TE Fightstick Button Issues?

Has anyone else run into a problem with the TE Fightstick where the a button doesn’t register? The symptom for mine is…after returning from about a day of not playing, the ‘Y’ button does not initially register at all. I have to repeatedly tap the hell out of the thing so the command will come through. After multiple repeated attempts over the night, it gets better. But when I return, the button is jacked up again. I already opened up and refastened the wiring, except for 1 or the 2 connectors that was damn near impossible to remove without breaking it off. Anyone else have a similar situation and tried to fix? Thanks much.

try swapping the y with the unused triggers, then swap back. i know it sounds wack, but it can be just a bad switch in that white sanwa button

It sounds like the button itself is the issue and not the wiring. Perhaps try swapping the button with one of the Dark buttons. If that works with no problems, just buy a new button from one of the shops.

yup just try switching to button. the great thing about te’s is that they easy to mod and fix.

Thanks dudes, I’ll check it out tonight.

I’m getting a similar issue. The RT button stops working randomly. It starts working again temporarily when I unplug and then plug the stick back in, but just dies again after a few minutes.

The problem isn’t the button itself, I have tried switching around buttons and it is always the button attached to the RT wire that fails.

Anyone know what might be wrong here?

I have this issue of the RT button not working during gameplay, it does however start working once I replug the USB. It’s only happened to me twice though, but an issue i would like to get sorted out. So if anyone knows what the problem could be, please get back…

Guide button rarely works for me.

On the RT and LT button issue, make sure the usb cord is coming straight out of the cable compartment and not tangled up in the compartment. I had the same problem but once I pull the cord straight out my problem went away. Also pple have blamed it on the break away cable so that’s something to look at also if my first suggestion doesn’t work.

You can also try using a different break away cable. Alot of people on the forums have issues with the cable itself. Do you have a wired xbox 360 controller?

I have 4 mc te xbox 360 sticks, all of them after about 30mins to 1 hour of play, the rt button does not work. You will have to unplug it and plug it back in to make it work. I can confirm this on the 360 te, all my friends that has the 360 te stick, there rt button stop working after about 30mins to 1 hour of play.

Were all the TE sticks bought around the same time? It would be cool if you we could find out if these are all from the same batch (i.e. April).

Yesterday my TE did this again (but only once in about four hours of play).

My RT has been fine. However, my A button has been very bothersome.

Opening the thing to fix is also annoying because one of the bolts ALWAYS falls out and needs to be put back in before shutting it up.

Hey Koba I remember you from the Official SF4 fight stick thread. So you finally got a TE? Haha. What did you do with the SE you got?

I bought my TE in April.
Looks like its a SERIOUS problem for many users.
I had the same issue. My stick is on its way back to madcatz for a fix.

My RT button has been giving me problems as well. I unplug it then plug it in again and then it works most of the time. Its really annoying when it happens in the middle of an online fight. Its not like the other guy doesn’t know that I can’t HK, so depending on the character, I can’t even do ultra. :frowning:

Can any pro on the forum take a serious look at this RT button problem?

I had my RT button fail just once.
Had to unplug it and replug the controller.
Hasn’t re-appeared since.

Has anyone got this issue of the RT button not functioning sorted yet?? I wonder if tech support at Madcatz could provide an explanation!!! Can’t believe a stick that is supposed to use high quality parts (actual parts used in thier arcade cabinets), and cost me 149.99 is suffering from such an issue. Madcatz the jokerz…

bought 2 360TE, one for myself and one for my friend off gamestop, both had an issue w/ RT.
Some other buttons on my friend will stop responding from time to time too. For me, its ONLY the RT and downward direction(I will just stuck couching until I replug the usb).

I love how madcatz is known for their quality products.