Super Turbo Ranking Chart 2013

Super Turbo matchup rankings have been debated since the game was released and it’s always a great topic of conversation. In addition, matchup rankings and charts continuously change over time as top players keep finding new tactics and strategies to evolve their character even more.

With Super Turbo’s recent revival, we bring you the Super Turbo Ranking Chart Ver. 2013 with rankings from around the globe!

Thank you to all those who took time to participate and submit their rankings. Speical thanks to MAO and Wolmar for organizing the rankings from Japan and Europe respectively. To kuroppi, XSPR, and Zaspacer, who were heavily involved in organizing and presenting all the data. And to Nohoho for his original US ranking chart and the Japanese New Arcadia Ranking Chart.


For each character, we tried to get multiple players to provide rankings. You can see an individual player’s rankings for his character by following his name on the left side, across to the right where a “SCORE” column shows how strong that character is, according to that player (the higher this number, the stronger he is). The +/- column on the far right gives a weight to the Score to express balance; positive numbers indicate the character is better than average, and negative numbers weaker than average. So basically, if a character has all even matches of 5 with every other character, he’d get exactly 0 (no plus, no minus) in the “+/-” column.

The “SCORE” column is calculated by totalling the numbers in the row going across. The “+/-” column is calculated by comparing the Score value next to it with a theoretical character with all 5′s. All 5′s would be 5 x 15 or so other chracters, and comparing the Score total with the total number of other characters for a plus/minus balance offset from that total.

There are some additional innovations this time. XSPR added two rows at the bottom of each chart, showing another “+/-” balance value.

There are two new features:

  1. The bottom row “+/-” expresses the balance of each character, but aggregated across all players, so as to avoid bias. So if one player considers his character weak overall, but everyone else diagrees with that assesment of his character’s overall strength, it’ll reflect that here at the bottom “+/-” row.

Note: the “TOTAL” row at the bottom of each chart is different than the SCORE col on the right side! When calculating down (and not across), the total offset from an “all 5′s” theoretical character must be inverted. The +/- bottom row accounts for this however, so you can compare both +/- values in the bottom row with the right column.

  1. As much inclusivity from the ST community was taken into consideration as possible. Multiple players were surveyed for each character (where possible/available), and averaged in to the bottom “TOTAL” and “+/-” rows. E.g. for Ken, both Aniken’s rankings were averaged with Mattsun’s rankings in the calculation. If you only want to consider Aniken’s rankings alone, his numbers are still displayed in the right side column. Additionally, any individual player’s
    rankings can now be compared with everyone else’s– so submit your rankings now for the next update!



some interesting numbers at first glance:

Those 0-10s by chris gamble.
Warlmar thinks Chun-Cammy is 4.5 cammy advantage?! Stop throwing fireballs! xD
Fei-Chun approximately even?! (by 3/7 players) (4 chuns 3 Feis) Interesting how the feis have more agreement that it’s fei’s advantage (I agree with them)
Otochun gives chun-guile 5.5?

Nakamura considers cammy hawk a conservative 6 rather than our “8-2”

tecmo’s guile-OK 3 “.75” … really? generally ".5"s should be considered “SLIGHTLY” over the number before the .5 I think matchup charts should be mostly whole numbers. and ".5"s should really be “.2s” if used, but are .5s to look cleaner… In casual conversational speak those .5s should read without them .

I don’t want to see these things filling with bullshit like 3.65

like 4.5-5.5 should still be pretty darned even, but like One small advantage by one character that’s situational/not abusable

No way Gunze is serious on his numbers… Would it be possible to ask Pony for his opinion on this?

What’s wrong with his numbers? They look pretty accurate.

