Taskmaster Video Posting Thread

Let’s copy and paste some good videos here!

Reserved, just in case.

Such a bland thread title for an awesome character.

You can do better, Joce :V

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YouTube - Trying out MvC3 again…


Quick combo video i made since i saw the thread was up

if you have any request either drop it here or PM me

Nice combos. Is there a limit on how many spidey swings you can do in the air?

Yeah no more than two… atleast thats all i was able to pull off

BTW guys im assuming you all have questions so i figured a best way to get those answered would be to set up a stream and ill go in training with task and we can go over the questions live lol!

if you guys would like this please let me know i can set it up tomorrow or now but i rather tomorrow this way everyone has a chance to

ill be free to start streaming @ 4pm tomorrow EST

Hmmm… on second thought it seems that other channels that streamed the game got flagged in some sort of way… even though they had legit copies as well… well whatever maybe ill stick to youtube? but if you guys care for it enough ill stream


500k BnB is respectable.

Throw in the meter for 700k?

Sounds nice.

Could we get a vid that shows all his specials with differences in strength used, his assists and possibly his command normals?

hmm looks like 3 swings are possible, or is there some kind of double jump involved to pull that off?

I thought this at first also, but if you pay attention he does 2 swings in the air, then the last swing was actually off the ground

^ wow i don’t know how i missed such an obvious detail x.x lol. Thanks for clarifying

Can the OTG at the end be extended for further combo potential? Maybe if you have an OTG assist, he could do his BnB stuff all over again rather than going straight into a hyper.

maybe with an otg assist (wesker maybe?) he could be able to shield bash into launcher for another combo but it depends on how fast shield bash comes out

You can probably relaunch with an assist but by the time you get him back up in the air, I don’t think there would be enough hitstun left to actually connect the super. They would just pop out of it.

One thing you can probably do to boost the damage a tiny bit is hold down the arrow shot before the super to get 3 arrows instead of one. That might add 10,000 or so more damage.

Trying to figure out what exactly he’s doing in the BnB combo, but I’m having two problems.

  1. I don’t know if his kick in the air is his :l: or :m: and the same with what looks like him hitting with his pommel.
  2. I have absolutely no idea what he’s doing for the 13th hit.

Regardless, this is what I came up with, keeping the above in mind:

c.:l:,s.:m:,:f::h:,:m:,:f::h:,:m:,:m:,:h:,:b::h::s:,sj.:l:,:m:, no idea, :h:,:f::h:,:m:,:l:,:h:,j.:qcf::h:xxx:qcf::m:+:h:

You can chain 2 mediums in the air so most of those light attacks you have in there are medium attacks. Seems like the best thing to do coming out of mighty swing.

I think most of the combo should be correct, now that I know what :m: is. Still have no idea what the one hit is though where he’s shouting “hiyah”.

I just tried the BnB in training mode and I think I got it right. However, I got 516k with the OTG arrow and 717k after the hyper, so I may be missing a hit somewhere even though I think I replicated it bit by bit.

Anyway, the combo is:
c.:l:,s.:h:,:f::h:,:m:,:f::h:,:m:,:m:,:h:,:b::h:,:s:, sj. :m:,:m:,:h:,:f::h:,:m:,:m:,:s:, j. :qcf::h:xxx:qcf::m:+:h:

So you’re able to hit his :s: in the air and land before they even bounce?