Tampa Thread: buy MK9 on PS3 so I'll have people to play

New thread gentlemen

Calling it here. That banana bread beer is top 50 material.

yeah who ever didnt show up to alma missed out forealz.

omggggggggg, I want to bathe in it.

I did. And it was glorious.

alma was a blast next time im ordering papa johns or something

which would be much appreciated however it is still a place of business and no outside food is allowed :3. if u want to eat in there eat their food. if not there is a pizza place across the street.

Is that banana bread beer seasonal? I’d like to try it since everyone says it’s the greatest thing ever.

To eat outside Cafe Alma i’d assume

nah son you guys are in classy tampa, you go to classy cafe’s with classy micky d’s classy bags /hollarAtchaClassyBOI!!!

stay classy tampa, stay classy

Edited for more classy.

Needed more classy in there.

I missed out damn’t I wanna do some casuals asap this week I need to get in some marvel action.

Me too!

Edit: There we go. Those Mickey D bags are classy as fuck.

Edit, do whatever you want,

Ban sentinel.

Thank you BPR.

I’ll hammer out the march date in the next couple days.

ARGH! whats going on nyuggas…

Any MVC3 going on anywhere in the next couple of days?

I love how everyone uses the phrase 'any scrub" can win in (insert game here) when they lose to said scrub. People just need to step their game up

But really any scrub can win with a level 3 x factor sent.