Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Wii are very amused

Holy shit, Zero Suit Samus.

Man Smashboards is probably getting RAPED in the ass by bandwith, this is crazy.

Look at the supers, Mario’s fireball makes Shinkuhadoken look like a sneeze.


It’s nice that there are people on SRK that acknowledge this game. Anyone got any info on online play?

Ok, Wii + Twilight Princess + Smash Bros. Brawl = Too Good

Hell I was never really excited about Smash until this Wii incarnation. lol O_O

According to the Q&A session with Miyamoto and Masahiro Sakurai, they asked if Brawl would incorporate Wi-Fi:, “Sakurai said his team will try to take the game online, but he thinks it would be a hard to make four-player online work.” And thats the Word.

As far as the Supers go, you can see from watching the trailer closely that a HAL-shaped item gives the ability for a character-unique super.

Oh right. And Nobuo Uematsu is doing the music. That’s right.

Oh, and you can find the trailer on IGN and on the official site, which is:

Many people are sharing the high-quality IGN version on the hub right now, get it while you can.

Edit: Just saw this in the trailer. Mario wavelands at 2:22, right after being hit by Link’s arrow. Advanced techniques still in it ftw.

I’ve already set my internal stopwatch to countdown to how long it will take for this thread to degenerate into a “Smash is clownshoes” flamewar.

My suppostion is we’ll be there by the third page.

–Not liking the Supers. That means cutscenes interwoven into the gameplay and I don’t like that. Let Smash maintain its originality. It doesn’t need supers or meters to be successful. They’ll just break up the hyper-kinetic flow of the gameplay.


–I want to see a counter hit system intergrated into Brawl. For i.e. when certain moves connect on counterhit, they become impossible or very hard to tech (by shortening the tech frames from 40 or so to around 5).

–Air dashes please (yeah, I know that kinda contradicts my first point about it being original, but air dashes are so cool).

–Air sheilding needs to be in this one.

– I’d like to be able to air dodge more than once in the air before hitting the ground – but only nuetral dodges. Any dodge influenced by directions should maintain their incapacitated free-fall trait (maybe except down).

– Gimme Marth.

– Teams needs a serious upgrade. I don’t care for 2v2 as much as I’d like to see a robust tag system.

– I should be able to grab onto my partners legs if he’s edgehogging.

Yeah, I’m typing this response without a head (because it exploded watching the trailer you see…), so more later.


See, they kept the old system and are adding. I actually didn’t catch that, though, good eye. Comboing looks better but that’s only based on meta-knight.

I’m hoping that isn’t the only way to access special moves though. I’d love a not so powerful super/burst stock based on maybe parrying, dodging at the right time, combos, damage ect. For this to be in affect I’m also thinking maybe the damage ratio could go down so more damage can be sustained, possible little longer levels, recovery, ect. Target combos would be kind of cool. Also, that’s great, that’s Uematsu doing the music.


PS: This better be out Q1 2007

EDIT: According to Ign,
fans are asked to fill the rest of the roster. I can’t stand more that 7 or 8 more, please don’t kill us with unbalanced mess of characters, Nintendo, you seem to know what you are doing.

This is important enough for another post.

Anyway, for those of who know Japanese, follow the link, while you are at it bombared Nintendo with much of the same system changes and remind them to balance. They’ll probably ignore something huge, though.


Word. I’m frightened they may try to hold it till the holiday season though :frowning:

Everyone looking to jump on the Smash bandwagon; I highly suggest you get acclimated with Melee high level play now. Contrary to my suspicions before the announcement, it looks as though the system will remain very similar, meaning veterans will be able to transfer over their Melee skills. I imagine a lot of peeps are going to be in for a very frusterating and rude awakening when they take their Brawl online (pun intended) in 2007.


I thought the same thing until I saw something about them taking the system and building on it. I might want some ultra strict grab teching, but I’d have to see how bad that would mess up everything, if anything. I’d really prefer not to have total flying kick melee, though, but just the way Meta-knights move attached make me feel liek the combo system will be something fun to work with.

Anyway Q1 should be early enough with how many people that have working on it, although they better not put it on shelved being ultra unbalanced and unplayable. My worse nightmare is somebody better than Fox or Sheik or on level with them. They know about it. I’d rather them release it later nad be good, they have enoiugh power to make that happen in Q1 if they tried.

I need to practice, but last time I played I was pleasantly suprise by my good timign and extreme wavedashability. We’ll see when I get online.


I just asked them to put Little Mac in. XD

omg son i think im going to die


Really, Olimar, Diddy, Little Mac and maybe another/a few fire emblem/golden sun and a suprise and I’m good.

…Red Steel + Super Smash Bros. Brawl + Twilight Princess…


Somebody who can speak/write Japanese: Go on there for me and tell them to put in Ike from FE: Path of Radiance.

nintendo is doing things real big with the wii

good price + good games + backwards compatabiltiy + me = PWND 24/7

fucking snake… that one was a real surprise to me (i love you kojima)


Man, now that Pit/Kid Icarus is in I want Simon Belmont and Megaman so we all see what those characters in Captain N SHOULD OF LOOKED LIKE STANDING NEXT TO EACH OTHER! :rofl:

Seriously, I would love to see Megaman or Viewtiful Joe, would be awesome… but already my prayers have been answered with Pit who I’ve wanted to be in Smash Bros. for years, and Solid Snake is just icing on the cake. :party:

i wonder whats snakes specials will be…