Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Rumored


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What about tekken 6

Well I don’t think that Namco when they showed off the next gen Jin footage ever confirmed it as being 6, everyone just assumed. And a new Tag would make sense since Dark Resurrection is just coming out in the next month or so, Dark Res would have almost no time. ANd since Tag is outside of the main series it seems like it would make more sense. Also has had great staying power, so it makes sense to me.

This looks legit. Another site is saying the developers have hinted that the PS3 Tekken launch game will in fact be TTT2, not Tekken 6.

^agree with BanditChain360

It’d also follow what happened when TTT came out as one of the launch titles for the PS2, which was pretty much a tag version of T3 from the PS1 with better graphics and a few additions if I’m not mistaken. In any case, there’s certainly not enough time for Namco to add another chapter to Tekken, nor would it make sense in terms of making T5:DR “completely obsolete” so quickly.

Hopefully Tekken-net cards won’t be obsolete if they push this in arcades~

Thats why I didn’t buy those cards.

It’s been released in Japanese arcades i think, i saw some pics a while back. Anyway, this is cool, i’m better at Tekken Tag than any of the other tekkens. Law & Paul are my team.

Weren’t those pics fake?

Looked pretty real. They may have just been prototypes though.

Lol no, those were fake.

Omega Heihachi? Ultimate Unknown? Xiaoyu on a crucifix? Raven Twins?
Are those the ones your talking about? Who made them then?


Oh well, they did look quite cool though.
I wonder if they’ll be an Omega Heihachi ever, & what the TTT2 boss will be.

lol, c’mon guy they were obviously fake. Didn’t you read some of the shit in those pics?

“No, lets fuck them up together!”

“Team GodFists.”

And “Team Korea”

Baek Do San
Steve Fox :lol:

again these are rumors but theres a good chance namco will do ttt2 rather than a tekken 6.

this line has become a daily joke in some circles.

if you don’t know by the name of the characters and FUCKING BEING XIAOYU ON A CRUCIFIX that they are fake, you should be banned from life.


so much for being english