anything going on in tacoma or lakewood? what about dorky’s or b&i arcade?

Guess not…

Theres going to be a tournament at the game store Super Smash Games thats on 56th st South Tacoma Way this saturday, May 11. Games are SSFIV, Tekken Tag 2, Injustice and UMVC3. If you got facebook theres more information on the store’s facebook page.

That’s good. Nah, I don’t have Facebook. I don’t have a stick anymore so don’t know if I can play. What are the prizes/entry fees?

It’s kinda of on the pricy side in my opinion. 8 dollars venue fee and 10 dollars per game. Prize is just 70/20/10 I think? 100 dollars bonus to the game with the most entrants. Your free to borrow my stick if I’m not using it.

I’m from Oly and I’m pretty sure I heard that the Tacoma guys have casuals every Thursday at Super Smash Games.
3 dollar venue fee for the weeklies I think?
Last time I went, there was a lot of Tekken but I’m pretty sure they play AE too.

Would the fee be waived if I bring a copy of CVS2 (PS2) for a few hours or so…

probably not :stuck_out_tongue:

Ya probably not, though to be honest I don’t think you’ll be finding many players to play cvs2 with over there. I’d play cvs2 though I’m not the best at it plus I don’t go there on thursdays.

Seems like the NW section is dead…

Seems like the game store by the mall in Tacoma closed down or something.

You talking about Gamerz Edge from way back then?

No was talking about the one off of S. Tacoma Way and 47th street i believe…

Nope! I will confirm that contenders are alive and well in Tacoma/Lakewood. I happen to be part of a passionate and ever growing Fighting community from PlayLIVE gaming. We may not have a lot of tourney experience, I happen to peak w/ the most in a couple store affiliated tournaments, but rest assured my guys are good. Magi has only picked up UMvC3 in a short amount of time & he friggin’ owns. My buddy Knives, one of the staff at PlayLIVE, has had reasonable success in LoL and CoD and has taken an interest in learning the nuances of the game.

We have Thursday Night Fights, our designated fighting league night, from 5-9PM every Thursday. We cater to casual players to learn the game, but I’d love to see some hardened tourney players and we welcome the opportunity to test our skills. For more info about what we do at PlayLIVE, check us out at Http://www.playlivegaming.com and meet up with us at SouthHill Mall. I’ll surely be there. Will you?

…and I can clarify that, yes, the Tacoma Mall store DID close down because the mall wanted to jack the rent. Any other questions, feel free to come in to our new home in South Hill Mall & ask the guys behind the scenes what is up. They’re getting ready to celebrate their 2 year Anniversary at that spot very soon. Check out their Facebook page for more updates and awesome stuff.

Tacoma has plenty of talented fighting gamers. I play a few different fighting games. The sessions most of us frequent are in Auburn because there are so many good players there too. GameBreakerz Lan Center is a great place to start.

Anything going on this weekend? Next weekend?

Yo gonna be back in Spanaway wendsday, a bit from Tacoma but I’m willign to go out to stuff.

So that place by the mall on South Tacoma way; what do people play? Do they play any SSF2T or CVS2?

I might go to the place by the mall on South Tacoma way