Super Turbo Danisen Rank Battles @ Pink Gorilla Arcade / NEXT BATTLE: Dec 11th 6:30pm

NEXT BATTLE: Saturday Dec 11th, 6:30pm
Battles will be held every week.

:r: Current rankings and info on the next battle can be found here. :l:

Hello everyone, we are currently holding weekly Japanese-style Danisen rank battles at Pink Gorilla arcade in Seattle, anyone is welcome and entry is only $1.

Click here if you are unfamiliar with Danisen battles and want to watch one in action to see how they work.

If you are interested in ST at all this is the place to be, we have many great players who are very willing to teach new players!

Danisen battles are unlike Ranbats in that ranks never reset after a “season,” so if you miss a battle it doesn’t affect your rank, just show up next week and you continue right where you left off

The rules:
[]Entry for each battle is $1 per character, enter up to two characters per battle.
]All entry fees will be turned into quarters at the start of the battle and used to pay for matches, when the quarters run out the battle is over and the ranks stay set for that week.
[]New entries start at 1st Dan. If you lose a match at zero points in 1st Dan you will not drop into negatives, you will stay at zero points.
]For every win you get +1 point, every loss you get -1 point. At +3 you move up one rank, at -3 you move down one rank. Points reset when entering a new rank.
[]Ranks are divided into four tiers: 1/2/3, 4/5/6, 7/8, 9/10. Battles will be held within these tiers.
]If you rank out of a tier during a battle you will stop playing in that rotation, you can move up and down through individual ranks during a battle as long as you don’t leave the tier of the current battle.

I will accept entries starting 30 minutes before the start of the battle, late entry will be accepted but is discouraged as you will miss out on potential fights. So be there on-time if you are planning on entering!

Show up early for casuals! People usually start getting there around 2pm, if you’re new to ST this would be a great time to get some tips from experienced players before the battles start.

Please ask any questions here if you are unclear on any of the rules or how battles are run. The best way to see how it works is to just show up, so don’t be shy!

Hope to see you there!

Pink Gorilla Arcade
4341 University Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105
google maps

good luck man i hope this takes off :smiley:

thanks man, I really hope it does too

the first event will be important to making it last, so everyone try hard to show up!

So to enter it’s 1 dollar, and games won’t be on freeplay correct?

that’s correct, but all the entry fees pay for the matches

for example if there were 8 entries that would equal 32 quarters, and the battle rotation would last approximately 32 matches until the quarters run out

if people think that’s too short we can bump the entry to $2, doubling the length of the battle

Ah ok. Sounds fun. There won’t be Head-2-Head cabinets right?

We should make the battles best 2/3…

I’ll donate $10 to the pot to encourage people to come out. That should mean everyone gets more games than they pay for with their dollar entry.

making it 2/3 isn’t really in the spirit of the format, just trust me it will all work out!

how about you and me split and match the entries of however many people show up for the first event to double the length, that would get all the ranks settled nicely after just one battle

eventually the better players will make it out of the first tier so the newer players won’t have to fight as hard to rank up. it’s a really beautiful system, everything ends up nice and balanced in the end

once we have enough players in two separate tiers we can run two battles at once on separate machines, like the 1/2/3 bracket and the 4/5/6 bracket. of course the people in the higher bracket could still enter a new character in the lower bracket to pump up the rotation

and just to remind everyone, you DON’T have to show up to every event!!! your rank stays consistent if you don’t make it one week, the only way you’ll lose rank is if you lose matches, and the only way you’ll gain rank is if you win matches

This ranking system sounds awesome. Mor and I will try to make our way here after GC.

Sounds like fun! Unfortunately I’ll be working next Saturday so I won’t actually get to play this time, unless I can sneak my way out of the counter for a few matches.

How would you guys feel about having the rankings posted in the arcade, like on a whiteboard or something? I think it would be motivating to have your ranking out where everybody can see, plus it’ll raise awareness about the events.

Sounds good, I am definitely happy to contribute financially.

I’m sure you’ve done your research and that the single game format will work… but ST is so random sometimes. It just takes one dizzy, and then you’d lose a point.

definitely! if anyone has a big whiteboard we could use to keep rankings posted that would be awesome!

i’ll add a link back to this thread on the ranking website so we can put a link to it on the posted rankings to get people involved

and i won’t tell anyone if you sneak away for a few matches :wink:

geo: yeah it can happen, but you can always get your revenge the next time your turn comes around. it’s only one point after all

alex u rule

Edit- My explanation of the dan system may be referencing a different kind of dan system.

observes from a distance…

America’s too big. I wish I had a teleporter.

It would be great if everyone entered two characters! I’ll be entering Dictator and Dee Jay.

Zass, please don’t enter five characters ;-\

Also, I was thinking I would bring my wife’s camera (which is really nice) and take some photos which we could use in different places.

What’s wrong with that? Does that screw things up?