Switch trick in MvC2 and ideas

I read somewhere that cable’s switch trick c.lp beats Mag c. lk, even if Mag switch tricked too. But I just noticed that RowTron beat Randy lews’ Cable with Mag d.lk (Evo 2003 Losers Bracket Row vs Randy game 2), and MANUALLY.

So my first question is about that frame list (3 for Cable and storm, 1 for Mag and a lot for Sent). Is it really accurate, or sometimes cable’s c.lp is glitchy and beats mag for no reason?

Anf if I am playing Mag against switch tricked Cable or storm, how often will I win by?
timing it (suppose I became prety good with it)?
switch trick of my own?

In Mag vs Mag, what is better? Switch trick or perfectly timed manual d lk?

Finally, does Row and other top players get that first manual hit often against tricked Cable, or just try it a lot because one AHVB is not that much to put at risk?

If I’m not mistaken, the switch trick allows you to input a button combination at the earliest time possible. So Magneto button-switching c. lk = perfectly timed c. lk.

Cable’s c. lp is good, but it won’t beat out Magneto’s c. lk if they input the normals at the same time. So as for your questions:
A perfectly timed c. lk or a button-switched c. lk will beat out all of Cable and Storm’s crouching normals.

Against Magneto, its up to you. C. lk will trade, so you might want to jump + assist and dash over, or something else.

Its not that an AHVB isn’t that much damage at the beginning of the match, its that Magneto beats Cable out at the beginning of the match.

There’s definately something involved with the buffer, you gotta hold down your buttons from the beginning, if you delay holding it down till it says fight or whatever right before, you won’t get a perfect switchglitch and dumb shit like cable beating out mag can happen. Well at least that’s how I think it goes

??? Odd.

My experience has been just the opposite.

uh-oh :slight_smile:

jake is right

you have to hold it the buttons down the whole time

cable cant beat mag in the switchglitch but if you push block mags first hit and hope he called out his assist and wax his ass

there was one thing i wanted to ask about this how does sentinel get that back dash in for his switch glitch? and can ne one do it as succesfully ? by succesfully i mean not getting hit

super armor

yeah just so you guys know, sentinel’s s.lp/s.lk doesnt beat mags jumping lk mk hk dash.

Explanaiton:Mag’s jumping lk doesnt stun sentinel, but slows him down, allowing the mk to hit without sentinel ever getting a chance to touch mag. I say this because i’ve heard many times before that sentinel beats mag with that opening

If someone could explain if mag’s jumping lk beats sentinel’s jumping lp that would be nice

What’s the switch glitch? That’s a good strategy, finding a character with a hit that’s 1 frame for your first, god I love frame data now. :party:

I have a feeling that the switch trick isn’t perfect, because moves really DO come out quicker if you time them perfectly without the glitch.

What about IM’s Launch, what does it beat out? i dont feel like trying that shit out

i think the fastest in the game is megaman but hes not even a tier as for tiers

i think its

sentinel (only because he takes 2 hits for him to stun up)

as for IM’s launcher just test it out when you play your friends everyone picks the same people just differnet orders :tdown:

switch trick sent with both punches and hold back…dont do it with anybody else cuz its useless

I’ve tried it a few times and it seems faster to me doing the normal unless I was just mistiming it. Are you the IM player that used to play at SHGL that wore kangol gear a lot. If so I member playing IM one on one a few times against you, good matches.

I noticed this too. when its mags vs mags at beginning, my friend would do switch glitch c.lk, but once in a while, my well-timed c.lk beats out his. odd…

IM beats most d lks because his launcher takes him out of the ground.

is there any way for us to find out how many frames pass before the switch trick?

What about mashing ? Has anyone been hit out of a glitched jab (storm or cable) by a mag that is mashing?

mvc2 is so broken who knows why this doesnt work all the time :tdown:

Yeah that was me. My bad if i dont remember you, shit i dont remember half the shit i should lol. Ahh the good old SHGL days, but i use to suck back then, i still suck now =[ lol

IM’s d/f+hk launcher (which is faster than neutral HK. It’s 2F, while normal s.HK is 3F) is retardedly good when used w/ switch trick.

It cleanly beats out [all switched tricked or not] Cable’s c.lp, Magneto’s c.lk, and Storm’s c.lk. But I’m almost postive it loses to Magneto’s c_s.lp (probably Storm’s as well). And it also beats them, and even Sentinel, if they try a jumping lp/lk to open.

Of course, if it’s blocked, it’s your ass; so you use sparingly.

And in case anyone who doesn’t know IM too well…if this openner hits, it should go into INF set-up->[INF].

Hope that helps.

  • Geronimo

Works against d. lk and not against s lp because of being out of the ground, I think. You can hold df. HK + assist to be safe afterwards, but some assists may get in the way of the infinite…