Taskmaster and Akuma

As the title suggests, I wanted to see what the SRK forums had to say about that pairing. Id love to know how to effectively make these 2 work in harmony and at their best potencial. Then again, I have no idea if they even mesh. Thats why im here asking :slight_smile:

Thanks again.

PS: The team im trying to run is Wolverine/Taskmaster/Akuma.

That team is really good. Wolverine has obvious synergy with Akuma as seen by a lot of pros… watch Justin Wong or something. Wolverine has a lot of tricks with both assists to open people up with Berserker Slash and to extend combos as well. Taskmaster with tatsu is awesome pressure as well. I use Taskmaster/Doom/Akuma for missiles/tatsu to basically pressure the hell out of the opponent. With tatsu assist, Task can do an immediate instant overhead j.H with tatsu assist to open people up, or j.H + tatsu when opponent character comes in. If the H hits they fall into tatsu so you can combo, if not, it’s decent pressure to shut down some incoming options.

One great thing you can do with it is convert off of any grab (air or not… unless you ground back grab and throw them far away from you if you’re not in corner). Land and immediately be calling tatsu and jumping downward arrow… the tatsu will carry them and you can combo off of it.

Tatsu + shield skills is safe pressure that you can confirm off of. If it hits, dash and shield skills again into basic air combo. If not, you’re free to dash in and try to mix them up with a crouching M or web swing or something. The only problem with the team is really that Task/Akuma don’t get much from Wolverine assists. Task can’t really extend combos with Wolverine assist since they’re all either too fast or pop the opponent away. I’m still trying to find better combos to confirm with Task off of a shield skills + tatsu, but it’s such good pressure and easy damage to scare the opponent that it’s very oppressive. I’ve been debating trying Wolverine/Task/Akuma too, so let me know how it works for ya!

I still wanna try Task/Storm/Akuma. Storm lets you extend combos from anywhere on the screen with Task’s dash > web swing > immediate down arrow > shield skills > sharp sting. Plus her DHC and THC is ridiculous, and she is good with Akuma behind her. I just have no idea how to play her and do her combos and jump canceling seems unintuitive since I’ve never really played her at all before.

I’ve been playing a lot of Taskmaster/Dormammu/Akuma lately and Tatsu is a very strong assist but there are just as good if not better assists to use( I see the light now lol). I love Tatsu and all but I’m finding it difficult to do really good damage off of a tatsu confirm, and I’m really hating some of Akumas poor matchups. I’ve actually started using Task/Dorm/Hawkeye because I enjoy using Hawkeye and tripple arrow acts very similar to tatsu. I also feel it has advantages over tatsu(and disadvantages of course ).

For one I can confirm off of tripple arrow easier and cleaner and do a version of his bnb combo off of it. I can use tripple arrow to make shield skills safe ( except against the small characters who can duck tripple arrows) while not endangering Hawkeye because it is a projectile vs. the actual character doing the attack. I can pick up a character off the ground from a tight and close distance right next to Task to farther distances using a dash then swing+assist. I can use his f+h swing/cancel into arrow pressure and than combo with tripple arrow easier and without the opponent popping out like if I use tatsu. I can use tripple arrow to help zone against non teleporters, and snipe assists from farther screen(drones and HM). I can also use tripple arrow to do teleport mixups with Dorm from full screen and with tatsu I cannot. There are better alternatives to tripple arrow, plasma beam and unibeam come to mind(these make shield skills completely safe and are super easy to confirm off of), but I do not play those characters.

What I’m loosing is how good tatsu is as a GTFO assist, and how it can go through projectiles which can make Taskmaster cut through the screen quickly if you shield skills+tatsu+shield skills. What I’m also loosing is how Akuma can hold his own as anchor without XF(Hawkeye needs this if he’s going up against a whole team, and if not lots of meter). The thing I’m seeing is that if you use Akuma anchor you have to concentrate on snapping in his bad matchups and eliminating them so he isn’t left fighting them( like Doom f/e). But with wolverine+tatsu this should be a very easy task.

Guys this is really old tech…
I mean not any less effective just because its old but i have been running Task/Dorm/Akuma since DAY 1 Vanilla, its literally my team lol.
Back in Vanilla this team was really strong, it did WAAAAAAAAAAAY more damage and could convert/extent out of any tatsu set up regardless of the extent of your combo.

