Sweet Revenge Thread

so I figured people here can post about the times they get pwned, and then beat that same person later, with some satisfaction :slight_smile:

here’s what happened to me: you guys showed me my rage quitting vid on youtube to the guy buff fro… I didn’t even know I was on youtube, so yeah my vega was pretty lousy back then, that was like in march or april. he got me so angry that yes, I was guilty of rage quitting :frowning: but since, I have not done so. so yeah, as the vid showed, he clearly controlled the match. so, on saturday, I decided to join a room with only 2 people, I figured what the hell, probably not worth my time, but I’ll join. so lo and behold, there is buff fro! haven’t played him since like, 6 months ago. and some scrubby ken player with a mouth on him to boot. so I vs. the ken player 1st, destroy him, and hear nothing but the squeeks of an angry teenager…menu, profile, mute. much better. now for the big fish. of course he chooses honda. of course I choose vega :slight_smile: start the match, armed with an abundance of knowledge on how to play against honda players, I proceed to wall dive the SHIT out of him, doing major cross-ups and mixing the game up, wall dive claw, wall dive grab. backflip, grab after he wiffs head butt. flip kick reversals when he jumps in. he takes a round, I take one, then I destroy him 3rd round…ahh that felt soooo GOOD!!! I was so happy. so the other kid quit out, just me and my enemy. we play again. this time, he gets no rounds against me. (aww yeah) 3rd match, he barely beats me. (boo!) we then play 3 more matches…each got easier and easier for me. to the point I sat there wondering, how did I ever lose to this guy back then?? but still, those were the happiest matches I’ve ever played :slight_smile: Revenge is so sweet.

have no fucks left to give

lol well eventually, I’d like to be there too…I still have many to hand out myself. so no one has anything to add to this thread?? crickets in the background

I beat some guys called a3840 and BerserkerPhoenix on PSN. They’re both rage quitters. I accidentally lost them once. and i got pretty upset with myself especially since they sent me hate mails after. I met them both again later and pwnd them , and i gotta say there is quite the satisfaction in doing that.

Hmm…honestly it seems like he took it easy on ya.
And man this is SF2, you cant base shit off 4 games.
You obsessed over this man, memorized his playstyle, copied him and studied him on youtube all in hopes that you would one day see him again.
Whats funny is that he prolly doesnt even remember you!
He prolly didnt even take your matches seriously because he destroyed you before.

Lets face facts.
You sir are a quitter. You have a quitters mentality.
Only quitters think of getting revenge.

And to finish you off:
Once a ragequitter, ALWAYS a ragequitter.

Know what else is sweet? Not creating stupid threads…

dagV—well at least someone here is on topic. it does feel good to win against other opponents who beat you. kevgeez is just another goat rapist with nothing better to do than bring up old news from 6 months ago. yeah sure, call me whatever you want. I don’t care. I know plenty of other srk members who have played against me and know I dont quit. and like I said before, I never knew I had a vid of me on youtube. so how can I obsess over something I didn’t know about? I’ve played better hondas than him, thats for sure. so don’t be all jealous because you have nothing to contribute, and/or you suck too badly to ever beat any real players on hdremix. you have a big mouth, why don’t you put it to the test on xbl? hit me up with an invite and I’ll we’ll see if you are half as good as I think you are. Warriors dreams—you know what else is sweet? getting a life outside of srk and getting laid once in awhile. but then again, you might like men instead. I don’t judge though.

thread backfired you pussy. and i give your laggy vega a 6/10

lol and your shitty wannabe bison gets a 4/10, and that’s me being generous. had you decided to have a REAL internet connection instead of some white trash redneck cleawire service, I might have been able to properly own your scrubby bison every time, instead of just a couple of times. you talk a lot of shit son. lets hope for your sake, I don’t run into you one day.

and cmon guys, you mean to tell me no one has ever this kind of experience? and also, keep the negative reps coming pussies!!! I want to have my whole gauge completely filled and red. keep it going! thats my goal.

Well no. See, unlike you, we don’t rage quit. I think it has something to do with dignity … :chat:

Edit: Also, you shouldn’t insult people just because they don’t like your thread. They might be trying to tell you something … like for instance, creating threads that lead people to criticize you and leave comments diminishing your reputation, well, that’ s just for people who want negative attention.

Gutter trash!

Edit: In regard to the thread, no, I have no such stories. I’ve really had no super triumphant revenge matches. : ( It’s usually roll on someone, get rolled on myself, and an even match-up. I’ve never really been beaten senseless by a scrub then completely obliterated them the next round.

As Dudley: [THEbloodyhighclaw] has no dignity!

EDIT: In regards to the thread, I really don’t have revenge stories. I just continue playing until I figure out why I messed up and proceed to adjust from there. I mean if you’re that obsessed with your losses that you have to plot revenge? That really says something about you.

it has nothing to do with the quitting, but the fact at the time he was better than me. and that I improved on my skills and came back to pwn him. thats what I’m talking about. you guys just seem to have the 1 track programming of “rage quitter” every time you see my posts. lol even though the issue is dead and resolved and over with. so it seems you have some problems letting go of it. dignity? on these forums? please. like I give a shit what some nerd from the forums think of me.

Oh of course not. That’s why you created an entire thread trying to portray yourself as a former rage quitter who conquered his rage quitting addiction and got the better of the person he rage quit on… because you don’t care what SRK thinks of you :yawn:

Maybe in another 6 months you can create another thread about how you used to make crappy threads, but then you realized that you don’t have the ability to contribute anything since no one respects you because you’re a rage quitter.

again, not about rage quitting. see your problem there? RAGE QUITTER!11! RAGE QUITTER!11 OMG he’s a rage quitter!! I was posting how satisfying it was to beat him. I care not for the quitting I did…like I said, I’ve quitted on 2 people…I’m not worried about it. are you? apparently so. You need to get out and get some sun. how pathetic.

lol, I love it when tards get negged and say stupid shit like this to try and play it off.

That’s your goal huh? When did you start shooting for that star, about 2 minutes after you saw yourself in the red? hahaha. You calling other people pathetic, now THAT’S comedy :rofl:

Exactly. So funny when people start threads or go on long rants about shit and say they don’t care in the same breath, haha.

I think its pathetic you PAY for membership on here. just to have a cool rep bar and give other people bad rep. you sir have high aspirations in life, dont you? please.

That’s totally why we paid. Not to support a site dedicated to something we have an interest in.

But now that I think of it, you’re right it’s totally pathetic. I’m thinking of dedicating my time and money to something more meaningful, like starting a thread to get revenge on people I ragequitted on. 1) It will totally show them 2) it’s the exact opposite of being pathetic.

Thanks for giving me some perspective!

LOL!!! anyfuckinways… its cute how you give a player a 4/10 that repeatedly beats you at will in a laggy bad matchup… but fuck… i guess you make up for that with killing me in real life right? RIGHT vega playing laggy faggot?