As People Should Realize Right Now There Aren’t Many Cades In Va. At Vcu Is One Of The Very Few Arcades That Has A Good Chunk Of Fighting Games In Va. We Have Soul Caliber 2, Street Fighter Ex 2, Ggxx, Capcom Vs Snk2,virtual Fighter Evoulution, Street Fighter 1 And 2 And Hyper Fighting, And Marvel Vs Capcom 2. Some Of Us Have Either Horry Sticks Not Sure How To Spell That But They Are Japenese Sticks, Or Mas Sticks. We Are Starting A Club At Vcu This Year So If Your Interested Post Here And Make Yourself Known. We Don’t Claim To Be The Best Players In Va But We Bring Competition. The President Is Going To Be Robin Palm And Me Moose Or Bill Hummel Is The Vice. We Have Mike Who Is The Best Strider Doom Player In Va And We Claim Him!!! Even Tho He Is From Hampton. Kevin, Whos Main Games Are Virtual Fighter, Soul Caliber And Cvs 2. And Rob And I. We Have Many Others Who We Plan To Take To The Dojo To Strengthen Up. If You Would Like To Join Just Leave A Full Name And Valid Email Address. Benefits Include Tournaments, Casual Games, Food…and The Right To Be In A College Club. Thanks All Were Recruiting If Your Interested.

no 3rd strike or alpha3 :lame: :tdown:

We definately play those games Shawn but they took out alpha 3 out of the arcade and for some reason they have never brought in 3rd strike. But we still will be playing those games alot.

i want alpha3

_Naomi and The BlackStar will run SC2… If you want to play some games with some of the best…Holla at us billy. Oh I will let you beat me up in CvS 2 if it make you feel better…

When you guys do play games hit me up…


Your such a trouble maker… :tdown:

Welcome New Members

This is the official VCU Video Game Thread on
Feel free to post anything, from when you’re trying to get your game on, strats about games, or just bullshit.
I’m Robin, btw, I’m the de facto president of the club. I try to give some “organization” to this organization.

In the meantime, I’d like people just to introduce themselves, and say what games they like to play and when.


i’m down.

aim: ein05

games: cvs2,3s,a3

Oh, you know I’m down with this. Though I’m up in Fredericksburg right now I’m about 95% sure that next fall I’ll be back at VCU plugging away at school and getting schooled in any and all games we play.

Patrick Perrone

Games for reference: CvS2, 3rd Strike, A3, Garou, Vampire Chronicles/Darkstalkers, etc etc etc.

VCU VIdeo game club email Reposts

*<<1st email Message repost>>

Ok. This is pretty much a test message. As most of you know, I’m reviving the VCU Video Game Club for another year here at VCU. The video game club will encompass ALL types of games, and we’ll try to encourage competition and fun throughout the different types. Among the main types featured:

  • 2D Fighting Games: (CvS2, MvC2, 3S, A3, GGX2, ST,) and SNK games
    -3D Fighting Games (SC2, VF4, TTT, and the upcoming Tekken 5)
    -Puzzle Games (Puzzle Fighter, Puyo Puyo, Magical Drop 3)
    -Sports Games (Madden 05 et al)
    -Real Time Strategy Games (Warcraft 3: TFT, Starcraft etc)
    -First Person Shooters (CS, Halo, Doom3, etc)

Now, that is a big umbrella. The first three types are arcade games (with DDR practically being arcade only), Puzzle and Sports primarily on Consoles, and RTS and FPS are mostly Computer Games.

I think the benefits of a common club and organization far outweigh the niches of having individual groups based around certain types of games. Especially since gamers in general aren’t the most organized of people.

This is a starting email list for names i’ve picked up in the last couple of weeks. Some names don’t have emails, too, unfortunately.

