Tales of Dark & Light: The SNK storylines-Revived

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Well, in “pre-Crisis” SRK, where were we in this thread?

Well, we were talking about random subjects, but pleeeeease don’t let this thread die again…:frowning:

Well, it wasn’t really our fault that the thread died, but anyway, last we left off, I think, was tool_028 and myself giving the SNK abbreviated storylines and then they started talking about random stuff afterwards.

i got a topic!!

what is the story-line to KOFEX for GBA. i understand that it is supposed to be a prelude to the abduction of Kyo & the NESTS saga, but why is Geese the host? (BTW, he died in the Fatal Fury game, not KOF, but he does die in 1998 in the SNK world)

I don’t suppose anyone made a FAQ or something similar for everything discussed in the orignal thread?

Lantis has a FAQ at www.gamefaqs.com (click me)

Just type in KOF’98, the dream match one, and it should be underneath th first to sections. Just look for Lantis because he has the same name there as he does here.

I don’t know the story of KOF EX: Neo Blood too well, as I have never had the chance to play the game (nor do I think I will), and I also haven’t seen any page which has the endings for it. I think it’s just some mild KOF tournament Geese held for mere amusement. Story-wise, it should take place before RBFF, which is the game where Geese finally dies (all this in the year 1998).

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Since I’ve been lurking around I’d like to see a rebirth of that thread. Thanks…

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Here’s a question.

What exactly happens during Art of Fighting 3?

AOF 3 was about Robert Garcia trying to help an old friend of his called Freia (a sassy girl who wears a leather jacket and a cap) who wanted to help her friend Wyler, who was suffering from the effects of some drug which made him hella big and hella mean. In the past, Freia’s father had abandoned Wyler’s father (or something to that extent, don’t ask me how or why), so Freia fely compelled to help him. Knowing that Freia couldn’t do it alone, Robert accompanies her. Then, Ryo and Yuri go look for Robert to know what’s going on.

Karman Cole is like some executive working for Robert’s father’s (Alberto Garcia) organization, versed well in martial arts. He’s asked by the corporation to seek the whereabouts of Robert (seems they don’t like the idea of Robert wandering off somewhere).

Kasumi…well, you know her.

Jin Fuha, the big dude, seems to have some beef with Eiji Kisaragi. He can predict the flow of “chi” in his opponents.

Lenny Creston and Roddy Birts are a police couple on the outlook for Wyler.

Wang Kohsan…uh forget it. He actually seemed interested in the drug that made Wyler a monster, though.

That’s all I could make out from the endings…

What do you mean about Kasumi?

The only thing I could gather about her is she’s trying to carry on her father’s martial art.

Well, what do you think happened to him after AOF 1?

Ryo kicked his ass, because he was in the way of finding Yuri.

Todoh dissapeared to train, and was ashamed.

Kasumi has been looking for her father ever since AOF3 and wants to fight the Kyokugen members because their ‘schools’ were rivals or became rivals after AOF 1.

Got some questions about Iori:

1.) How did he come to hate Kyo? Don’t say it’s because they are from enemy clans because I know Iori doesn’t seem to care about his own ancestry. Did his parents just show him a picture of Kyo and spread vicious lies about him, tell him to beat him up, or what?

2.) When did Iori give up trying to kill Kyo and why?

3.) What is Iori’s current relationship with Kyo like? If they were spontaneuosly thrown into a room, how would they react to each others’ presence?

  1. i was going to with the clan rivalry, but maybe not. maybe kyo was the one who attacked iori first, then iori retaliated, not out of honor for the yagamis, but out of revenge. i just made that up:confused:

  2. in 2000, when they were in the warehouse fighting zero. check the storylines on gamfaqs.com or something for the specifics.

  3. i think they like fighting each just becuase they like fighting each other, i don’t think iori still has homicidal tendencies–but he would like to defeat kyo in battle

Didn’t SNK say that KoF: EX was a story-relevant game? If it is, then it has to take place during 1998, seeing as though it has most of the cast from that time in it.

Grenade Falcon:

  1. Actually, I do think Iori is “marking out” for all Kusanagis to die. It is said so in his team’s KOF '95 ending, where he says “Just wait, Kyo. You’re next for extermination. You and all Kusanagis! Yah, hah, hah!”. Anyhow, it also seems Iori has personal issues to deal with Kyo, but mostly I think it’s Iori being jealous of Kyo’s careless lifestyle as a Kusanagi warrior, while Iori has to worry about hierachy/Riot of the Blood/short lifespan issues. I think Iori is slowly getting over that since, according to his bio, he has his own girlfriend, and seems less interested in killing Kyo overall (but still doesn’t like him).

  2. In Iori’s ending in KOF '99, Iori still talks about fighting Kyo and getting even. However, in KOF 2000, they have their fight, and in KOF 2001, they don’t even mention each other anymore (in their respective endings). Like I said, or Iori finally found some purpose in life besides hatred, or he realized his fight for destiny was futile.

  3. Well, they still don’t like each other (that shows in their KOF 2001 special intro), but now they just trash talk and not vowing to kill each other. I say they would still fight, but not with a passionate hatred.

another thing about the iori / kyo thing: in the intro to the iori team in 2001, iori only promises to enter the tournament when seth mentions that kyo will be there. he demands angrily that seth and the others leave kyo to him–whether that means killing him or just beating him up, i don’t know, but it does prove that kyo is still on his mind

i thoguht this was really interesting:

before i saw deadspaces’s post over at the fighting game discussion board, i had no idea of his background. he’s a very complex character, but his dad is still a mystery. his dad leaves, which is somehow connected to the death of his mother, which gets gato really upset, and he wants to kill him.

oddly, gato remembers who is father and mother are, but he doesn’t remember his sister; maybe he never her that much before he left home.

let’s recap:

-gato is trained by his dad, possibly where he gets his scars

-dad leaves

-mom dies

-gato goes off searching for his dad in order to kill him and become a better fighter

-hotaru goes off to find gato; she finds him after the tournament but he does not remember her

Okay, I know this isn’t related to SNK’s storylines, but I figured someone here would have decent knowledge about the gameplay in SNK’s games to answer these questions:

1.) What game systems do the three SNK grooves in CvS2 mostly represent? What are the differences between them in CvS2 and their games of origin?

2.) Were ground fireballs designed just to “be more different” from Capcom’s fireballs?

K-groove is supposed to be a combo of Mark of the Wolves and Samarui Spirits.

S and N are KOF based grooves.