Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Video Thread

[LEFT]Here you can post video footage of anything that relates to Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Feel free to post casual matches, events, tourneys, and online sessions/friend matches. [/LEFT]
[LEFT]Have fun! [/LEFT]

Tekken is a fun game.

Fun people play Tekken.


Play Tekken.


Accidently use Yoshi’s f(1+2) 3 times in a row and realize the player doesn’t know how to tech roll. Spamming folowed :slight_smile:

Wondering if you play on PSN, I would love to get some rounds in.

Will have my ps3 tomorrow. Should be SleeperReaper still.

Are tutorial vids okay to post here?

probably best not too… matter of fact ill compile some tutorial videos for quick access

fLoE’s bryan / lars



Hey guys, we are 2 friends from Canary Islands-Spain and there aren’t so much people around here to play, so we would know if you can see our frindly matches and comment about it and say us how to improve, that will be so great ^^.

Thanks so much to everybody :wink:





my old arcade stuff here. Hope to be recording a tournament next weekend.

Mixture of wins and matches where i get exposed from last / beginning of the week.


Recent console (PS3) tourney, Davao City Philippines. Sorry bout the quality, adding more vids later.

lol, Round 1 of this one:

Replay Matches of Me going up against random players…

Also Footage from the Wii-U Edition at NYCC2012.


just me playing badly and editing the footage to make it more enjoyable also NSFW


Parent channel here, I think this is a Manila tourney from last week.

Short combo/test play videos of my two teams.
Hopefully I can make a longer video and record some matches of myself too.



From a recent tourney in Manila, Philippines