What I can have you guys do, is if you know people who are interested in any of those types of games listed above, hit them up for their name and email, and we’ll keep them posted. Try to shoot to get 3 people or something. The more people we have, the more fun everyone has with their games :slight_smile:

Next week, their will be a Student Organizations and Volunteer Organizations Fair in the Courtyard of the commons. I’ve requested a table, and will probably be setting up a couple of TV’s to play games at and sign people up for the club to recieve information. The Fair is from 10:50AM - 2:30 PM next Wednesday. If you would like to help out (i need someone i know and trust to be there to watch the games& TV’s with me) or you would just like to swing by and play games, let me know.
As of now i’m thinking we play one fighting game and one puzzle game. Or possibly Madden. Any suggestions on what brings people in?

Thoughts, Comments, Suggestions, are always welcome.

Robin Palm

PS: If you don’t want to recieve VCU Video Game Club updates, let me know.

<<<2nd MESSAGE>>
Hey everyone.

—As most of you know, the VCU Student Organization Fair was postponed due to rain. I’ll let you all know when it is rescheduled. Most Likely, I will be having SF Anniversary Collection playing at the setup, as well as Puzzle Fighter.

–I was looking into establishing common get together times. For me, evenings T-W-Th are fairly open if I don’t have homework. As well as some Sat-Sun depending on my work schedule. We can set up times for either people to meet up in the arcade, or at anyone’s house willing to host some gamers.

–New Members. I know of a bunch of people out there that should be on this list but aren’t. The VCU club isn’t really thought or labor intensive, it just helps organize the gamers in the area. So, if you get this mail, I’d like for everyone to get two gaming buddies of theirs (or find two gaming people) and get their Name, Email, and primary games of interest (phone and AIM are optional). The more people we have organized, the more people will be around to play games, and get better at them. Not to mentions tourneys would have more prizes etc etc etc. Anyway, get people who are interested. Club Membership is open to people who are VCU Students, Alumni, Prospective Students, and Invited Guests (everyone else… esp in Richmond area). Email me back as soon as you get them, please.

-We got some new contacts on the list between now and last time. Say hi to everyone. :smiley: if you’re just receiving this as your first Email, respond back if you want the first introductory email.

– I would like everyone to head over to and check out the forums there. Not only are there great strat threads (make sure you click on view all posts from the beginning to see everything), it’s also a great place to touch base with the community. Billy Hummel started a VCU Video game club Thread a week or so ago. here’s the link

You’ll have to register to post (you may be able to post as a guest, not sure). But it’s worth it, IMO. Be sure to post, introduce yourself, say which games you’re into, and how to contact you if people are gaming around town. Everybody try to post there… it’ll keep people in touch with everyone, as opposed to all communication going through me.

– And Finally, when I get a solid base of members/players. I will plan a tourney to be on consoles in the student commons sometime this semester. Look out for it.

Thanks everyone,


Feel free to contact me w/ questions/concerns


Anyone Seen My Vaseline?

I’m in too, I’ve already emailed the club a couple times.
aim: riotnightx

Please visit our arcade and give suggestions to games

I’m the vp of this club and i also would like to welcome everyone. I am a sophomore and robin is leaving after this year so if you want this to keep going we need big support. I also would like to encourage everyone to let people know when they are available. I would love to meet everyone and find out what people are good out. I myself will play and am good at all fighting games but i also am a huge powerstone 1 and 2 fan, virtua tennis, all sports games, halo, original sega and nintendo games…I’m down for most weekends and i’m always in the gameroom. Come introduce yourself and start talking trash this is our club and we will represent vcu at all tournaments!!!
game on

well i’m good on friday/saturday

does anyone want to go to magfest. We are looking for 2 more people to fill slots for a hotel room. Please contact me for further information through PM’s


Charles Branch
Rioting Soul

CvS2, HSF2:AE, SC2, Capcom Fighting Jam, Halo

I’m up for tournaments in all of these games. For the figthing games I prefer to use a PS2 pad.

where & when is “magfest”

Sup Guys

Droppin by to show my support to the old squad. Sounds like you guys are really getting back into gear this semester. I’m gonna miss a lot of the action, so hold down the fort while I’m gone. :xeye: I miss the daily matches, the close games, the WTF endings, and the burning of $5 after $5. Ahhh, those were the days. :tup:
For those that don’t know me, I used to bless sticks of Breakpoint from Fall 2000 - Spring 2004. I hope to swing down there sometime before this semester is over for a visit. Hopefully, I’ll catch up with the vets and meet some of the newbies. Until then, take care of CVS2, MVC2, and VF4:Evo. If I come down there and somebody’s been banging the machines too hard (to the point that the buttons don’t work), there’s going to be hell to pay!!! :devil:
Oh yeah, if I somehow make it to a get together, who’s up for some Mortal Kombat (Deadly Alliance or Deception)?

