Supergun Video Output/Connections

I was looking at this for making a supergun out of my fried monitor ST cabinet:
Will this work ok? I don’t know how to make the wires fit on that thing, it looks like what came with my pre-wired JAMMA harness that I had to cut off to fit on the old monitor before it blew up.
How do I place the wires in this connection? Is it expensive to do?

I just need a cheap way to see if my CPS2 board is fried, and I have no speakers and no monitor to test it on.

Your video connector (same one that connects to your arcade monitor) that runs from your jamma harness just simply connects to the big 5 pins sticking out to the right of the RCA and S-video jacks you see in the image.

How do I place the wires in this connection?
The Converter comes with a cable that wires into your RGB and sync connection of your arcade board.
From what it looks like the wires are color coded, and the connect to your Jamma harness. Or you can solder them directly to the arcade board.

Will it work? Honestly I got no Clue.

I hope someone else chimes in here with some CPS2 experience.

I own one of these and they do work. The cable is very small. Just a connector with a few inches of wire coming out of it. Just enough to solder/crimp onto the existing video wires coming from the jamma harness.

Brilliant! Just what I need! I’ll just use some butt connections to crimp them together. I assume these work with no huge lag, but I’ve not seen peoples reviews on these.
EDIT: What do you use for power? I see the little power connector coming out but not sure what to use for power to the wall.

Power Cable goes to your Power Supply. Either via the Jamma harness or directly to your arcade’s power supply unit.

You could also get a universal AC/DC adapter to replace the power cord and plug that adapter into a wall socket.

Adding onto what Darksakul said. If wiring the power cable to the power supply,make sure it’s to 12V since that’s what the card runs on.

Yeah I just realized what I said haha. I plan on getting a arcade power supply, so I can just smack those wires directly up to it? Sounds good! And with the RCA jacks on the CPS2 A board all I’ll need to do is take out the arcade control panel and make it a box! IF the B board isn’t fried like I think it is… lol. 40 bucks, no huge loss!

My only real gripe with this card is that the image quality can be kinda iffy. It’s definitely playable,but if you can I recommend that you use the S-video jack instead of the composite one. That being said it’s a good starter card to use until you can save up for a better one.

Well, it’s much cheaper and easier to find than the JROK, and in the end I’d like to have another monitor. And it is ST after all, it never really looked “great” to begin with.

Also, I’m not even sure the thing didn’t get fried when the monitor blew, so spending more on a card would be a waste at the moment.

Trust me. You’ll want something with a little more clarity sooner or later. This card oversaturates colors and sometimes just seems out of focus. It’s just a principle of getting what ya pay for though. I definitely recommend upgrading at some point to something with component or vga output.

GBS-8108 CGA/EGA - PAL/NTSC/S-video
best option for composite and svideo
pal/ntsc switch 2 trimeter for optimal regulation

for component only:

jrok is overrated, huge price and crap component picture

Thanks! I’m not in the UK but this looks like it’s the same thing

Can this convert a Saturn Euro Scart cable in an NTSC system into a NTSC Component video SDTV? If so, I would be in heaven and not worry about getting a fancy upscaler and just use my Trinitron 27" Wega setup!

Yes you can

In the following Link, the OP on the provided thread did just that

Hey guys, I ended up getting it, but I’m confused, there is a place for a 5v laptop-like power cord input, and then also a place for a 5v lead and ground… do I need both of these hooked up or just one? Is it just an option to get power from the JAMMA?

Wait. Which one? The one in your original post?

Sorry, the one kowal linked here:

I don’t need BOTH the 2 pin and the other 5v hooked up right?