Super Turbo Team Tourney 3 vs 3

As the title says would any one be interested in doing this since cigar bob is mia, $15 a team do the math $5 a head, double elimination. Depending on how many teams enter it might be winner take all or 70/20/10 pay out. Oh yeah if this is going down i might need some help running this DXP, Barcardi, NKI wuts good!!

Rules: No duplicate characters, no akuma. Team members must be attendance if they are going to be up next in a match, I’ll give them 5 minutes if they are busy with something else.

Team Members must stay with their chosen characters at all times throughout the tourney

Sign-Ups: Start around 12 saturday so that gives you time to chill and find partners when this goes down around 4.

sorry I am concentrating more on tournies no time to help anything :lovin:

it’s all good bro if you can participate in this it would be great, i need to play ur skanky ass claw give me shit 4 days son

Id play. I dont know who’d team with me other than FunkDOC though.

Wasn’t Cigar bob going to do some big ST tourney on his custom cab?

Cigar Bob, had some stuff come up and will not be participating/ going to Evo this year.

That’s too bad. I was really looking forward to checking out his crazy cab :sad:

I’d probably be interested in the 3v3 though. I’m pretty sure we’ll have three people, but my team’s gonna be really scrubby…so free wins against us :lovin:

it all depends on when this is (i’m going to be OUTSIDE of the tourney area as much as possible this year) but i’m definitely down. i can run it if need be as long as its around the same time as MvC2 or ST pools.

I’m down. I’ll have a lot going on (running MvC2 teams with fugee, playing in ST, translating for the Japs, etc), but I should be able to help run this as well. :tup:

So this is going down? Nice I wanted to see this go down since I wasn’t at Evo 2K5. Now I can scout for a team. Thanks Phil and NKI!

I’ll team with somebody! Hint hint!

you left out drinking with the Waltercaust :lovin:

Oh, that’s just a given! :rofl:

NKI lets team up to form voltron

Ill probably be seeking a team, Jeron. Im not the best, but i can hold my own. Consider it!

ok sweet I know alot of people have things going down that’s why I ask u guys (DXP, Barcardi, NKI) to help a brotha out cuz i know u guys are busy as hell but yeah please state ur team name and team members so I can post who is going to enter

If we do end up needing a 3rd, I’d be more than happy to have you on our team :wgrin:

id be down for this.

any idea on when it will happen?


Like I said, I’m fine helping run it as long as it’s during/near the time for either MvC2 or ST pools. if you do it the day of ST pools you are probably guaranteed twice the entries since all the ST players will be there.