Tekken Revolution FAQ

What is this game?

A very simplified, non-serious version Tekken utilizing a “free 2 play” business model and avatar leveling mechanics in order to lure new players to the franchise. This is not a competitive title, not meant to be a “Tekken 7” and is not meant to replace the main game which is still Tekken Tag 2.

What are the game modes?

Currently, only arcade mode, online player match and online ranked match. There are no offline versus mode and training mode! You can sort of have a really ghetto training mode by searching for impossible ranked match criteria and letting the game pit you against an AI with regenerating health while you wait for a ranked match that will never come.
Character roster?**

8 default characters plus 4 which you unlock in a random order by getting gift points at 1000, 7000, 30000, 60000 respectively. (I have 16000 and I still haven’t unlocked the 3rd character)
Kazuya, King, Paul, Law, Asuka, Lili, Lars, Jack + Leo, Steve, Alisa, Bryan.
Is the netcode good?**

Yes, much like TTT2.
What’s the F2P catch?**

You have tokens that regenerate slowly over time and allow you to play arcade or online matches. The slow regeneration rate is meant ti piss you off enough to buy gold tokens with real money. (Don’t do this, just buy TTT2.)

Once in a while you get a premium ticket, which allows you to play when you run out of coins. The best part about it is that if you used it to play an online match and you won, you get it back. So as long as you win, you can keep playing.

Does the game play differently from previous installments?

Yes. This is basically TTT2 without the 2nd character, without bound moves (excluding low parry and floor breaks) and possibly some more small changes which need to be tested further. Other than that the characters seem to be replicas of their TTT2 iterations.

To encourage the noobs to play, several key moves of every character now have unique properties, and show a colored flash when performed. The select screen only shows 3 moves, but there are more, which you can see if you pause during arcade mode and open the movelist.

The first one is “critical art”- a move that has a chance to inflict extra damage. The second is “special art”, a move that has a window of invincibility during its startup frames. I think that all the moves that have the special art property can be punished by a launcher when block, so use them wisely, and punish well when you block one yourself.

By playing the game and earning gold and levels, you can upgrade character stats. Power, Health and Luck. Luck is determined by the gap between you and the opponent and it affects the chance of getting those random damage boosts from critical strikes, and the chance to activate rage sooner than usual. If you lose 3 times in a row, your luck stat will increase, and will stay that way until you score a victory.

Can I respec the points I have spent to get them back?


What’s the best way to unlock characters and gain gold/exp?

Winning online. A full arcade run brings you roughly half gold/exp and 1/10 of what a single online player match can grant you. But ranked is the best way.
This game is actually very fun… but I’m not fond of the cooldowns to keep playing, the grinding and the luck based damage.**

Then move over to the real deal which is TTT2.
Is this really all the content of the game?**

Harada said on Twitter they’ll update with more characters and probably practice mode.

What are the lyrics to the menu theme song?**


Lars without Bound: how does it work?!

Namco must not like money, cuz they could’ve sold this on Vita (the only system with NO Tekken title) for $20, instead of just giving it away on a system where people are all dismissive of it.

A lot of people have been saying this is just a watered down TTT2, and in a lot of aspects it is (BDC nerfed :frowning: ). But I’m really digging bound-less Tekken (started with 6).

He’s a lot worse now because of that alone. LOL

His d/b+PP is fucking stupid now, as it’s invincible. Punishable on block, but you can literally spam it and win matches.

anyone else think this is a potential rough draft of Tekken x Street Fighter? just saying because invincible moves, and the what appears to be northern lights (no idea if they are there in tag 2, if they are, they arnt really as well defined, ill look into it eventually) on the north pole stage kinda look like the aura from pandoras box from that one stage of SFxT

I agree with that, and people been saying that since it was announced.

had no idea the game even existed until i saw aris playing it yesterday

Not really. Its just a F2P Tekken…not really seeing any SF influences here. I see some SCV influences though with the Critical Hits

I think some of the aesthetics are reminiscent of SFxT, as BallTapper said.

lmfao @ that first post. Good shit. Heard some of the music. Wasn’t feeling it. Saw some other crap and they don’t have Nina yet so I’m pretty disappoint, son.

I haven’t played this yet and there’s one thing that I really hope is in it:

Barbra Streisand

If anything he’s a lot better now because he has to rely more on his godlike pokes and strings.

Moves like Lars’ f>b>2>1 still bound standing opponents.

kazuya only does electrics I think in this one

that makes it superthebestgame

Untrue. The wave effect is there on both versions. You still need to look for the electricity.

damn son i been lied to, DAMN YOU RIP AND TEKKEN REVOLUTION

I heard wgf’s have pushback on them

i got bryan and alisa, got 15000+ gp still dont know when i unlock anyone else

bound aside, i like it because it encourages fun play instead of competitive play determined by win ratios, for instance, a person with a high number of wins can still be shit while a beginner, ie person with a low number of wins can kick the shit out of you because they know tekken

fuck the token system tho