Tatsunoko vs Capcom Thread V.2 - Dec 11th on Wii

Please move all TvC discussion here.

To play this on your USA Wii, please go to wiibrew.org for instructions.

This method works on the latest firmware as of this writing (3.3u)

Okay everyone,
Nintendo just sent out an update version 3.4. DO NOT UPDATE for now because it’s possible that once you do (despite having the Homebrew channel on the system before this update), the update will disable app files. http://www.wiibrew.org/wiki/System_Menu_3.4

There are three options for sticks on your wii. The existing Hori (plugs into a wiimote), the new TvC stick (plus into a wiimote), or buying ps2-gamecube converters for your PS2 sticks. Clicky me to See!

This game has FOUR buttons, configured as such:


A = Weak Attack
B = Medium Attack
C = Heavy Attack
P = Partner (called T for Tag in some writings, but its the same button)

This is a list of universal abilities and system features. Hopefully its accurate. http://forums.shoryuken.com/showpost.php?p=5731090&postcount=45
Announced Character list:**

Videos of the recent Capcom release videos that show off the game’s different features quite well.


URLs for the apps mentioned in the OP:

I’m still glad Capcom added Saki to the roster, that was an awesome surprise :tup:

I thought they were going to do something predictable and lame by adding Sakura or Akuma in the game.

I rather have surprise characters.

Is it safe for some U.S. Arcade owners to get this game since it will also come out on Wii at the same time?

It’s almost so tempting to own this game for myself. I haven’t caved in to a PS3 yet, so I don’t know whether I’m going to cave in to a Wii just for TvC.

y not get a wii?It’s only $200.I would get a wii myself(just for this game),but no online mode = no fun(i could only play the cpu if i got it). :shake:

WHAT?!? You mean to tell me that this game WON’T have online play? Looks like I won’t be getting the game then.

Keits, I just wanted to point out a few things:
1.) if you DID update your Wii to the October 23rd update, you’ll need Homebrew beta 9.
2.) Gecko ver.1.07b will NOT work with Homebrew beta 9 unless you change the .bin to a .dol file (how the app. file shows up).
3.) you do NOT need a mod chip to do this Homebrew crap
4.) you NEED Twilight Princess game in order to do this
5.) For people that have an SDHC, you CAN do the Homebrew crap, but to make life easier on yourself, just get a regular SD card
6.) There is NO version for the U.S. Wii called 3.4…it’s simply 3.3U.

Sticks for this game:

Regular Exar Wii stick.
Official TVC stick.

Well there’s been nothing mentioned about online so far and Eighting’s previous fighters have not had online so don’t be surprised if this doesn’t have it. Although it depends on how much Eighting are involved I guess. Hoping against hope it does though.

here are the vids of the basic mechanics of the game for those who don’t go on the Shoryuken home page:

[media=youtube]hKezz_5cRHE&feature=related[/media] (basics)
[media=youtube]bnkm-7CaUkk[/media] (Snapback)

Good call on opening the new thread.

This game is going to be great. It will also be fun for my friends who aren’t hardcore into fighting games and don’t want a high learning curve.

ah this was a wise choice, now all the important info is in the OP, good job.

Pfft, I’m getting the game, adn we hold game nights periodically. Play it there!

I’m tempted to get a Japanese Wii just for this, but I’m gonna hold out for a few months until Capcom decides to even port this to another console.

isnt sf4 supposdly being ported to everything? how come TvC isnt?

TvC is using Wii arcade hardware.

In any case, I’m amped to give this game a shot. Should probably look into getting some of those PS2-GC converters.

Capcom updated the site with the following:
Characters page: http://www.capcom.co.jp/tatsucap/charactor.html
Information about Mega Crash and Baroque: http://www.capcom.co.jp/tatsucap/system9.html
Mini games: http://www.capcom.co.jp/tatsucap/cs_game1.html
And that event crap where Capcom announced Joe: http://www.capcom.co.jp/tatsucap/info.html

Hopefully this scores good in Famitsu and Arcadia, and even Dengeki.

mm Viewtiful Joe was an excellent suprise.

Someone get me a TvC shirt from Japan, i’ll pay instantly. :smiley: