Team Hyper Combos- How they really work & strategy

Didn’t look at it that way, I guess when you put it that way my team kinda sucks in that regard. I don’t have frame data but Im pretty sure HSF and okami shuffle aren’t the fastest hypers in terms of start-up and I know for a fact neither has invincibility.

I played around with these a lot too. I tried to get Gamma Crush to work as a THC punish when Pool was on point, but as you stated the startup period of Deadpool’s super becomes a problem. Crush is almost useless as a THC option imo, but Tsunami on the other hand is AWESOME.

With my team, if the character has 1.1mil or higher health, or if the combo I’m doing was started from a throw, I’ll THC dat ass. The THC with Hulk/Pool/Task is soooo good in combos.

Basically Gamma Tsunami OTG’s, and gets full damage if you’re midscreen and close enough. This picks them up into Happy Happy Trigger which holds them in place FOREVER (Million Dollars is great for this too as OP said). Add that up with full damage from Taskmasters horizontal Legion Arrows, which I am pretty sure don’t scale correctly during this either.

The best thing about this is since they are being held in place by Happy Happy Trigger, and Gamma Tsunami recovers SO fast, I can dash forward and slap them with a s.H hard knockdown, Gamma Wave xx Gamma Crush. And you can still DHC into Deadpool after the Crush if you started from a throw and still need to squeeze a bit out.

While this burns a lot of meter, against some of my harder match ups it’s totally worth it. If Hulk can land a hit on a Wesker or Taskmaster, hell yeah I’m blowing my wad to kill him. Now, I RARELY get the opportunity to burn all that meter, in fact it’s a bit overkill against most of the cast. But a full health bar of 1.1 or 1.2? Hell yeah. It’s impossible to drop this combo too even in shitty lag. HULK IS EASIEST THERE IS!!!

I think a lot of the raw damage comes from the broken scaling on Task’s Legion Arrows too. So there’s that. Nerfed a bit in Ultimate but w/e. I’ve gotten this up to like 1.5~ in training mode burning all 5 bars.

Best Hyper in the game is Arthur’s level 3,
it should be renamed to “TOD after TAC”

Seriously, since Shuma builds mad meter and gets hits in pretty well all I have to do is get one successful TAC and then wham +400,000 damage.

Since people tag out the character if I don’t kill them. this gives me time to power-up Arthur if I have extra meter or switch him out and STILL use his godly assist.

Yeeeaaah, that’s a problem. Now that I think about it, what I said was pretty irrelevant to your topic. My bad.

Later you mentioned Hawkeye, he’s going to be insane with some THC set-ups, but unfortunately Zero and Doom have such small points of damage concentration that it wouldn’t made good use of this. In fact, Gimlet’s low hit-stun makes me curious what optimal set-ups will be.

I imagine Strange will be a pretty damn good THC monkey.

It depends on how fast the “read a book” hyper is… They won’t use that projectile counter as a THC super most likely. (There were some THC only supers in MvC2, but nothing so far in 3).

I think that MODOK’s HPB is pretty good for THC if he is not the point character, because it lasts for a long time and causes a hard knockdown afterwards.

Good thread, thanks for posting this.

I was experimenting with Iron Man’s THCs because I could tell I was getting 3-frame startup on Proton Cannon when I mashed THC up close. I was hoping I could put him second (and Wesker first), dash under an incoming character and get that 3-frame THC anti-air, but I couldn’t tell why it wasn’t working

Ah. Makes sense. You got pretty good info to say the least. Oddly enough, my team fits into your criteria but I almost never THC unless it’s for Phoenix or for style. I’ve always used Bionic Lancer to punish assists though. This makes me want to play Storm so badly since the guide constantly reminds you how GODLIKE DHC’ing into Hailstorm was.

MarlinPie uses this with great success with Mags/Ammy. Magnetic Shockwave has 10 frames starting invincibility which is more than good enough for THC. He’s blown up many assists by XF canceling afterwards and doing another Shockwave not to mention the applications for locking down a fresh Dark Phoenix. It’s why, when factoring his execution with him, I think Magneto is MarlinPie’s best character and not Viper (which is saying something since he has one of the greatest Vipers period). I want to say Fanatiq has done this a few times although I can’t be sure.

All this will become infinitely more relevant for UMvC3. I was already considering thinking about this for future team building but you’ve reminded me about this. There’s nothing more satisfying than pressing two buttons and hearing an assist die.

Do we know which assist gives him Spell of Vishanti in a THC?

I love the Tenrai Ha IOH, but the only problem is that you’re using Gong assist, which is dookie. Pendulum gives you Chireitou. Are there any other overhead hypers that you could do this with?

That guy had great synergy with Trish and Spencer. I can’t remember the name of that stream, though it was the one Diek ran a few weeks ago. Spencer is just good for THC’s in general, as already noted.

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yeah, Marlinpie uses the THC to setup an unblockable with C.viper as lead. Ammy has a near fullscreen hyper so it’s really effective to XFC then go to Focus attack with C.viper. I think TM players can do something similar with swordmaster against phoenix players

Jill <3 THC. There are lits of fancy tricks thanks to how weird Machine Gun Spray is.

Question is it possible to switch out or Dhc to someone else during this Ex: thc involving trish, spencer storm trish does round harvest and spencer does bionic arm…both charecters are free after this while storm continues to hit

i already use hyper stars and stripes as a reversal, but the damage is so low. This is a great idea. However, I think that means I’d have to use that shitty stars and stripes assist right? probly not worth screwing the whole team over.

also what are those numbers on you list? It can’t be startup time cause shouldnt hyper SnS be 1 frame?

Aye, the only reliable follow up to either Morrigan’s Vector Drain or air throw is a THC Shadow Servant+Hail Storm in vanilla. You still never really see it done though, since it requires Shadow Blade assist.

The first list is preflash start up frames, which is what is used for all hypers in the THC, the second is post flash start up time, ie the frame the hypers become active on. If you’re not blocking a THC involving Hyper Stars and Stripes before the flash, and they activated in your face, you’re not blocking it at all.

I remember an old MvC2 vid in which a team of Jugg, BB hood, and Omega red went against scrub or something, and one of his neater tricks was THCing Jugg/BB to basically insta kill Cable or anyone else it caught. I guess lancer is the new headcrush…sorta…so whats the new BB hood?

so in order to have a badass THC involving hyper S+S, I’d have to have someone else on point with a really good pre flash startup time? for example, magnus on point with shockwave (1 frame pre flash) and captain america behind him with stars and stripes (0 frame post flash) equals a total of 1 frame THC?

Shockwave is actually 14 pre-flash, and 1 post flash. The fastest pre-flash of any hyper usable in a THC is 4 as far as I know, but with something like Bionic Arm or Tempest you can have an invincible 4 frame hyper with Stars and Stripes, yes. Although Tempest won’t have those 4 iframes in Ultimate.

so how can people say that THC can be virtually unblockable if it has a minimum of 4 frames starting up?

Because those frames are preflash as in, they’re there, but generally don’t advertise what you’re going to do. It’s like Doom’s Time - if you aren’t blocking it before the flash, you get hit, because it’s active as the flash ends, and the flash stops time.