I know all the in and outs of this team, and well its not unbeatable, its actually a fragile set up, people can X factor cancel your pressure and well… its goodbye Akuma (and sometimes Tasky too).

But if you time everything right you can also add Dorm to the mix and you get a semi-gdlk pressure with huge ammounts of chip damage.

Since Akuma is made out of paper in this games, he is your weakest link, and the weak point in this team its always going to be him, in my case its my strongest character but also the target of everyone, because when they notice the type of pressure you can deal, they go for snapbacks.

Dorm is the enforcer, he needs the bars to deal the damage, he makes a good team with tasky, he has some set ups that can lead into taskys unblockable move.

Anyway feel free to ask more questions…

Yeah I’ve been running this team for quite awhile, not day 1 vanilla( just picked up Dorm not too long ago ) but I’ve been running Task+Akuma since day 1 vanilla and I’m well aware of there ins and outs. With tatsu you just have to be more cautious now when you call the assist and not brainlessly spam it. People will read your assist calls and punish accordingly.thanks for the input tho


That Combo should be your optimal one off a tatsu confirm as its doing 914 mashed. Trying to slide into arrows is too inconsistent for me. To post I had to do playback so neither had “Mashed Damage” but still did 875k!
It’s a team I’ve been looking into as well. Doing a whiff H and then B slash allows for you to convert off arrows.
Off a raw light or so you can do your basic combo into slide otg assist barrage just remember after the slide to move the stick back to neutral before the barrage. Still messing around if I can do that after a Tatsu confirm

Edit: Instant overhead videos added


[LEFT]Instant overhead with Task Arrows.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]I use a low first to make them block and then its a 50/50. So now I can use both my teams assist to finish the combo, instant overhead, and confirm off a B Slash (Space dependent for Task… i whiff an H first) Teams coming along nicely. Now to find some use for wolverines assist. Most I can think off is Cross Counter, or early in a task combo into sting master.[/LEFT]

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Yessah massttaa… My bad:)

I still play this. I mainly play Task/Akuma/Doom (beam) and fish for shield skills + tatsu for pressure, and if I combo, I do the normal air series and extend with Doom beam since it works well in the corner or full screen if I get crossed up in the corner after I launch. Akuma with beam is pretty good too I guess, but I’m still pretty scrubby at getting in with Akuma and do a lot of panic tatsus.

I’m looking for some kind of cheap second character or anchor to fit with this duo though. I can get hits with Task/Akuma pressure well enough, and I’m wondering if there’s some kind of cheap character that can set up some kind of reset/unblockable/something cheap after the magic series combo off a confirmed shield skills/tatsu. I’ve bounced between Task/Akuma/Doom, Task/Spencer/Akuma, Task/Dorm/Akuma, and Task/Hawkeye/Akuma, and maybe I just need to practice more but I wonder if there’s some kind of magic other character other people have experimented with. I considered Wolverine too since he goes well with Akuma, but he doesn’t really extend Task combos and I kinda prefer to have Task on point. Any other characters that are good option select H + akuma that can provide some nasty pressure, extend Task combos, provide a strong DHC and assist for Task? I think Storm would be good if I could do fly combos consistently and could get the hang of fast tri dash setups and stuff. MEHHHH I think I’m playing myself out to exhaustion lol

I feel like I should learn Vergil but he doesn’t seem like he’d really benefit from Akuma that much.

I’ve been bouncing around as well and can’t seem to find that “perfect team”, esp involving Task+Akuma. I find myself going back to my original team of Taskmaster/Hawkeye/Akuma because I love having BOTH triple arrow and tatsu, and the team has really good synergy front to back. I’ve played around with both Taskmaster/Dormammu/Akuma and Taskmaster/Dormammu/Hawkeye, but Dorm doesn’t fit well with either of these setups IMO. Dorm/Akuma is ok, but there are way better assists that allow Dorm to be played to his full potential(which you need for a good Dorm team). I’ve actually considered dropping Akuma and going just going derp with Taskmaster/Vergil/Hawkeye myself. You can do similar things with rapid slash(although not as good as tatsu), has great dhc options, and the Hawkeye+Vergil synergy is similar to Akuma but better. I just feel Akuma has limitations and I need to be more derpy but still play the characters I enjoy the most(Task+Hawk).

