Tekken 6 Tier List?

Was just wondering if there was a somewhat accurate tier list for it? I’ve looked around and can’t find one.


As of October 06, 2009:

A+ = Steve, Law, Bob
AAA = Bryan, Paul, Julia, Lars, Lili
AA = Bruce, Baek, King (says NIN), Jack, Eddy, Feng, Nina
A- = Roger, A.King, Heihachi, Kaz, D.Jin, Christie, Anna, Miguel, Leo, Lee, Alisa
B+ = Lei, Dragunov, Marduk, Jin, Asuka, Ganryu,
B = Hwo, Ling, Wang
B- = Yoshimitsu. Raven, Bears
C+ = Mokujin. Zafina

Idk i think this list is fucked up, bryan is too beastly not to be in the top, i think Kazuya should be on the same plain as paul and lars because of his punishment and good spacing.

So you couldnt seem to find one on Wikipedia or Tekkenzaibatsu? I mean it just took me 5 seconds to google “Tekken 6 tier list” and Google was already auto-spelling the rest of the sentence.


A+ = Steve Fox, Marshall Law, Bob
AAA = Bryan Fury, Paul Phoenix, Julia Chang, Lars Alexandersson, Emily “Lili” Rochefort
AA = Bruce Irving, Baek Doo San, King, Jack-6, Eddy Gordo, Feng Wei, Nina Williams
A- = Roger Jr., Armor King, Heihachi Mishima, Kazuya Mishima, Devil Jin, Christie Montiero, Anna Williams, Miguel Caballero Rojo, Leo Kliesen, Lee Chaolan, Alisa Bosconovich
B+ = Lei Wulong, Sergei Dragunov, Craig Marduk, Jin Kazama, Asuka Kazama, Ganryu
B = Hwoarang, Ling Xiaoyu, Wang Jinrei
B- = Yoshimitsu, Raven, Kuma, Panda
C+ = Mokujin, Zafina

outside of the top 3, you’re gonna have a hard time getting a tier list that everyone can agree upon (japan, korea, u.s., ect). outside the top 3 it gets pretty inconsistent, atleast for the top 10 or so, but I guess thats to be expected from a game with so many characters. I think the only thing everyone can agree on s the bottom, aka zafina, yosh, raven, bears.

Only thing that stops bryan from being top is how much he loses on non-wall stages.

geez, i knew Ling took a hit, but i didnt think she was THAT lower tier

Oh be quiet already.

The bottom tier is “C” for a reason. EVERYONE is competitive. In any other game c-tier is middle tier, it was very intentional to list the tiers like that. The bottom tier is only relative to the roster, not the actual engine, but the game is still fairly balanced with Zafina being the worst.

And yes, wall-game plays a big part in tiers. You find that AA and up WRECK HAVOC on stages with walls. Most of them having combos that carry you alllllll the way to the edge of the ring. Tekken 6 is worse than SF in that getting pinned between a wall is gonna be a wrap on that ass.

That list makes perfect sense, aside from a little fuzziness between AA and A.

Its not really worth stressing the whole “I think ___ should be higher than _____” crap. Everybody is decent.

::face palm:: God that tier list is bad.

Bob and Steve are not Top 3. I doubt they are even Top 10.

Here is a more accurate tier list.

A: Law, Bruce, Lili, Baek, Nina, Julia, Bryan, Alisa, King, Steve
B+: A. King, Kazuya, Heihachi, Bob, Jack-6, Paul, Lars
B: Ganryu, Leo, Devil Jin, Lee, Lei, Anna, Dragunov, Feng, Marduk, Roger Jr, Jin
B-: Ling, Wang, Bears, Capos, Miguel, Hwoarang, Yoshimitsu
C+: Raven, Asuka, Zafina

Now granted I still think this tier list needs more time to be developed but it’s a hell of a lot more accurate than that piece of junk. I’d like to know how characters that can’t launch punish standing -16 are top 3? They are not.

I don’t agree that lars is that low in the tier listing.

Making up your own tier list because youre not a good enough player to understand why the characters are placed where they are still doesnt justify making the list to begin with.

Your list is outrageous.

