Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Wii are very amused

Well, today at the Electronic Entertainment Exposition, Shigeru Miyamoto showed off a video debuting the new Smash Bros. game for the Wii.

Scheduled for release in 2007, confirmed new characters are: Wario, Pit (from Kid Icarus), and Meta Knight (from the Kirby games.)

As their video went on, it cut to a conversation between Solid Snake and Otacon via his wrist watch. As it goes, Otacon says that Snake has been invited to Super Smash Bros., and then asks where Snake is. Snake says he is on recon, and the camera zooms to show Snake hiding in a box while some Smash Bros. characters are fighting.

It is said that Konami had asked Nintendo to let them put Snake in. They said it would open doors for other third parties to put their characters in the game. Sonic anyone?

Personally, I find Smash Bros fun, from a unbiased position, and really, the entertainment value of the series has just gone through the roof.

Edit- I have yet to find the video, so if anyone comes across it, post up. Oh, and duh…the game is gonna use the normal Gamecube controller. Big Green Button ftw.


Haha, fucking awesome.

Great news.


Snake being in the new SSB opens up a ton of possibilities. Sonic is obvious, but anyone can get in now. Viewtiful Joe isn’t out of the question anymore.

You have just made my day sir. Solid Snake in SSB? Fuck yeah. Hopefully they bring in somebody from Sonic, and NiGHTS even though that’s just wishful thinking.

Screenshots here

I am SO getting a Wii now. This looks AWESOME

Is that Samus without the suit?

Oh good lord.


Justin Bailey FTW.

Now that’s Snake’s in…we can all forget about the horrible abortion that was Dream Mix TV Fighters…

All we need now is Sonic and Hector and this game will be ready to rock.

Also, from the pics ive seen, i spy Super Moves, such as that Kirby cook thing, Samus’ really big lazer, and the REALLY BIG Mario fireball.


Shit, looks like I’m getting a Wii.

Little Mac and King Hippo better not be sitting out another Smash Bros.


EDIT: Oh shit, they went with Wario Ware styled Wario. That just made my fucking year.

so…(starts to cry)…No Baby…BOWSER!!!

“Here Wii go!!”

So getting a Wii…

:o …


Is that a fucking nintendog?!

The Nintendog will be uber broken. =x

That trailer was AWE_SOME

Allright! Let the fanboy speculation begin! Multiple Kongs should be playable. I.E. Diddy and Funky in Addition to donkey. King Dedede needs in, maybe even other kirby characters like knuckle joe and mirror wizard. If wario is in then waluigi should be in it (also with a redesigned costume) Star wolf, pigma more fire emblem characters (Needs Joshua from sacred stones) Birdo, wart. baby bowser, some random high profile koopa kids. Nerf Ridley thow him in there. Pig-gannon, A Goron and Impa to round out the Zelda cast. Uuuhhh… Toad. A balloon fighter.

3rd parties
Mystical ninja Goemon and friends
Earthworm jim
Megaman and Protoman, Bass
Besides sonic and tales, Espio, Eggman
Dio brando (Down B Steamroller)
Battle toads

Snake will be banned…

This Smash will have it all (kinda) some better characters, and online play so don’t have to sit next the all of the 15 year old’s. o_O


This is the first time I’ve been able to post in about a year or something like that, and I still don’t have time now, but…

This is amazing. It does open the doors to other third party characters, but don’t worry, I have no doubt it won’t be overrun, and Kojima has begged for Snake to be in SSBM but it was too late into developement. He’s really good friends with Miyamoto, or so I hear. The team is people that know what they are doing, and they are using the old system only adding. Can’t help wanting a super bar or stock of some sort for some kind of super moves and burst function, but that overpowered fireball of Mario’s is just an item. If Meta-Knights slashing in his intro says anything about the combo system then there should be now worries. Looks like it will be fun and will allow larger combos kind of like the first, but looks better. Might be due to the director. I have confidence in these guys and there is no doubt they’ll be balancing, they know about the games depth, wavedashing, ect.

Balanced, better combo system… maybe super stock please (through defensive and combos)? It’s also online. I’m getting a team buddy. I reallly would recommend no more than five other characters. More means more imbalance, but my team stuff is going to be amazing, I’ll make it happen. I might check a little more in, but see you guys later (at least for a while).