Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo Tiers?


My personal opinion:

God tier:

First tier:


Chun Li


God Tier: Ken

Rest: who cares.

End of thread.

ken destroys everyone for free. ryu is one of the shittiest. then end.

and people say marvel is imbalanced :pleased:

top: ken
mid: donovan

everyone else.

bottom: chun

You guys actually think Ken is top tier?

He doesn’t have any cleanup game. The second he starts chipping away at gems his opponent gets a shitload of reds to work with. He is only a threat later in the match when he can land large hits.

Hsien-Ko and Chun are definitely weaker than Ryu. Ryu’s drop pattern may be easy to set up for, but it doesn’t create power gems. Hsien-Ko and Chun just set it up perfect for you, “here, here are some big-ass rocks to bust”. I would consider him the weakest of the mids, but not bottom.

just play dan. more fun that way

you’re not suppose to throw little shit in spf2t. thats prolly why you think ken sux.

start throw big shit to their side, and you’ll see why

kens clearly better than the other regularchars… yeah chipping away with him isnt good, youre do big attacks with him… so newbie kens who cant organize huge attacks properly get raped. but if you play the game properly he makes a MESS of their side and its a pain to clean up… if you do small attacks with him then yeah he’s just another dan, but that just means you obviously shouldnt do that.

but what about the secret chars (akuma devilot) , how come they dont get any love? they seem crazy to me…

Well, that’s obviously the goal with any character. But there are situations(especially when your side is stacked) where you have to chisel your way out. Ken cannot do that. When Ken is down, he stays down.

Ken and Donovan are top. You’ve got to be kidding about Akuma and Devilot being top tier. You break a shitload and only a little goes to your opponent.

You can only drop big with Ken. If you drop small, it’s red city in your opponents corner.

Donovan has a good mixup, but he can be punished if the opponent reads your drops.

Akuma and Devilot more for their absurd drop patterns than anything.

That’s what I’ve been saying about Ken. And that’s why I don’t think he’s top; you aren’t always in a position to drop big.

Damn I wish this game was online.

Uh, most of the time people either go out of their way to stack up big (it’s not difficult) or just cheese with the diamond glitch (like me eg). Other than to bail yourself out from overfill, there’s no reason why you should be breaking small.

I guarentee you’ve lost more matches than you should have if you’re waiting around for a diamond all the time. It’s not hard to stack big, and I’m not saying breaking small should be some sort of priority, but there are definitely situations where it is your only real option.

There not neccesarily waiting for the diamond. You can stack big and break without it, you just have to know what your doing. Although the diamond certaintly helps.

At my local arcade, the Ken players manage to get a 70+ attack within the first 25 seconds. If you can beat that, I know they’re all willing to play for money against non-Ken players.

I’m not trying to say I’m better than anyone here, just sharing what works for me and what I’ve observed. I do think I could hang with those guys, but I won’t back myself up with money, mostly because I don’t really have a way to meet them to play(and mostly because I’m broke, hah).

This brings up another question: does arcade differ from the console versions? I have the game for PSX and GBA. I imagine not much would be different from the arcade, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

IMO, Donovan > Ken.

Your kidding right? Morrigan IMO is one of the worst characters in the game.

ricky…can i call you ricky?a few things…

  1. spell your name right…it’s R-I-C-K

  2. ken owns all. listen to other’s opinion…when there’s 10 people disagree with you and with good reasons…you know you’re wrong.

  3. you must really suck if you think “absurb pattern” will net you wins…cuz man…you just not get the whole point of the game…it’s all about doing the kill in a few secs…not in “digging” youself out with small blows…man…

seriously…listen to sabre and others…and play some more…eventually, you’ll know how to spell your name and know how to play.

It’s like this:




Akuma / Devilot




Yumi’s tier list says it better, actually.

Actually, I play the Chaos Theory: I drop as fast as I can and try to get colors as close as I can and hope something comes together. Well, when the game starts, I try to build big, but once all that is gone, its random city.

Here’s how I see my strategy (although it probably wont work for everyone):

Listed in priority:
-Building big
-Thinking ahead