TE Hex Screws

Hi all :china:

first post here in what looks like an awesome community and forum, been loving all the customs & joystick mods you lot are making!

I’ve got a quick question and I hope its ok to ask this here. (I’ve done a quick search but didn’t come up with much)

Over the last few days the paint on the hex(Allen key) screws on the top of my TE is coming off… It seems similar to the crappy paint they use on some logitech mice.

So does anyone know where I can buy replacement black screws in the UK? I need black ones because I want to change the artwork and stainless steel ones wouldnt really go with the dark artwork I have in mind.

I changed mine to these. Haven’t seen anyone else do it.

Loving the artwork and button colour combo! are those some kind of bolts? I don’t see any hex key holes? hmmm I like it but Im really looking for ones that are identical or at least very similar to the ones it came with (without the paint on them)

what are they called if they aren’t painted black but are permanently black…are they called anodized or something? or does that just mean they’re painted?

Can you show a closer picture of those screws? also any info on where to get them?

This is what you’d need


They’re called button cap screws, do a google search, you should find a place that can ship to you. I can’t remember the size, take one to a local hardware store, they should be able to give you the measurements, maybe even have them in stock.

…or you could have taken the time to search before making a new thread.


8.8 Hex top. Not sure the size of the threads though. What do you mean where do you get them? I don’t know… Hardware store…


How about let’s be helpful instead of being a useless tool all the time?

Now you’re just trolling, I posted the link to a previous thread where the topic WAS the HRAP & TE top panel screws.

When I went to Home Depot and Lowe’s, I couldn’t find a button cap screw that matched the threading of the nuts that the original ones screw into. I ended up having to buy new nuts that were noticeably larger than the ones in the TE. What I had to do was make the holes large enough to fit the new nuts, then I applied epoxy to mount them securely in place. Took some work, but it came out pretty nice, and now I sport stainless steel screws on my stick!

Can even do this for another look.

bakashi on Shoryuken.com also.

You have a 2 year warranty with your stick, id phone mad catz and tell them. They might send you some out

If it will make everyone feel better. I will drive to the hardware store I bought my hex bolts from and get the measurements. I’d be willing to do that. Does anyone still need me to do that?

Ah, I thought they were circular. I was curious as to how you would get circular screws in but I see now that they are hex bolts. Thanks for the info.

I might try this guy, but he’s all the way in Singapore and I think it would be really expensive for him to ship them to me half way around the world.

I might do this, but the Madcatz screws are so shitty that I don’t want to have to call them every month for a new set of screws. If they didn’t rust/oxidize so easily I would give them another chance, but I’m not screwing around with Madcatz anymore. (No pun intended)

hey guys thanks for the input and I did search first but I didn’t find anything about where to buy them in the UK.

I just found these


do you think they will be ok? It doesn’t say if they have a .7 mm thread but do ALL M4 screws have .7mm thread?

also…I cant really tell from the pic but do you think those ones on Ebay are silver in colour or more of a darker gun metal colour like the TE ones?

I haven’t had a chance to get to the hardware store yet. This is what I did. I took one screw and went to my local hardware stores and checked their hardware/Nuts/Bolts/Screw isle and looked for the small bolts. When I found ones close enough I just matched the ends and found one that fits perfect. I replaced them because I wanted mine to look different. I’m thinking about painting them.

I picked up the M4 bolts ( I used colonial sized last time and they ruined the Hex Nuts in the stick). I had to break the Hex Nuts out - replace and glue them back into place (they stripped and blah).

The new M4 bolts are PERFECT, .7 threading.

Shinobi Sanwa, as far as I saw - if you get the M4 bolts, they all have .7 threading. I didn’t see any different in the hardware store I went too (and its a giant 25 foot wall of screws and bolts, lol).

You don’t have any small hardware stores around you?

Thanks Raniok and no, unfortunately I don’t. There is a wilkos and a Maplin but I didn’t have any luck at either.

Go to B&Q, or a local hardware store.
Or ideally screwfix.

Edit: Im feeling nice, I’m popping round our Dad’s tomorrow, being a tradesman he normally has the stock of a local DIY store, how many do you need?
If he has some Ill just post them to you, keep an eye on the thread ill be back circa tomorrow.

thankyou very much Kill2this thats very kind of you :). If he does indeed have them & you can get 6 of them that would be great! of course Ill be happy to pay you for them and the P&P via paypal.