Top Korean players (Holeman, Nin.) put Lars as top tier, along with Alisa, Law

Here’s their list:

Bob is not a level below Nina, King, or Steve. Just no. He’s waaaaay to versatile to even be considered to be on Kaz’s/Hei’s level. Only thing stopping Bob from being top tier again is his nerfed df2. That’s it.

Why is Paul ranked so highly? Imho Lee, Bruce and Leo are all candidates for a higher ranking. I must be missing something if Paul is only a step behind Law and Bob. Launching with b3 knee is good but what else does Paul have outside of his traditional whiff punish strength with phoenix smasher and wildly unsafe but unseeable demo man 50/50s?

I agree with this… it seems right. As the guy above me said the only thing I am wondering about is Paul being higher than Bruce. I’m not entirely sure on Pauls advanced play though so maybe he has something I haven’t seen yet.


Paul is solid but he’s not top 5 material at all.

Top 3 is easily in this order


You can’t deny just how bullshit these characters are.


follow but not in that order.

Hei is easily the best of the Mishimas and debatable top 10. Alisa is ranked high on some lists because she probably has the best bdc in the game. Why people put King and Paul so high? I have no idea. Chreddy should be no where near top 10 either.

No way in hell Bob is Top 10. He can’t launch punish anything standing and he can’t get a launch. How is he versitile? You people don’t know the first thing about what makes a character top tier.

You do realise unless a move is -20 Bob can not get a standing launch right? Has fastest standing launcher is i12 hit and punishable.

All Bob gets from -12 to -16 is f+24. That’s 37 damage and an Ok KD. That’s terrible. What means essentially you can spam tons of launch punishable moves and get away with jab punishment. At i16 he gets u/f+1+2 1+2 which does good damage but compared to a launch it’s garbage.

His standing punishment is GARBAGE. It’s really hard for him to get a launch. He’s got to try to get a ch d/f+2 or somehow get you to run into and u/f+3. Which is not going to happen. His lows are good but not great. His tracking is ok. His strings have a whole lot of highs you can duck, his mids at the end of his strings are alway very punishable.

He’s completely overrated.

By the way Kazuya is better than Bob. He does everything Bob does better than Bob does. You can’t name a single thing Bob can do that Kazuya can’t do better. Putting Bob infront of Kazuya in any tier list is utter luncy. Just cause you no ones told you it yet doesn’t mean it’s not true. Look at the moves, look at the frames. Kazuya is better than Bob.

Let’s compare to what I just said. Kazuya has EWGF which can come out at i13 which means technically he could EWGF punish for big damage anything -13 however it’s more than likely it’ll be used as a -14 punishment(which is much easier). Kazuya can launch all the way from -13 to -19 standing something Bob only wishes he could do.

Kazuya also has more safe launchers. ff+3 and EWGF>CD+1.

Kazuya has better pokes. b+24 is so godlike. The move is i14 hit confirmable with tons of frames on hit with really good range. d/f+4, EWGF, of coarse.

Also Kazuya is better at Bob at his own greatest strenght. Bob’s got a i14 WS launcher. Lol but Kazuya’s TP is a frame faster and isn’t launch punishable like Bob’s. Where Kazuya can toss out TP without much worry Bob risk LAUNCH every time.

How about their lows. Kazuya d/b+4, Hellsweep, stomp, and d/b+3 are better than Bob’s d+3, WD+4,1+2, d/b+3, and d/b+44.

I’ve brought this discussion up with everyone. There is no way in hell you can say Bob is better than Kazuya.

Bob lacks too many tools. When you can’t launc till 20s on the feet you can not be top tier. That is too much of a problem.

Lars is not top either. Lars’ lows are ALL launch punishable. His moves leave him at way to many negative frames to take advantage of step or his u/f+3 and b+1+2. He’s got like what one +frame move on block. He can’t keep any kind of momentum. So basically if you sit back and be patient Lars has to come to you and he has to do it in incredibly risky ways. His throws are ass and so are his lows. Also outside of f+1+2, ff+1+2, his mids do crap for damage.

