Super Smash Bros

Final Distination.
No items.
Wave-Dashing allowed.

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Is wave dashing ever not allowed? if so thats pretty stupid.

yeah, can you play gamecube games online with wii?

I don’t remember Melee being online, do you? But there’s still a chance for Brawl atleast.

My OP is probably all the things that’ll grate on my nerve system, and very likely flame bait.

have they even said that this will be online yet? if so then ill get it if not then oh well ill pass. i love the game but i never had anyone who actually played it somewhat like the tournaments play so i sold it.

i think today it was confirmed
that means i am getting it.
quick question: is their a wired network adaptor for wii. some thing that takes you online w/out wifi?

GGPO needs to sell their software to Nintendo for big $_$

This was confirmed today

i just became sold

Yeah, I believe there is some sort of alternative to the wifi for wii.

stores sell USB-WiFi adapters for wii/PC

yes i checked it out
all of the adaptors seem to have extremly negative feed back.
any one here have them? ill probably get a router come december though.

it’s best if you do get a router, my sister got one the other day and she loves it, it’s the only reason she playes the wii,u can get internet and all, aside from that, all i care about are wires not getting in the way.
i’m on it now, so far iv’e spent 20 minutes typing this much.

lmao “wave-dashing allowed”


I think he’s joking



THread wins.

IT’s a sad truth too. Thats ALL they do.

I heard wave dashing has been removed from Brawl lol GG Nintendo.

If that is indeed true that is epic and i mean, EPIC amounts of fail.
I mean thats like…making SFIV with a Z axis level of fail