Tennessee: Home of Vowing to Never Go 4-40 Again, Noooo Siiiiiirrrrrr!

Greetings, from your friendly neighborhood Negro.

Still accepting thread title suggestions.

We like our street fighter with a side of slaw???

This is a suggestion for the thread title. Just a thought.

PJAN: Are you serious!!!

Go die.

Shin_Blade: I will MM you FT5 20$ Wednesday

Or anyone else for that matter.

I wish you people would quit quoting him…this ignore feature is useless… :frowning:

I hate you.


Jan: Damn man those things are like 50 a pop. You know you’ll be back though.

I’m basically in the PJan boat!

Tennessee: Project Justice Lives Here

WTH Lycan and Jan?

Jan- Give me your number again I want in on that Jitsu

Duckie- I’ll MM you in BB and can I roll with you to New Orleans? please…

Woot- FT3 10$ ? I’ll wait til I’m a for certain beast in SF to accept any type of MM

You’re taking a break too?

… come play BlazBlue. It’ll have a werewolf soon. XD

@Shin: I’ll take a FT5 for $10…

@Jan: Take it easy man… You still need to come out, we need a crazy asian around…

@matt: Yes the ranbat season is free and will be played at Fight Nights only and every other week. Now if you guys want to do like a $5 entree for the season and the top 2 or 3 get the pot at the end of the season, I’m cool with that too.

@O: Sort your life out, let’s have some fun man (no homo)! We got a tab match FT5 Wednesday, remember?

Tennessee: We’re all quitting Street Fighter

Tennessee: Yo mama’s so cheap, cuz everything is safe on block.

Tennessee: Yo mama’s so cheap, she can grab during blockstun.

Tennessee: Yo mama’s so cheap, I heard they gonna nerf her in an update.

Tennessee: Yo mama’s so cheap, that’s why Eugene plays her. (lol just playin’)

Can’t think of any more…

Tennessee: Yo mama’s so fat, the entire screen is her hitbox

We need an hero.

We need Mike Sims.

Squab- Sure

Duckie- What’s it gonna be?

Tennessee: Where Dick Jokes Are Mind Games As Well

Tennessee: I hate this thread already

Tennessee: where broke people challenge you to mms