Tampa MvC2 lit tourney results

Well just here to annoy people… 8 man tourney

1…Allen (AsianDemon)
2…Ben (BshidoHEAT)
3…Stevie (xXMAGNETOXx)
3…Eddie (GoodEnough)
4…Luke (Brooklyn)
4…Isaac (TheOnlyOne)
4…Fez (FezGi)
4…Eric (???)

Fun lit tourney… I guess I’ll try to get Tampa APEX’ed

Oh yea, no more tournament MSP for me! :lol:

Next lil tourney I not gettin allen first round!

Allen’s lucky i wasnt there:D


Whos up for a tourny this friday? Team Demon:confused:

Fez don’t sweat it man, I’ve had to play the person who’d be seeded many times earily in a tournament. Shit happens, but all you’ve got to do is learn from it.

Team Demon is too strong.

The past two GGXX tournys I’ve had to play Jeff and Alex Garvin in the forst round so don’t tell me about first rounds.

i had to play X and mike D first rounds like last yr…

I had to play X first round at the FL invasion.

Not like I really mind, because I know I’m probably not going to face him ever again heh.

I’ve had to play allen 1st round the past 2 g’ville tounies. and I’m still on the list

Oh no someones talking shit now…That list is something else one weeks there four names on there the next theres 8330

Team Demon is waayyyy too good:D

Anyways curry boi… your lucky you werent there or I’ll own you… :evil: + :lol:

Infinite… you lucky you never got to play me on arcade or else… :death:

Stop talking about the list :frowning:

Michael isn’t lucky, you’re lucky.

You’re luck you have an arcade machine dedicated to you :o

team demon sucks!


Good shit allen

HAHA sure allen…we all kno i own u for freeeeeeeeeeeeee

Come to ny and ur asian ass is gettin owned up beeotch:lol: :lol:

In your dreams man, Team Demon is fuckin strong. It’s like having Hulk doing triangle jumps on you. Except it’s way faster and stuff.

On top of that, Allen’s defense has gone up ten fold… you can’t hit the guy!!!

fuck that shit…imma distract him by waving hotfries in his face or sum shit:lol: :lol:

Allen cant block my magnus fuck that:D :lol:


LOL:lol: Team Demon is waayyy to hot to handle…:cool:

You mangus is too slow Jason…:stuck_out_tongue: I’ll block all of it… and hot fries only works on Michael…:lol:

My defense is too strong… is owns Mike!!!:eek: +:evil:

HAHAH my magnus owns u allen…

bottom line, team demon sucks

and allen can beat me one out of 30 games…