Switch all your skill to another character

If you could trade your skill with your main right now to another character who would you pick?

I’m a bison player

I’d probably pick viper, her costumes are beast lol

I’d move to Gen. I always enjoy watching high end games with him, and I tend to give those players more respect by default. While I have used him some, he’s a character you need to invest heavily in to really get some great plays out of.

I main Gen

I’d love to main el fuerte, unfortunately I just could never get used to do the RSF or RSP combo(s) and it still pisses me off to this very day.

Fuerte is a cool character. but i can’t do that 3 straight dash fierces lol

Gen’s cool.

I had getting caught in that super to ultra thing though

Probably Viper, love her playstyle, the other one would be Gen, a friend of mine is beast with him, but I can’t seem to play him no matter how hard I try.


To be quite fair ever since the 4th street fighter series I’ve had trouble sticking with one character. It used to be easy to pick a main in 3s or alpha 3 but then they added Gen AND Viper… :frowning:

It’s annoying because I know if I’d dedicate myself to one of them I’d be pretty beast but I never can, I always go back and forth.

I’m actually in the process of this. Picked Akuma in Vanilla just because…he’s badass and has air fireballs!! :smiley: (the reasoning of someone who only ever played SF2…ages ago)

Now I finally got a chance at Ibuki and I’m going to sweat blood to make her my main. Don’t mind losing, all I need is seeing Ibuki on the screen. <3

Wished I could play Gen as well, but he was just…two fighting styles, switching between them within combos, remembering all the normals; nah, too much. Whoever mains Gen successfully has my endless respect.

Probably Seth, he’s pretty execution wise what I find hard is making good use of all of his moves.

Gen definitely.

I’m happy and a little surprised to hear all the love for Gen. If you haven’t tried him recently, AE Gen is by far the easiest version of the character to pick up.

I actually think people overestimate the amount of learning he requires. He has no command normals, only 4 specials, and all of his move inputs are on the easier side of the standard input set (2 charge moves, a dp, a button mash, and a bunch of double quarter circles). He only has 3 target combos and each of those are only 2 button presses. Despite having two styles I think there are several other characters that require as much or more learning.

If I could just pick up and use anyone well I think I’d take Guy. Strong Guy players make him seem like a precision instrument of destruction, yet when I try him everything I do just feels like I’m recklessly flinging myself at the opponent.

Ibuki…and I’d vortex and frame trap like a boss…

I main Fei Long.

If I could magic-swap my time invested over to another character, I’d probably go with Gen, Gouken, Makoto or Guy.

Gen and Gouken have always been appealing to me, but I could never get them to move the way I want them to or the way they need to move. More or less the same applies to Makoto and Guys addition. :frowning:


I main ibuki and sometimes I feel like throwing the controller at the screen. I swear, I love her to death, but Yang.

just abuse the hell out of that kunai cross up into target combo. gets people all the time

That usually works up until the point where they actually somehow get out of it and start either spamming weak dps to get you off them or trying to run across the screen and punish you if you follow.

One time I crossed up this ryu and as soon as I hit the ground to TC - EX DP/Focus cancel, ultra metsu hado in the face.


Some character’s dp somehow just get them through vortexes completely and then there’s boxer who can turn right out of it. Game has plenty of hilarious moments which make you feel like all that effort you just did went down the drain from a simple ex/ultra setup. Hilarious, really.

I don’t know what the fuck your talking about. The skill is the same I just have to memorize new input at most. Not so much as transferring knowledge every time I use a different character as to I wished that character had more moves so I’m allowed to display more skills.

Can’t really say, guess I’m a Cammy player and Evil Ryu is my second or it may be the other way around.

Hakan definetly.

I strive to be an optimist for humanity. I try and put a lot of faith in my fellow man, and as such, I like to give people the benefit of the doubt whenever possible.

So I’m going to assume here that you are either very new to fighting games or you have a fresh concussion.

If the former is true then I’d like to welcome you to our community.

If the latter is true then I sincerely wish you all the best in your recovery!