Super Turbo or Hyper Fighter?

Err what? Theres still ticks and traps in ST, if not more, and the “Super ultra Double Dizzies combos” are replaced by supers. I’m not going to say one is better than the other, as both are great games.

Also ST was made to make up for the early released and rushed dissappointing attempt of ssf2 which was made in response to MK2. Also being on new hardware, CPS2, it was meant to be a safe money making game for capcom to make as the previous street fighter 2 games were so popular. It also provided an opportunity for capcom to test out some of the new capabilites CPS2 allowed over CPS1.

HF had no crappy things tbh, arguably one of the most balanced fighters ever, with great fast gameplay, that was easy to pick up and learn, yet extremely hard to master. All this makes HF one of the best examples of how a fighting game should be.

Finally your point about it being newer and fixing gameplay issues is totally invalid, many people play earler marvel games such as cota, xvsf whne there is mvc2, everyone who played the darkstalkers games plays VS over VS2. Just as most people who play kof prefer kof98 and kof2002 over the newer games in the series.