Sunday April 26 Fudruckers Revenge SF4/MVC2/TVC/SF3S/HDR/CVS2 Concord Console Tourney

We had about 130 people in attendance and about 73 people entered SF4. This time we are going to be more organized, more set-ups and more seriousness. GET HYPE!!

When: April 26, 2009 ( sunday)

1975 Diamond Blvd, E-260, Concord, CA 94520
Phone: (925) 825-1443

Time: I am gonna get casuals set up by 1:00, Sign-ups will end at 2:30 and Tourney will commence at 3:00.

This is a B.Y.O.S( bring your own stick/shit) dont bitch if you dont have a stick, thats not my fault, only yours. Bring your own shit and watch out for your own shit.

SF4 will be on both consoles hopefully allowing more people to bring their 360 sticks and what not.

Games Being Played

$5 Dollars to Enter any tourney

Street Fighter 4 - PS3/Xbox360

Tatsunoko Vs Capcom - wii

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike - PS2

Marvel Vs Capcom 2 - DC

Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix- PS3/XBOX360

Capcom Vs SNK 2- PS2( will happen if people bring equipment)

Tournament Rules
-Prizes 70/20/10% of entry fees of the respective tournament
-Each tournament will be double elimination (you must lose 2 matches to be eliminated)
-Standard matches will be 2 out of 3 games
-Winners/Losers/Grand Finals 3 out 5 games
-Button mapping is ok, programmable pads are banned
-during a match, winner of a game, keeps character/team, loser may switch characters
-You are responsible for your own controller when your match comes up
-game freezing glitches are banned
-game pausing will be dealt with on a per-instance basis. generally, person who pauses loses, but it’s up to the proctor/judge


brackets will be seeded by area code if there are any problems, a.k.a you facing your friend tell me so i can change shit around. brackets will be done on computer.

I am Going to be a lot more strict with the times, Sign-ups will end at 2:30 and i will not make any exceptions. Depending on the number of people who come will determine if i will lengthen the sign-ups or cut them off at 2:30 sharp.

The no stealing rule is in effect, if it is not yours do not take it, dont steal and and dont be a douche bag. The last tourney nothing was reported stolen and i thank you all for that.

We are doing some major planning and trying to improve on the places we went wrong.

Sf brackets will be done on the laptop and then transfered to a enlarged bracket that will posted for everyone to see.

DO NOT TOUCH THE BRACKETS OR LAPTOPS, only people designated to run the games will be the only people who touch the laptops and brackets.

When you win your match, you and your opponent must come to me and tell me you won, dont scream at me from across the room, walk up to me, tap me on the shoulder and wait for me to record the win, then walk away.

more sf4 setups

should be all SFIV >_>

im gonna do all five games again, just more sf4 set-ups

I aint gonna lie, TVC only needs one screen. It just needs to be better organized and started on time. Oh yeah, smash, haha, that was funny. I swear I overheard a kid saying they were money matching with quarters.

which game had da least amount of players in the bracket?

That was the first tournament I ever went to, and it was pretty amazing. I drove up from San Jose to see my buddy Nate play (and to get stomped on in 3S myself) and got to meet a lot of new people. I really enjoyed the atmosphere and how we got the whole top floor to ourselves. Getting to see the talent and the people behind the names (too much YouTube on my part) was also incredible.

Some input from a newcomer’s perspective:

  1. This one’s pretty obvious, but brackets ('nuff said)
  2. It seemed a little crowded. You definitely could have used the space more efficiently, since the whole back room near the bathrooms wasn’t being used. The smash corner too
  3. Volunteers! I’m sure some people would be willing to help set up and everything. It seemed like only a handful of people knew what was going on.
  4. Not enough TV’s and consoles! (or just an unexpected amount of heads) This first tourney should give you an idea of how many people are going to show up for the next one. Be sure to account for increased hype, which will lead to even more people coming.
  5. Some already set-up sticks for systems would be nice as well, in case BYOS falls through. This would also require some nice people to lend out their sticks for extended periods of time, but would ensure that there is going to be something there for you to use without needing to take a random stick.

And Saturday probably works better

TVC had less than 15, I’m pretty sure it was lowest. But I think we need to keep it, since it really doesn’t take a lot of effort to put together and can be run by one person if need be.

get of rid of piece of shit tvc


karas is more broke than gill and akuma from HDR put together.

bring a big bracket printout sheet so we can look at who we’re gonna play without bugging you =)

we need to decide on saturday or sunday. this is what i want to know. sunday seemed to work good for a lot of people. but i wanna see if more people will come on saturdays or not. i figure people go clubbing or disco dancing on saturdays, and sundays are usually when people just sit around watching football or something.

tell me people.

This is why sundays are better. Also with better planning this sort of thing wont HAVE to take 10 hours.

I’m down for sunday again.

I just bought a ps3 copy of sf4 so I can bring another setup. I might be able to bring my laptop too if you want to seperate some of the smaller tournaments from the sf4 brackets. Or those can just be software randomized and copied to paper since the player base wasn’t too high.

Also we’ll need more TVs and converters.

<–Ryan, the dude with the white chun stick

Yeah, I personally like Sunday better because I have to work Saturdays.

I think you guys should have an “on deck” section for people who are going to be playing soon. For example, if you reserved that spot to the left of the TVs so people who are playing soon can wait for an open TV to play their match (instead of waiting to call the next players after a match finished) I think it could’ve ran a lot faster. I’m pretty sure more than 50% of the time the TVs were on the win screen.

Also back the crowd up just a little bit so there is walking room BEHIND the players currently playing for people to get to their station.

I wish everyone played on TE’s so we could just have like 6 out there ready to play and not spend 5 minutes a match binding buttons :confused:

We should make people rewire their sticks so the layout they want is controller type A :rofl:

Yeah good idea really… Too bad people would complain cause they cant play on their stick huh? -_-;