Tell FlashMetroid to learn Gouken

Apparently FlashMetroid will be doing a stream to showcase how he learns a character and is doing a poll to determine which character that is. It says he will use the character that wins, for a week. So hey why not, could be interesting.

Gouken is tied with Hakan at 9% currently.

Gouken’s in the lead with 15% now.

Voted using FF and IE since they don’t share cookies. Gouken is at 17% right now which is way ahead of Hakan who is at 8%

You guys be careful what you ask for, the more the outside community knows, the more they can use against you…

With that being said I voted for Gouken.

I suggest he wait until post update to do his stream, b/c he’s going to be in for one hell of a ride if he doesn’t.

I’ve only just decided to start maining Gouken after going through almost the whole cast and not being satisfied so for someone like me this would be an amazing help. This will no doubt help expand the Gouken community as well and I can’t see anything bad about that.

Voted! Gouken is at 21%

It will be fun to see, and good for both new and old Goukens.

The downside is having all of his gimmicks broadcasted and everyone figuring out his fatal flaw, and how a simple grab on his wake up exposes his ass.

Gouken is one of the best characters on the game until his back gets dirty.

Yeah, I completely agree. That’s why this is the second time I’m trying Gouken since he was my first choice but then I was just owned so amazingly hard online I gave up pretty fast. Once they got a knockdown on me I was just absolutely free… but having said that, I was a huge scrub back then and had no concept of footsies so who knows, maybe it will be completely different this time n___n

lol minipulating cookies is kind of lame when im trying to do this fair I highly doubt 100 different poeple voted for gouken…just by reading this thread I can tell that you guys don’t know anything about basic sf by the way you guys talk about how bad gouken is…of course that and how bad every gouken player is even the good ones that spam counter on wake up

I don’t care either way if you choose Gouken or not, and I too agree 100 individual people probably didn’t vote for Gouken but if you divide that by 3 (the average number of browsers a person has), you’re still at 33 people, which is way higher then anyone else last I checked, no?

I agree with Reipin. Assuming that everyone resorted to cookie manipulation seems rather unreasonable. But then again this is the internet.

I’m sure alot of people didn’t do it but Hakan not being the leader is something surprising Gouken have double Hakan(who has like 50) and more 5 times the whole other cast is ridiculous. I will probably end up playing Gouken because its partly my fault for not expecting this and to show the idiots on this forum that the character isn’t that bad. This stupid trend seems to be pretty common these days every character forum is the same people complain about their character way to much and most of it is because of their lack of ability like really grabbing shuts down gouken…learn to fucking tech

that was really funny… lol… ohh btw a friend of mine told me you are from DR… is that right??


ohhhhhhhhh nice, are you going there anytime soon??? and show us something we don’t know with the old man… lol shouts up bro… from dominican to the wolrd

Well I can say that I only voted once and I never said for people here to vote more than that. Given that the one guy above admitted he did, it does make the poll skewed. But still, I think Gouken would be in the lead just from this thread, even if it was truly 1 vote per person. I don’t think anyone else made a thread about it in the other character sections.

Anyway, play whoever you want. I just thought it would be cool to see someone of your caliber use Gouken, since he’s obviously not very popular at tournaments. I think everyone else here feels the same way.

post of the year!
that just didnt even sound friendly lol!!!

Cmon we just wanna see what Gouken can do. Everyone has gripes about their own main. We legitimately just wanna see someone who is good play gouken… Tourney level Goukens are scarce and we just want to see how we are supposed to play him on a tourney level. We would love you to show us that this character isn’t bad.

I’d still bet at least 70-80 of the votes are legit, but maybe I’m an optimist. Its hard to keep polls honest without a secure login system to at least somewhat deter the dupers. Hell, even simply tracking IP’s would help…

Question: Are you waiting until after v2012 hits?

Who the hell spams counter on wakeup?

Every. Online. Gouken.

I’ve been thinking of changing my personal mirror match with Gouken to 7-3 from the old 6-4 because of it :3