Taskmaster Video Posting Thread

Got to play the game for a bit at my buddies house before he went to work, thought I would make up a combo for my team as I went along with my point character as Taskmaster using Super Skrull and Wesker as assists. I’m sure a lot more could be done with this for a lot less, in time


Looks like it would be an ok combo against Sentinel I guess, but against the majority of the cast you would still want to use just the Taskmaster combo or at the very least only use one DHC. Even against Sentinel it looks like a waste of meters.

I’m sure a lot more could be done with this for a lot less, in time

It’s just some fun

MVC3: Zade messing about with Taskmaster, long ass combos + a trick or two


Nice crossups. Is the swing cancellable? Because if it were, you could do a lot of ambiguous crossups if you start the swing above their hit box.


^ o.o wtf. weksos!! although poor chun =[

What is the point of this video?

Day 2: MVC3 Zade, Taskmaster unblockables + new combo!

Now that’s what I’m talking about. Nice to know we can super cancel Guard Master followups. Thanks, friend.

No problem buddy

nice shit zoro

you can do true guard breaks after killing an opponent. like for instance, Doom rocks assist. sword master and snapback( im pretty sure). which is pretty good espescially when your playing a team with phoenix in it and you dont want to let her get level 5.

[media=youtube]eVD89sblSwk[/media] :coffee:

I’ll just leave this here I guess

Don’t think this has been posted here.


Nice use of sj cancelling the lancher into H.arrows. Didn’t realize most of this was possible.

MVC3 Day 3: Zade Taskmaster live match highlights - Sentinel who?

awesome video zoro blad. keep posting!

It isn’t possible on all characters. Some rise/fall faster.


thought it was pretty neat

basically taskmaster wavedash c medium will go through c viper if the attack hits.


i should probably sift through the thread before posting. mr sleazoid beat me by a few days :frowning: