Tampa MvC2 lit tourney results

I got 20 on Allen on this. To bad Justin Needs to stay on his own fuckin account.

I smell grudge match!!!


I’m sure i can get some people to match your bet there pete…

I’m not betting, but I bet I know who’s going to. :lol:


okay Mike I’ll bet you…

I can get more than 1 win before you get 30…:evil: sure thing… $20

Mwhahaha!!! get some people to bet…

anyways of course arcade… this is gotta be a grudge match cuz last time in the Tampa tourney I bearly almost beat u… we’ll a come back with Magneto is just too good…:eek:

anyways Mike your Magneto is too slow so no need for worrying for me…:evil:+:lol:… I got your Magnus on lock… problem is Sentinal though…

Dog your betting that your gonna 30 straight on Allen…Bring them all

NO one has ever done that. Not Eric not Justin not Issac not Javier, Mike Infi, you, I got faith in the little homie

I can go 30 straight on allen:D …maybe 10:lol: :lol:

Hate to say it mike but that bet is in allen’s favor…

But nonetheless i own allen for freeeeeeeeeeeee:evil: :lol:

AzN DemOnz iz weh two cheep…

I’ll get him next tyme…

Jason you would get owned… and I’ll get my curry chicken from you:p

Yeah Mike come on bring it… 30 wins… HAHAHAHA:evil:

Shut the fuck up all of you becuase tampa suck’s and japan is the best don’t make me come tampa and beat all of you up BigPeteRoasa sucks that bitch can’t even air combo right!:lol:

LOL no no guys, u got it twisted, i was joking about the last tourney where i played allen a million times and he beat me once…jeez.

I’ll do best to 5 for ten bucks. i gotta be cheap, evo comin up…

My money is on mike for this bet then…

Wow, this must hurt Pete.

Comming all the way from Japan too! :lol:

The only person that are any good is azndemon and bushidoheat besides that everyone else sucks. bigpeteroasa can’t even triangle jump either he suck’s at it just like he sucks in tekken tag what a shame he is.:lame:

Wow look at this guy… balls talking shit about Marvel when he lives in Japan…Fuckers cam Suki Cancle but the scrubs can’t do an AHVB…And I would own you in Tekken any day of the week for free. bring your ass here so I can Kung Pow man hoe bitch slap you.

Kenshin name Yu-gi Av…Pick an anime.

Damn Battosai!!! I like you’re homepage!!


BTW I know who Battousai46 is any other shit talking for toonite? I’m bored

:frowning: Awwww… and I really wanted to bet you on that other one…

how about 1-5 instead of best of 5 for me…:smiley:

Bitch i could kick your ass in taken and my friend could beat your ass in tekken four and tekken tag u sock period. Ur ass could not even come close to beating anyone in japan in tekken why cause you suck you sorry bitch.

Chris shut up I taught you everthing you know about that game:lol: fuckin Tampa Jun Scrubs