Tennessee ranbat summer #1 july 11 results

1st-300LB EUGENE (Fei Long)
2nd-Cale (Honda)
3rd-Grand Viper (Bison)
4th-HUnter (Zangief)

Lots of upsets in this one, Phil ended up 7th, Max out earlier as well…

good stuff…I guess phil and maxx didn’t get enough sleep last night (lolz)

Those were some fun matches today, everybody.

Love the new sanwa setup on the ps3 cab.

This was my first tournament and I had tons of fun even if I got my ass kicked. :slight_smile:

Cale, we’ve had that since day 1 actually. People have always been able to switch out from Sanwa to iL/Happ but rarely anyone did it…

Wubzu: Glad you could make it =) Keep coming down for more comp one of these days…

I wish I could come down like at least 1 or 2 times a week, but I live to far away. I really want to because im never going to get better playing online.

Vega was representing today …

Barely lost to Eugene and got frustrated against Cale. Both were good matches though. It sucks not being able to play Cale, Hunter, and Richard whenever i want like i can when I am at school. Phil’s Honda is much more aggressive than Cale’s, so fighting a Honda with so much patience after coming from RTSDing all day is nuts. Add in the tension of a tourney and you have a recipe for 300 pound sumo niggas flyin at Bison all day.

All that being said, good shit to everyone. Turnout wasn’t horrible but maybe we can get more peeps out next time.

Also, Wubzu, welcome sir. And welcome to the Bison army. Between Jason, Sdouble, and myself, you will learn much, quickly.

Cale and GV had Eugene on the ropes…very very close…it always seems like Eugene pulls shit out of his ass in close games, though…

Whats the Average entries?

Im planning on traveling for locals now and then to promote some shit and I want to feel the comp all around.

I’d say anywhere between 15 and 20. Today was kind of a low turnout. Correct me if I am wrong Jason, but haven’t we got as many as like 25 or so before?

That would be dope if you came through man. I don’t really know you but I have seen you around posting. It’s cool that peeps check out other regions threads. It’s also cool that you are traveling around and such.

I really need that Naki stick…Jason i still cant cant find one…

-flame kick into ultra missed that one match and cost a round,

Yay,Marvel comp

Good shit eugene.

GV: 1st tourney had 28…this one had 14…it’s our lowest so far…a lot of regulars were not there…James, Mac, Q, Graham, Richard, Pat, Patrick, Eddie…that’s quite a few

Just cause im BLACK I play mahvel?! :rofl:

Naw,cause we were at University Pin
way back when -------






and because your black

ahh those were the days.

Too bad I suck

Congrats peoples. May your new season be filled with many more upsets and whatever satisfaction comes from playing SF4.

Much love to Epic Cale. Good shit Chris, but I know you’re kicking yourself. You should’ve hit and ran all day in a fatman match. if you allow a Hyundai to become unafraid of a Dickie he’ll rise up and become unflustered and it’s going to cause serious problems in the balance of things.

Wow, I knew we were missing a lot but damn, where was everybody? We’ll get em next time.

'Preciate that mike, and yeah I am, but nothing i can do about it now. Gonna come back strong next time.

It’s ok to look like a complete moron in this game. Turtle/outlast Patient Cale and stand there/run until the clock runs down then sneak a hit in true Bison fashion. If he snaps and tries to rush you, you already know to st.fierce all jump-ins, and scissor kicks/slide is a braindead punisher to any Honda whiffs. Well timed headstomp mixups and grape jelly hands are the ultimate frustration. It’s about a even match on paper but every Honda knows this can be hell. And so I give Bison the edge since SF4 rewards stupidity and if you played more stupid you’d win.

I don’t care about being a sellout since I don’t play the game anymore. :bgrin: Where was Phil?