Have you considered using Task/Vergil/Doom, or Task/Spencer/Doom(plasma beam)? I don’t play Doom but they seem to be solid combinations.

Yeah, usually I can run through teams with just my Taskmaster on point backed by these assists, and when I get to Akuma I usually eat a combo trying to get in and die. I’m willing to drop him, I just want some kind of assist that offers similar pressure for Taskmaster. Dormammu is KIND of similar if you do Shield Skills + Dark Hole assist > horizontal arrow. If it hits, ball keeps them up… if not, well, it’s good chip. It doesn’t have neatly the easy pressure of slamming shield skill + tatsu, and Dark Hole is nice to extend but sometimes a little finicky and easily droppable especially online.

I should put in time to learn Vergil, but I’ve never done the whole button holding stuff and feel like he’s so different that it’d be a weird transition. But then again, with a couple hours in training mode I’m sure I could figure out something. I just need someone to sit down and tell me exactly what combo to do basically. Same with Dante; I think he’d be a good second on Task/Dante/Akuma, but he’s another character that is just so different than other characters I just need someone to give me the best BNB to do so I can practice that heh.

So yeah, I love Task with Akuma, but I don’t necessarily love what happens if Task dies =)

Starting to get the hang off Tornado claw loops off arrows.Its alot harder because of the pause than other otgs ;(

Can someone post a working version of these links?

lol just copy paste the Youtube video ID after a normal youtube link’s /watch etc.


And I play Task/Akuma so I’m always looking for new tech or mixups. Post post post!

Thanks a lot. One thing I still don’t quite get–fuzzy guards are basically “unblockable” right?

What combo should I be doing after a Sting Master --> Tatsu arow pickup?

I can’t seem to find a reliable string.

In the corner you do j.M, j.M, j.H (3 hits), spider swing, j.M, j.H (1 hit), j.S, land, Shield skills, launcher, j.M, j.M, j.H, spider swing, j.M, j.H, j.S then air super or something

In the middle you just jump to the Shield skills part but it’s really hard to hit it…

As my execution has improved, slide into arrows has gotten much easier. What seems to be key is in the corner to go straight up after the dive kick ground bounce( instead of doing your mhs string closer to corner), and come back down the same distance away ( you should have a little space from the corner now). Then immediately back dash, call arrows, slide, tornado clawX fatal claw loop. Worked with any Akuma starter(also Beam!)

Posting here as well since it seems relevant to this thread… Obviously I don’t cover everything and there are a couple things I talked about in here that I didn’t exactly show. For example, after superjump TK arrows + tatsu on incoming, if they block and you land, s.M seems to hit people a lot of times for some reason for me… I didn’t show it in the video, but yeah, you can apply a lot of pressure with the tatsu assist. cr.LMH > swing > 1 M.Arrow > cr. LMH etc. etc. is really good pressure too… if they don’t crack to your lows or arrows, they’ll get chipped unless they push block. You can throw in Akuma with your cr.LM’s to keep them locked down and maybe go for swing mix ups or overheads.

If they block the tatsu, you can dash in cr.M to try and open them up. Or, keep in mind Task’s throw game… if they block the tatsu, you can throw them immediately if they hesitate. Task is amazing because of his option selects (throws lead to crazy damage which this team capitalizes off, or you’ll option select into swing or shield skills… again getting tons of damage). You can’t do your normal full BNB off of tatsu assist (that I know of, though I’m welcome for people to optimize it more), so I always just do the very basic shield skills > launch > j.MMH swing > MHS, Spencer extension etc.

Like I said, Task is an amazing point character and nobody seems to use him there or build a team around him. I tear through people who aren’t ready for him.


I really understand you. I’ve done everything you’ve listed here.
I’ve past through all those teams you listed since day1 vanilla. I’ve tried SheHulk/Task/Akuma, Storm/Task/Akuma and Wolv/Task/Akuma, as well as Doom, Dormammu and many others.

On Ultimate my main is Task/Spencer/Akuma. I’ve tried Task/Akuma/Doom missiles, it works pretty well also.

This duo is very good, very solid against most of the cast. But it lacks something broken. I’ve been trying Vergil but also noticed Akuma isn’t his best partner.

I really want to build a perfect team for Task, I can’t figure out who should I put.