Super Skrull Question & Answer Thread

Have a specific question about Super Skrull? If it has to do with his mechanics, combos, assists, frame data, or whatever just ask it here. We can all help each other out with this thread and have the general discussion thread focus more on new skrull technologies, tier placement, etc.

Question concerning mechanics of Skrulls j. d+H

I have been trying to do Ise’s loop along with some of my own combos and for some reason whenever I get to the second j.d+H attack in the look the 2nd hit of the attack doesn’t connect and give me the OTG bounce. I’ve also noticed that if I start a combo with a more than a few hits then go for the j.d+H I get the same results. Can anyone help me out with this problem? Is it timing, or has it been patched or something? Thanks in advance.

Well this thread was super helpful. >,>

I’ve looked around for help on how to do the Ise loop as well, and all I could really scrounge up is this -

1.) You have to hit the opponent’s feet
2.) You have to hit them right after the second bounce (when they hit the ground from S)

Aside from that, you just gotta practice timing as far as I can tell.

I can do it in the corner pretty easy. But I know thats not what really counts.

For what its worth though I got the technique I use from the Japanese Combo Video in the SuperSkrull video thread.
They were kind enough to leave the notation on for our edification. So if you give that video about 30 watches and take some notes I bet you can get it. Turn the volume up so you can here the timing on the Air Dashes. The Ise loop style combos they do only have one air dash at the begining before they are in the corner, but at least the notation is there to offer some insight.

I can’t get skrull’s basic reset ( LmhcL>slam) to work any help?

Does Skrull’s orbital grudge (move and assist) have a point of armor or not? I’ve heard that it does but unsure and it doesn’t say anything on the hyper guide

Just go into training mode and turn on forward or backward air recovery. You dash forward to get backward recoveries and neutral shit, and you dash backwards to grab people who recover forward. The timing of the dash after the inferno can be tricky, but you’ll get it eventually.

Also, infernos outside of Skrull’s standard combos (like if you dhc into inferno) are a little trickier and require you to do different things when you go for the reset (sometimes you simply do the command throw instead of dashing first for example). You’ve just gotta experiment.

without turning front of back recovery on sometimes I can get it to work with neutral recovery. When I turn on back recovery I don’t have to dash back it works every time. When I turn on front recovery I can’t dash and then have time to H slam and half the time the dash doesn’t come out because the opponent flips to the other side.

Also if I have to turn recovery on for it to work how come that isn’t listed in the combo thread or in the skrull wiki? So he doesn’t have any resets that work outside of corner when opponent does neutral recovery?

No, you can reset your opponent anywhere (midscreen and corner) and you can hit neutral, back, and forward recoveries. You just aren’t timing the dashes correctly. Also, if a person recovers forward, I prefer to dash backwards instead of standing there and doing it, because if you whiff it, it doesn’t leave you as vulnerable.

You don’t have to turn RECOVERY on for it to work. I’m not really sure what your question is. The point of turning that on in training mode is to figure out how to deal with the different options that your opponent has after you hit him with an inferno or whatever.

Are you sure? The basic reset I listed doesn’t seem to work on every character for me also sometimes instead of bouncing after H they just roll why is this? Also in the corner it doesn’t seem to be possible against anyone.

So exactly what is the timing like with it? I’ve been trying to get it few a few hours with little success in training. In the combo thread it doesn’t say you need to dash at all and I’ve gotten it to work without dashing.

Oh, I’m a dumb ass and I didn’t read your initial post correctly. I’m talking about post-inferno resets, and you’re talking about something else.

Yeah, my bad.

Yes it does, but not right at startup.

Oh hey, a question: Sentinel Force is not a true blockstring. Can you command grab between drones if you time it right?

Good question Karst, I will test this later.

I tried it myself and couldn’t get it to work, but common sense dictates it should. I’m still learning Skrull, so my timing might just be bad.

Anyone able to consistently get Rolling Hook to come out? My input says 3 forwards and C but probably only get it to actually come out 20% of the time and have no idea why.

Also is anyone using F+C or DF+C during matches?

I’m new to Skrull, but I use it for mindgames mostly, not to actually hit my opponent. Since you can cancel these attacks into his command grab, I will use, for example. df.H to lock off the vertical approach, which makes my opponent approach from the ground, and then I cancel into Elastic Slam M.

Does anyone use orbital grudge outside of combos? I have been trying to use it as an anti-air but its inconsistent.

If you can catch your opponent in a beam assist (Iron man for me) then Orbital grudge is a nice little smack in the face before you tenderize them.

Agree here with mindgames, its easy to set up beam assists if they don’t know what you’re up to by d+c’ing a bunch of times. Do you guys use your command grab a lot? I have the hardest time grabbing people out of the air and get punished for it.