sherlock Holmes in the typical Guy Ritchie style? Crazy camera cuts, lots of action? I usually love all his stuff, I didn’t even know Sherlock Holmes was one of his…

Watched Zombieland while I was messing with my computer last night - not sure if anyone has seen it but its definitely worth a watch…

Yeah, it has a lot of Guy’s touches on it, especially some of the fight scenes…

I’m going to hit up Holmes this week. Those Christmas crowds were fucking rabid! How can someone be so pissed off when they just got a shit ton of presents and a giant holiday meal?

It’s Tennessee, people get pissed off for everything. Especially random guys (the stereotypical ones you see)

Dudes are so super sensitive and angry out here and hate it when they are proven wrong…

Not sure how Nashville was voted having the friendliest people in the United States and Los Angeles was dead last…there are a LOT more angry people here than in Los Angeles.

Awww man I love Nashville!

[crappy story]I remember one night I was walking back across the bridge between LP Field and the Country Music Hall of Fame after a Titans game. I was stopped by a nice man and 2 of his female companions with large fake breasts and limited clothing. They wanted to offer my friend (who was dressed as Santa Clause) and me coupons to get into an establishment known as the “Crazy Horse.” Santa asked me what that was and I said “it’s a gentleman’s club Santa.” “He said all good boys should be gentlemen!” I informed him that it wasn’t just a place to hold doors open for ladies and he got a gleem in his eye and his belly shook like a bowl full of jelly…[/crappy story]

I love Nashville, too.

First chance I get I’m long gone. Will hate to leave the SF crowd behind, though.

Eh I never understood why people are so angry at Christmas. Its supposed to be a happy time. Any way I hope you guys all had a good holiday and made out well in the presents department.

Long time no see everyone.

I finally stopped by GG today. School has been kicking the crap outta me so that’s why I haven’t been in so long. I’ll try to stop by as much as I can. I will definitely still be going to KiT though. :tup:


Sherlock Holmes was the shiznit.

hmmm should i go ahead and get a 360 elite?

Dammit Eddie…yes.

anyone going to be at the hick game galaxy tomorrow or the next day?

I’ll be up there tomorrow from around 12 to 4.

Ok bitches, I’m hosting major session at my crib TODAY, December 27, 2009, @ 2:30pm. Been awhile since I hosted a massive gathering and no it will not be a pay to play (unless you MM’in). Duh, I never charge you pussies. However, if you do not wash your ass before entering or are just plain filthy and messy, I will demand $20 venue and $15 in three month installments. I’m serious. You can bring food, alcohol, smoke(outside on patio) etc., just be somewhat tidy and adult about it. Don’t get wasted and try to drive home in the rain and dumb shit.

We on…Tekken 6. Duh. If someone wants to play SF4 then they’ll have to bring game and set-up for it, because I don’t own it anymore. Same with GG. Niggaz ain’t playing BB in the crib though. Sorry. Go across the street with that shit.

5161 Hornsby
Memphis, TN 38116

From Memphis:
Right on Holmes, Right on Hornsby
From Mississippi:
Left on Holmes, Right on Hornsby

If you are still unable to find the house, you are a fucking idiot. That’s about it though. Should be the much needed gathering to relieve this “depression”. Come or be a dirty bag of coleslaw.

P.S. It’d be great if someone could bring an extra set-up for Tek. If not, depending on whether crowd is decent, we just do 1 and out rotation, decreasing likelihood of FT10s and MMs.

Is that like, the cable man 12-4, like you’ll be there at some point between those two times, or you will be there from 12 until 4?

Also, completely unrelated, but you must all [media=youtube]_RjMSWhGWak"[/media]

Ok, Any interest of showing up thursday the 7th at 6 at my place? I’m gonna need shittons of practice to get ready for kit. I haven’t been able to play the game for 4 days…

12 until 4. Maybe later; I’m suppose to be taking over a shift tomorrow, but I can’t get a hold of the kid.

[media=youtube]a9hyEv3u_J4[/media] I don’t know how to make that words and not compuscratch.