Wow, Gief has advantage against shotos? I thought gief didn’t have ANY advantage matchups :lol:

Well, maybe I just suck… I can’t agree on the vs E.Honda ‘ranking’, its way too optimistic… IMO its way worse than 2,5. Now i’m interested to watch Gunze playing the Honda grand masters… Do you guys have any videos of it?
Unessential, I believe that Gief beats all shotos, but only by a little margin. N.Ken for instance don’t have many tools to fight Gief on the ground, that is for sure the best Gief matchup. I believe thatr vsRyu Gief has the advantage as well, but only by a little.

It looks like the Japanese have a higher opinion of Chun’s matchups than everyone else. There are few matchups listed by anyone as disadvantage Chun. there are more disadvantaged matches listed for her from America and Europe, and some really ugly ones as well.


I wonder how Sasori thinks Ryu beats Claw. He has very few reliable options on the ground: the red boxes are just not there where Claw is vulnerable. Can he defeat MAO, somehow? That stands out even more than 2-8 beatdown against Gief, since he had previously stated he can deal with Gunze and Pony, but had no answer against Mayakon’s Gief - was not from that statement, I’d have guessed Mayakon did not play anymore at all. I can understand how ugly things can look to Ryu when Gief has things working for him. But I have no answer against Claw, unless I takes risks. The way I see it, you have options 1 and 2. Option 1 is Claw jumps or try a rolling attack and you react very fast with a SRK. Option 2 would be 2.1) have to guess a Tatsumaki and hit some normal, 2.2) sneak in some red hadou between pokes, 2.3) try some crouching normal or 2.4) try some jump (in or back) and use either punch, kick or Tatsu, depending on the situation. All are risky options, and some can (and will) be punished on block or if it whiffs. The match takes place outside Ryu’s range, and he eats chip damage (and maybe throws) as time goes by.

It’s possible to cross him up with RH, but it takes very precise timing - or a very fortunate position, such as he landing near a corner. If you safe-jump from the front, all he needs to do is not mess-up a reversal: it’s the only way he can instantly lose, to eat diagonal Fwd, cr,fwd/str, hadouken, nice chance of getting dizzy. If the Claw player does not do that, there’s very few options. Rush punch just outside his throw range, overhead if he does not react or mash (unlikely), sweep or throw.

hmm, no comment

Wow,I didnt noticed that, Sasori is crazy!

Doesn’t it seem the japanese are slightly underrating Ken?

Gief vs Honda is 1-9, or 2-8 at best and Gief vs shotos its a slight advantage, also I find Ken more difficult than Ryu

I wonder why oldyassine thinks that the boxer vs dic matchup would be in dics favor…


aw no akuma? :frowning:

Gief has always been and always will be a shoto killer there’s no doubt about that, i disagree with damdai in ken vs gief matchup.

Found a vid of Gunze facing Kusumondo:

So thats how a 2.5 looks like lol i feel bad for all the characters with 2s and 1.5s

Fwiw, my rankings are based on what I think would happen assuming the characters are being used at their full potential.

I personally feel that the US doesn’t have enough expert low tier players. Damdai’s Fei and Cammy are as close as i get and it’s not like playing other people who use those characters. In the hands of someone very skilled with godlike reactions, those 2 characters are deadly!!

I also avoid the .5’s cause I think of these charts as 10 matches among the best and a .5 is what? A double KO?

haha i have to admit that was very clever

I’m so glad this is finally ready! We’ve worked on this for a while and have been looking forward to presenting it.

As for the .5’s, I think it can help to make such distinctions in cases where two characters tie for strength (score/+/-); it lets more hairs be split. Of course, while you have the option to be PRECISE this way, that’s not the same thing nor as important as being ACCURATE and making sure you get the number to the left of the decimal point right. And Sasori’s obviously way off, everyone ought to know by now that Claw has no bad match-ups! Fun to compare in any case.

Remember to submit your own rankings for Version 2!


I say we put the most controversial rankings to the test at Evo and post the results. I’d like to see some of these players face off during room casuals or whatever to see if the matches play out the way they think. What players/characters should we try to arrange a 10 match set with?