Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Arcade Sticks

New TvC stick for Wii

**Release Date: December 11, 2008
Price: 6,279 yen = $64.33U.S. **

**Release Date: November 27, 2008
Price: 5,229 yen = $53.58U.S.


English Goggle Translation:

These are from the same guys that brought us the Neo-Geo Sticks on Wii.

ooookkkkk… can you post the link so we have more info on it

edit: thanks

Shit looks good, ima get one for my son son.

I’m getting two of these… one of each!

Huh, another stick that plugs into the bottom of the wiimote, CC style. Damn, I need to get that connection figured out. I sincerely hope like hell TvC includes GC controller support, unlike that bastard SamSho anthology.

Looks nice…too bad I already have 2 Wii Horis which I’m loving for Guilty and will be modding soon.

If its the same people that did the Neo geo stick Im wondering if the stick and buttons are Seimitsu’s…

I’m digging the one with art. The one with color buttons is a throw back to the Super Famicom controller!

I thought it was mentioned in Famitsu two weeks ago, that the game does have GCN support :wink:

Thanks, damn good to know. Now if the US SamSho Anthology would add it, I’d be in heaven.

I’m really liking that design, gonna have to pick one up.

Is anything known about the buttons/sticks yet? I might need to pick up one of those when I get a Wii.

Considering the price and based on how Exar made their last sticks, don’t hope for easily swappable parts or actual arcade parts.

I’ll do a full review if I can get my hands on one early enough.

I like the design of this stick over the hori design. Plus the 6 button setup makes it look hella sexy

the throwback snes advantage is hot

when do these bad boys come out

Damn, those sticks are sick. If I can get the one with the TvC art, I may buy a Wii after all.

ugh they both look so good, i dunno which one i want to get

Those sticks look really nice. I’m digging the SNES throwbacks in the Start and Select buttons as well as the 2nd stick’s button colors. I’m also liking that promotional art. You just can’t beat having classic Casshern on your stick. Alas, I don’t see myself getting one though, since I already have a HRAP2:SA and a PS2 to GC adapter. But man, that is a nice looking stick. I can’t help but wonder about parts quality though.

Is there a reason the non-play buttons (ie. home, start, select, etc) are assigned to different buttons on the joysticks? Or is that just a pre-production thing?

I’m guessing the bottom one is more of a classic controller style setup.

The TvC one on top will probably have special functions for zR and zL. Like multi button inputs or whatever…

Wow, those look pretty sleek. B)