Super Street fighter 4 AE possbile locations in Norcal?( Pacific north )

What places are going to get SSF4AE?

Im guessing,
San Jose State
San Fran State
maybe others ? Anys news So I can update this post so we can be updated on what will get them.

Q zar In norcal was supposed to get one I get but bleh = (.

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Doesn’t UC Davis have a Taito Type X2 unit? They can get it but someone update on that.

I was looking at more Norcal scenes. Q zar in Concord is what I was so hoping for its just they dont believe there is a scene. Any Idea how much it would cost for one?

I know Tracy mall has a vanilla sf4 h2h. Hopefully they upgrade, havent asked. I’ll know by tomorrow if they are going to or not.

If it’s just the upgrade (Hard drive and USB DRM key?), probably below $1000? Do they have a Taito Type X2 unit with SFIV? If not, it will go for a lot more.

<— the unofficial king of q-zar. :stuck_out_tongue: hehe

PLZ tell me tracy will have it man COME on Steven. Me angel btw Old school Hamilton friend.

No Q zar doesnt but I mean the Eastbay 925 Concord and surrounding area really has nothing so I was hoping they would get it. I mean It seems like a lot more arcades then I thought are getting them. Do they have to use a taito X2 or whatevr

man, i miss livin’ in the east hella mucho. i hella miss q-zar too. the marvel sessions we had there were legendary. plus, i loooove the area it’s in. i love lights lol seriously, my goal for next year is to move back out there. i can honestly say, that was best place i ever lived at + had some of bestest homies i ever had. <3 artzephone. <3 dr dill. <3 phu. <3 parry <3 partovi bros a.k.a my long lost persian twin brothers. i miss y’all lol

Yeah I guess they where gonna get AE… I mean Most arcades like that should get it.

Yup that’s the shit to they need to run the game. It’s a computer but I guess the USB key is needed not just for the game to work but to scan that it’s running on the PC.

Qzar has the money and I know hella other arcades ( like the Mini golf/Batting cages Mixed ones ) can get them its just they dont see profit.

Just needs hype!

I remember during a guard crush tourney Henry cen said On stream that capcom was charging $20k for the AE harddrives.

I think most arcades dont realize the scene is boomng right now. I mean If most arcades knew the scene im sure they would take a thought of buying one.

henry cen trolls. No way the hard drive will cost more then the cabinet its not smart thinking. So NAH

I really doubt it but maybe the Santa Cruz Beachboard Walk Casino arcade will get it.

No way it costs that much. SFSU is getting and I’m 100% sure Eric (OCE the cab provider) would pay 20k for that. Capcom said that it would be a “cheaper” swap in good faith so that all the arcades that bought Vanilla didn’t lose out on such a huge investment.

UHHH fatality man. Well i guess I can forget about tracy getting it.

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