Super Street Fighter: Break Results

Break End: Top 5 Ranked: TEAM; MVC2, CVS2, GGXX, 3RD Strike, Super Turbo, and EX 2.

~Born to Play~

Quick update: More complete results later tonight.

Marvel Vs. Capcom 2:

  1. Justin “Marvelous” Wong: [Empire] MSP
  2. Santhrax: [Empire] MSP
  3. Xecutioner: [Empire/Syndicate] Storm, Sent, Cap
  4. Josh Wigfall: MSP
  5. Infinite: [Empire] MSP, Team Row, and MSS
    T. Josh Wong: Cable, Sent, Guile & Sent, Storm, Commando

Hi-light: Marvelous, puts Santhrax in losers. Santhrax comes back out of losers and beats Xecutioner.

Finals: Santhrax beats Marvelous first set 4-1. Second set Marvelous wins 4-3. They both use MSP in all 8 games vs each other. Pretty fucking close. I would have to say that is the closet I have seen anyone get to beating Marvelous. Reports confirm that Santhrax actually and finally keep calm and concentrated. It is only a matter of time. Marvelous he’s on your ass, get with the fucking program!. lol.

MvC2 team tournament:

  1. Empire team (Justin/Desmond/Matrix)
  2. Team Hungry/Serious? (Josh Wigfall/Sanford/Eddie Lee)
  3. Team OneHitKillas (Infinite/Isaac (yes from MD), Brandon “Demon Hyo” from Philly)
  4. Team DSP (DSP, Mike “Pungza” Pungsajarit, and Germaine from Philly)

(Team Marvel results courtesy of DSP)

Street Fighter 3rd Strike:

  1. Eddie Lee: Chun li
  2. Marvelous: [Empire] Ken
  3. Henry: Chun li
  4. Nibor: [Empire] Chun li
  5. Santhrax: [Empire] Ken

Hi-lights: One name… Eddie fucking Lee! “Quoted” by Jeron and Santhrax. They wanted me to put that there.

Guilty Gear XX:

  1. Adrian: NY; Solidac - Eddie, Baiken
  2. Josh: CT: Amoderatethreat - Faust
  3. Santhrax: [Empire] - Baiken, Sol
  4. Jiyuna: NJ - Johnny
  5. Chaz: NY - Bridget ino

Santhrax what are you doing in there?

Capcom vs. SNK 2:

Hi-lights: Santrax beats Marvelous 3-1 in winners finals. What is going on with Vegita and Goku. Stop beasting guys.

Hi-lights: They are down to the last 2 contenders that tied for first. Empire Members that remain Marvelous and Santhrax. Also note Eddie Fucking LEE! made top 3.

  1. Santhrax: [Empire] C: Blanka, Sagat, Vega
    T. Marvelous: [Empire] C: Cammy, Sagat, Blanka
  2. Eddie Lee: A: Cammy, Haohmaru, Vega
  3. Alex Anderson: [Philly] A: Cammy, Vega, Bison
  4. Jeron: [Empire] A: Mai, Vega, Cammy
    T. Nestor: [Boston] A: Sakura, Bison, Blanka

Street Fighter EX-2:

Hi-lights: They are down to the winner finals in this contest. Julian, Sanhtrax, Jeron and Eddie are the last of the contestants battling it out for the top spots. Also for the second time, EDDIE FUCKING LEE is still in it!

  1. Julian Robinson: [Empire] Blanka
    T. Jeron: [Empire] Area
  2. Santhrax: [Empire] Colcanno Rosso
  3. Eddie Lee: Blanka
  4. Marvelous: [Empire] Ryu
    T. Jet Phi: Chun li

Super Turbo:

  1. Justin “Marvelous” Wong: [Empire] Characters: Ryu & Sagat
  2. Pete Talley: Characters: Sagat, Guile, and Chun li
  3. Jeron: [Empire] Characters: Vega and Chun-li
  4. Eddie Lee: - (unconfirmed) Character: Vega
  5. Kei: - (unconfirmed) Characters: Guile, Old ZanGief
    T. Jet Phi: - (unconfirmed) Character: Fei Long

Hi-light: Jeron vs Pete in winners, Jeron beats Pete 3-2. Close match.

Hi-light: Later during the tournament Jeron is found fighting Pete again but this time in the losers, and Pete unfortunately for the Empire beats Jeron 3-2. It could have gone either way, however congrats to the winner on that. Good match.

Hi-light: Other than Marvelous winning 1st. there is one other good news. Jeron Beats DSP 3-2. Empire 2 - Top haters 2. Were tied now DSP.

