Super Smash Brothers

Talk about the original Super Smash Brothers here or Super Smash Brothers Melee.

I use Capt. Falcon in the original and Falco in melee

I would use Fox, but I still havent quite got the hang of wave shining yet…if someone could tell me an easy way to do it, that would be awesome.

Anyway like I said, talk about the classic SSB or SSB Melee here

umm theres a better place for that, u might know it too, at

Well, technically there’s a better place to discuss any other fighting game on boards that are specifically dedicated to them ie. Tekken Zaibatsu,, etc. This thread is in the right place but it’s probably a repeat because I’ve seen other Smash Bros. threads around here before.

I use CF in SSB, he’s neat.

Z-cancelling rocks!

if you want to get better at wave shining then, just like any other technical aspect of any game, you need to practice. try using different buttons for jumping (x, y, or up) and different buttons for the air-dodge part (L or R), and see what works best for you. then just go to training mode and practice it a lot

No matter how many times I’ve practiced wave shine and no matter long I’ve practiced it, I still can’t get it down. Fox is just one of those characters that’s execution intensive. Since his jump is really fast, you need to press the L or R buttons almost immediately after pressing a jump button just to even get a wave dash. There is no easy way to do wave shining. It’s all practice. If you’re going for a followup combo after wave shine and you want to do another one, you have to be very careful because one slight error in your control stick input and you might forward+B off the stage, and it goes REALLY far I might add. Even some of the pros will screw it up from time to time.

Meh, don’t make it sound so hard, thinking that it’s hard is half the problem.

Just dont think about it and go for it. Once you get it down, it’ll be all muscle memory from then on. The only time I have trouble waveshining is when I get bogged down by thinking about it too much.

That’s the thing, I don’t think about it. I can do it with all other characters except him. It really sucks that when you’re playing and over half the time you get a failed wave dash. I guess that’s why I don’t use Fox that much because it’s such a big part of his game.

Try to do infinite shine first, then waveshining.

The infinite shine is basically the same as waveshining, except your opponent is against a wall and you’re just wavedashing straight down, so you don’t move. The reason why this is easier is that you don’t need to move the control stick, you can just hold it down the entire time. This will let you get a feel for the timing for the other button presses to do the wavedashes and the shine without the worry of screwing up and getting an accidental Forward + B. Once you can consistently do this, then try waveshining across a stage.

The Smash Bros. series are pretty fuckin’ intense! I do like playing these games in all their insane fun glory, and not like they play 'em in the tournament scene (no items, one stage only, etc.). BORING!

I’m a Marth whore in SSBM. :tup:

Personally i’m tired of people fuckin talkin about Super Smash Bros. both games are fukkin old now and so is the action in them.Get the new one on the Wii and shut the fukk up!!!

Personally i’m tired of people fuckin talkin about Street Fighter, the games are fukkin old now and so is the action in them.Get the new one on the Wii and shut the fukk up!!!

Your points are so valid /sarcasm.

Thats why I can’t wait until brawl comes out. I hope the trap the item use in the game. Items make the game far more intense and stops teir setting by giving everyone a viable chance on winning even with match up problems. A real fighting will know to how to not only fight his enemy but is terain as well.

The standard, 1 v 1 no items and flat land street fighter based stages suck. If you want to go back and forth spamming projectiles or jumping over them to start a 10 hit combo, there is marvel and guilty gear for that. Part of the reason why Smash is diffferent is because of the landscape you fight on. Its always moving, dangerous and can interfere with your match. One of the most beautiful things I’ve ever scene in the game was when a Link player knocked a enemy off the stage, then hung off the ledge, a bo-mb appear and was coming to the ledge, so he let go the ledge wall kicked off, kick his opponent off the screen, air dodged, hook shot back on until the bomb blew up and then came back on the stage. That gamer is Kubuu, (Deadly Alliance) now that is skill and that is some intense shit. Can’t wait until Brawl


I haven’t heard much of Kubuu or his Link lately. He’s probably still playing but he’s faded into the shadows. =\ Too many people praise Germ and Lord HDL as being the greatest Links in the country when it’s really Azen.

beside the fact your a corny piece of shit…don’t ever say the words street fighter again!!! Ur a dick and are not worthy to speak of the Streetfighter…go back to playing fighting games where falling in holes counts as an L!

Capcom makes top tier fighting games you can’t blame people for wanting another SF but all this talk about SSBM when Brawl is just around the corner is ludacris (the rapper).I like SSBM in fact it was the first game I had for gamecube but it’s fuckin old now!!! so again purchase SSB Brawl and shut the fuck up!!!

While I too like the game better with items (hell I like it more with four people playing, one on one is nice, but I play smash just to have a fun time with all the crazy shit that can go on), but I don’t think they should “trap” them in the game. I always prefer options.

While tournament wise, there is always a standard, for casual play, I love being able to tweak things and have ways to play the game to make it different than the last hundred times you played, but it can’t be done if you take choice out of the equation. So when the game comes out, push for items, but hopefully they don’t kill a style of play a lot of other people like as well.

Mario is pimp in Melee as far as I’m concerned. Have any more characters been announced for Brawl?

1/2Man1/2God, your reading comprehension has failed you again. I was not criticizing SF, but pointing out that just because a game has aged, you should cease discussion on it. So stfu and quit being an ass.

If you havn’t seen the depth of the game by now, you probably never will so I won’t waste my breath explaining it to you.

no no no mothafukka the fact that you even mentioned SF pisses me off I don’t gve a fuck whether you were critisizing it or not!The difference between the two is that although SF has aged there isn’t another one coming out for a while.People who don’t even fuckin play melee seem to always have some reason to bring it up.BRAWL IS COMING OUT SOON! there for I see no reason to still be playing melee or talking about it.You don’t have to explain the depth of SSBM to me cause I don’t give a fuck…I thought it was a fun game but now it’s old.

So you entered the thread… why?