VCU Video Game CLUB 9/24 UPDATE

-Student Organization Fair is scheduled on Wednesday, September 29th from 12-3pm. I have class at 12 so I need a few people I know there to guarantee that they can be there to help out signing people up, watching the TV’s, and of course playing games. Contact me ASAP. The fair is inside this time, so no cancellation, and easier access to plugs.

-JB Nicholson is looking for some people to go to MAGfest with. MAGfest stands for Mid Atlantic Gaming fest. It’s in WIlliamsburg. It’s essentially a con for just video games. Not a bad thing to do. Justin Wong was there last year (no idea why). contact him at if interested. It is on October 2nd. (I think that’s all he’s going for, it may last the whole weekend)

-Billy, Kevin Lewis, Justin Valentine, Ken Hamilton, Derrick, and I played some games over at Kevin’s place on Clay street last night. We played some CvS2 and Soul Calibur. We also attempted to play marvel… but I wouldn’t really say we were playing it so much as just it was on the screen. Good times. We all went back and forth in SC… and Billy was owning up in CvS2.

-Street Fighter Anniversary Edition is out. I strongly recommend this game. The 3S version is closer to the arcade than the DC. Hyper Anniversery is also REALLY good, which pretty faithful renditions of all previous character incarnations. Also, by holding START, you can select the originial Super Turbo (charge bugs intact), and the Super Turbo “old” versions (O. Sagat and O.Ken, Yippee!)

-Also, the Street Fighter pads are excellent. The start/select buttons are a ‘little’ too close to the main buttons, but that’s my only gripe. It’s a little small to play with the 3 fingers for the buttons, but I make do. It also has the Fierce/Roundhouse as L1 and R1, so it can be easily converted to Dreamcast, for the 10 $ converter ( easily found on ebay)

-I’m planning on my first tourney for the club. It’s going to be a weekly, and only one game. Current possibilities, CvS2, SC, 3S, Puzzle Fighter, or Anniversary Edition. I prefer to do any tourneys on PS2. The only exception I see is marvel. CvS2 needs the speed adjusted, but is fine otherwise. Most of the players prefer PS2 pads, and my DC stick is hella busted. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll take a popular vote. Next Wed Evening, Next Thursday Eve, and Next Sunday eve should all be good times… I’ll take preferences here too.

-There are several HALO players here. Holla. Post on the thread if you do.

matter of fact, I haven’t seen enough of you posting. Just say hi, who you are, what games you play, and how to reach you. Takes one minute. It helps out tremendously for get togethers.

-Last but not least, I’m not the end all be all of this club. This is everyone’s club. If you want to throw a tourney, by all means, go ahead. My availability’s tight, so I can’t do way too much this semester. But I will do all I can to help promote your tourney. Tourneys on Friday nights/ Saturday days are preferable for everyone else (even though I can’t do saturday days… work)

-also, Regarding entry fees. Is 3 dollars ok? Cheap enough to not mean much, just enough to keep people honest? Would you guys rather not have entry fees? sound out directly to me or on the board.

-also with tourneys, with more than 1 T.V. I’ll try to make every tourney a pool/ Round Robin Style tournament. Fight everyone in your pool, top 2 advance. I really like that system, and it makes for a good amount of gameplay for everyone.

-I haven’t received any additional names/emails for new people yet. I know everyone knows a couple of people that aren’t on this list. Just contact a couple of guys you know, ask if they’d be into getting information, and send me their info. The more people that are connected, the more competition and more fun we all have. Thanks.

Have a good day,


PS: I will repost this on the SRK Thread
Please visit it.