It just keeps getting better.

Santhrax is right Marvelous it must be the new threads. It holds a secret power. Hail!

All reports confirmed by onsite players Jeron, Santhrax and Marvelous


I had no ride. :frowning:

nj transit, most ny players took it during the early afternoon


mad 3s comp today, can’t wait to see how the tourney goes

btw, sanford fcked justin up 5 straight… :wtf:

Can you guys give me info on how to get to the break. I live in lakewood NJ and still havent been there lol, I need to find the place before ECC :stuck_out_tongue:

damn sanford was up 3-2 about to win and that whole place just got silent you couldn’t hear anything, then when he lost he threw a chair and hit kei haha

im still in cvs2 winners holla!!

cvs2 winners = nibor, eddie lee, justin wong, jeron, me, koolaidsmile, sanford, one more

That’s only cuz Bryheem and Julian didn’t show up. :lol:

Supreme Savior: directions to The Break

bryheem’s there, still in losers bracket hopefully james austin will take him out next round, but yea about the julian thing he didn’t show up. every cvs2 match was so close, so many missed CC’s too

so tired only slept 3 hours but can’t sleep now cause i’ll never get up for the tourney haha

me and koolaidsmile gotta hold that shit down we’re like the only non CTF people still in winners haha and he gotta play justin :\

Saford Kelly is the best in the world in most people’s eyes I believe, if Justin didn’t tech that grab it would have been over. Although, he shouldn’t have went for that cross up afrer he snapped Justin’s psy in, but it’s understandable that you can not think straight while you are 1 win away from being the best in the world.

Justin and Sanford are the best 2 players in the world.:cool:

yeah but in alot of peoples eyes sanford is no more then an X Copy of jwong. (which isn’t a bad thing)

damn and i bet $200 on robsigley winning it all:(

so sanford beating justin ONCE will erase all the past things he has done and makes sanford # 1:confused:

Dont get me wrong sanford is # 2 but jw has so many wins he can throw a few tournaments straight and still be on top.:lame:

plus he had msp :X

"Auto response from Ryo Cho: breakdown

Phi need to come up with better names for tournaments"

Damn, Triforce, from the results you posted this tourney sounded really good. I almost regret not going.

nah, fuck that shit :smiley:

This tournament sounds tight. I can’t wait for the 3S result’s.

meh… I could’ve been there…

Thanks for the link du fugitive, i’ll try to figure that out cuz is not very clear =/

Damn I’m still trying to figure out how rob beat me lol. Oh well I got paid lat night by taking philly’s money w/o even doing work. Good shit sport and bison.

~Born to Play~

Arturo, I am greatly disappointed in you, females over videogames. Tsk Tsk. :rolleyes: They don’t need you they are holding the break down you do what you are doing. Also give me the report on Yoko when you get back. Bastard!:bluu:

no offense to all the players doing well, and to phi who’s running a great tourney, but the CvS2 cabinet situation seriously needs to be updated. I think NO ONE in the tourney wanted to play on the 2p side, and the cabinets are way too small to begin with.

And how come NO ONE responded when I complained about the 2p side, but after me and my friend both lost on the 2p side, they decided to fix it all of sudden… :frowning:

Anyways, people still in it, have fun.

haha random blanka supers you know how i do, hop forward super, random crossup super

roger: that cabinet was so much worse today, i was playing alex (who got 4th reppin philly) and i’m holding down back hitting no buttons and all of a sudden he starts hitting me with a custom combo even tho i was blocking, then he messes up and i hold db again and same thing happens!!

here’s some brief results


  1. adrian ny solidac - eddie, baiken
  2. josh ct amoderatethreat - faust
  3. sanford ny - baiken, sol
  4. jiyuna nj - johnny
  5. chaz ny - bridget ino
    5b. brandon pa demon hyo - no idea

ggxx had about 22 people


it was wrapping up when i was leaving, eddie vs. justin in the finals

  1. sanford
  2. alex a
  3. nestor
  4. jeron
  5. rob sigley
  6. i dunno

3s: is still going on ryo cho disappointed me so i left in disgust haha there was so many people for 3s like 40 i don’t think that shit will ever end

also today was a 16 man EX2 tourney haha i dunno what happened but it’s always julian vs jeron in the finals

mvc2 team no idea either

i took a bunch of pictures i’ll post a link later tired now 48 hours of straight gaming now gotta go work :\

today was good times, although we still dont know how to say Naruto. eddie lee was too good in cvs2

rob sigley and ryo cho both upset me tonight


will the public be blessed with vids??