Super Turbo or Hyper Fighter?

Which version of SFII is played in tournaments? I was under the impression it was ST, but now they are coming out with a HF Xbox 360 version, and I was like why HF if ST if more popular?

Somewhat of a noob question, but an answer would be helpful.


ST is played hella more…this is something that has been discussed to death in the ST thread.

HF for Xbox Live Arcade is really just testing the waters to see if the 360 Live crowd will bite for arcade fighting games. I think they put out HF instead of ST (while all the SF2 games are their own thing, ST is the most complete and probably popular varient of them all today) so they could also put ST out at a later date if HF sells well.

If they put ST out first and it was a great success, people wouldn’t have much interest in buying older versions of the game. Thats my guess, anyway, I think it makes sense.

Speaking of this, has there been any news or a release date mention of HF for 360 during E3 so far? I’ve searched high and low and found nothing. Last news was from late March.

They’ll also have an easier time getting HF to run on the live network with a minimum of lag.

Since we play on genesis here, HF is preferred.

Also, I don’t like supers.

I would of thought the choice of HF over ST, is that HF was at the height of the golden era and so popular during its time. I mean just about everyone had played it in some form, arcade, gen, snes, etc. And it doesn’t take a genius to see that hsf2 on xbl is vastly populated by HF and CE players. it all boils down to how many people they can get to buy this, and HF would definitely outsell ST.

Pretty much what I thought.

hyper is at evo this year


Really the overhead for any 2d game isn’t going to be that much. It’s not like fighters run on such incredibly complicated engines, and HF to ST isn’t that great of a jump. The lag inherent in the game is a matter of netcode which wouldn’t change to drastically between the two games. If they can make one run then the other would work fine.

Hyper Fighter is just a much more solid choice from all aspects. The vast majority of gamers today played HF on the SNES and arcade and are famaliar with how it works, the later games in the series not so much. If they want to grow a genre it’s best to start with the game that will generate the most popular appeal.

Different “Hyper”. The Hyper being referred to here is the third of the original five SF2 games; “Street Fighter II’ Turbo”, aka “Street Fighter II’: Hyper Fighting”. The game being played at Evo will be “Hyper Street Fighter II”, which is a fairly recent (compared to the other games in the series, anyway) “mix-and-match” game that combines aspects from each of the five original SF2 games.

Anyway, personally I prefer ST, but HF is definitely a good choice. As mentioned, it was probably the most popular incarnation of the series, and is easily one of the best in terms of gameplay (Original, CE, and Super all have issues).

HF is good,but ST is bit more advanced having extra moves etc,which can help out the less abled characters (nucleur hand with gief etc),plus it might be my opinion but ryu and ken will just own hyper just cuz of the speed of it,and some characters wont get a look in cuz of this

Best post I’ve heard in quite some time…now if only tournament organizers would read this =P

what makes hf better than ae

HF and ST are both good.
I prefer ST, being a little bit more complex but not too “new school” with throws and everything nerfed like A3.

The only question for ST is how?
We have an arcade perfect port for HSF2 Anniversary (as far as I know), whereas ST ports always have problems.

As for HF, psx SF Collection 2/Capcom Generations 5 seems like a good port, but better ask an expert to be sure.
Anyway if xbox HF is arcade perfect, so much the better!

Hoonyo has a point… do HF players have any problems with HSF2 Anniversary Edition like ST players do?

My thoughts also!..
…As more people around the MN area at the hype of the Arcade 2D fighter ERA played HF the most (along with the Shodowns, MK’s and KI’s etc…).

Yes ST is a more complex game, but i know many people would prefer Gief and especially Blanka to be in their HF incarnations over his ST forms, in ST anyday.

The shotos may own up newer players or players are used to playing newer games where Shoto fireball traps and dps aren’t so dominating. But i can safely say that it will be the Guiles who will be sitting at the top of the leaderboard, The only characters that will probably be able to keep up with him will be the ryus and sagats.
But thats not to say no other characters are worth picking. If anything HF is one of the most balanced fighting games around, and i’m sure you’ll see plenty of good giefs, rogs, blankas chuns, etc. Prob the only character not worth picking is m.bison, he is totally nerfed from his CE incarnation, but he still can be played well, just takes alot of hard work.

I believe that ST Vega suffers the problem of not being able to wall dive consistently on the ps2 version, but i think this is on the arcade version also, so i guess it could be a arcade port with glitches n’all.

The reason I find ST so interesting is because it’s kind of a hybrid between the old-school fighters and the later, more complex ones. At its core, it’s still old-school SF2, but introduced things like juggling, throw teching, Supers, and ISMs/Grooves (sort of) which were more indicative of the later generation to come. Basically I see HF as the perfection of the original SF2 concept, and ST as a rather successful step forward into the new generation of fighters, while still maintaining a lot of what made SF2 great.

HF is my alltime favourite fighter. Sure I love the newschool stuff, but HF is pure oldschool gold. No last minute turnarounds with cheap multi-hit supers, no cheap air blocking and getting out of throws. It’s raw oldschool technique at it’s best. Plus it’s fast. Damned fast. Real reflex testing stuff.

Problem is where I am, nobody plays it any more. The guy I help import candy cabs with recently slapped HF in a cab at the front of his shop. It’s getting more and more play recently, but nobody is actually good at it (I’m yet to lose a single game, and I’m definitely no pro - especially not recently after having not played it for ages and being reprogrammed for newer style games).

I’m hoping with it hitting XBLA that we see a surge of players for this game. I’m keen as to get online and play some real competition. I doubt it will hit Evo any time soon, but I’d love to see it in some local tourneys too. That would be grand.

I don’t want to dish HF players, but… Do you realize that ST was made to “Fix” all the crappy HF things (Ticks, traps, Super ultra Double Dizzies combos, etc.). Is like you don’t acknowledge ST superiority AND Better gameplay…

Is not the best if you say “I like HF more, but ST is a better game” ??

Fixed everything but your engrish.