Now Lars’ turn around is that if he get a launch and a wall is around he can do a hell of a lot of damage. However without walls his damage is very mediocre and since it’s really hard to get those launchers and risky too. You’re looking at a character with too many holes in his game to be top tier.

Really you’re going to tell me Lars is better than someone like King? A character with better everything. Better damage period, better punishment, better tracking, better throws, better lows(that’s saying something cause King’s lows SUCK), way more +frame moves, better safe launchers, and better CH moves.

Seriously. Why would anyone think Lars who has waaaayy too many problem would be Top 10? There are just better characters. Top 15 Top 20 sure. Top 10? In the mix with characters who are lacking way less? I don’t think so.

Steve isn’ Top 5 either. His standing punishment is worse than bobs. The max damage he gets all the way to -22 standing is like 112 which is 30 damage. Granted in the higher teens he can land ff+2 but that’s not the point. Steve has crap WS launchers too. I mean damn. People it’s not that hard to tell when a character has a serious fatal flaw that stops them from being top tier.

I’m not even sure if Steve should break Top 10. His damage is just so good when he finally gets a hit that you can’t dismiss it but man does he have tons of problems.

King has some wicked fucking damage juggles off of very easy shit even without walls. He has a couple usable lows, but throws are whats going to get people ducking. He has a decent punishment game.

Idk king just seems very versatile and when you get into setups and mindgames no character comes close to him in terms of the rewards. If you can turtle well and avoid getting caught in stupid shit and look for holes in someones game with king you can destroy them.

You’re comparing Bob as if he should play like Kazuya. He doesn’t work that way. Everything he does is about HC’s, setups, crushes, and frame advantages. He’s not a heavy punishment character like Kaz or Lars are.

Moves which are HC? df1 > 2, f2>3, uf1+2>1+2. Save for df1>2, the others wall splat.
He can punish at any 10f with 112.
df1 and b2 refloats/catches back rolls. Both are safe.
cd1 is safe. Launches on normal. This move has massive priority.
21 is a 10f HM NC string, safe on block, and Bob has one the longest reaching 10f jabs in the game.
df2 is SAFE. You can throw that out without worrying about being punished, and it will crush jabs and beat a lot of moves for a CH launch.
b224 is safe.
d24 knd’s on normal, wall splats.
b3 wall splats, hits grounded.
d1 leaves opp in FC on block or normal, knd’s on ch, and can be cc’ed repeatedly to keep them on the ground. d1 cc d1 loop against a cornered opponent can actually finish a match. d1 also has deceptive range, and out-prioritizes a ton of moves.
d21 is safe.
WD game? WD into uf3/hellsweep/ws4/fc df21_df24/b3 mixup.
He also has a WD throw which wall splats.
WS 22 leaves opp in FC on normal/block
bb4 crushes lows and floats on normal. b2 is guaranteed after to lift into juggle.
uf3 /uf1+2>1+2 crushes a lot of lows and sweeps, save for very low ones like Law’s or Lili’s db4.
FC df21 is safe. Mixup with FC df24.
1+3 throw leaves opponent open to refloats/oki if they move too early. Guaranteed db3 if they don’t.
WD Oki (WD into uf3 or hellsweep or CH throw).
WD Mixup with CD throw (CD throw / CD into 1+3 throw), or ff1+2 launch throw gives Bob a good throw game.
d4 on hit leaves jabs uninterruptible.
d434 floats rollers and wall splats. You can actually do bb4, d434 W!, b41 B!, df1, d3+4. Just from crushing a low.
He has good (really good) wall carry, and has a good wall game (df1, d3+4 or b22, d3+43).
If no B! before a W!, you can SS/BD then use db2 as a floater. e.g: f23 and cd1 will side W! to Bob’s right, then followed by SSR~db2,2,uf1+2,1B!, d23.
SS1+2 KND’s on normal, W! and gives Bob an extra “step” when he SS’es, nullifying his size disadvantage.

etc. etc.

---- Bottom line is: don’t play Bob entirely like a Mishima. He has WD mixups, but a number of the similarities pretty much end there.

I’d cover Lars too, but I need to get back to work. Remember, that’s not my list, that list was stated by Holeman and Nin, but echo’d by other players like Rain, etc.