Stupid reasons you have gotten bans or warnings in other forums?

I can think of a few:

  1. One time I registered on a different gaming forum 12 years ago with an inappropriate name. As soon as I clicked register, it did so successfully. It then took me back to the main page where I had a message in my inbox saying that I have been banned because of my screen name. And this was INSTANTANEOUS, mind you. So it’s not like a mod immediately noticed and gave me a ban. It was automated. Well geez, if it can detect profanity on the fly, why didn’t the registration form just come back win an error message (like when you enter an invalid email, type password incorrectly in 2nd box, etc)? And at the time, I had only my one email address that my dad set up. I knew nothing about setting up alternate email addresses myself. So I was extremely pissed.

  2. I was using profanity in a post and doing what most people do; replacing the entire word with asterisks. But the forum I posted on has an auto-censoring function. And doing anything at all to bypass it, including the substitution of the word fudge, or replacement of the ENTIRE word (not just a letter or two) with asterisks gets you a warning. No other forum that I have ever posted on functions like that.

  3. I was posting on an unofficial starcraft forum, asking if there was a widescreen mod for the game (similar to widescreen mods in other isometric-view games like Baldur’s Gate). There was one somewhere on the net, but it involves altering some of the core files and, arguably, gives players an unfair advantage in multiplayer. So I got kicked because what I was asking for had constituted asking for multiplayer hacks/cheats.

You were banned from Gaia Online? I kneeeew it all along!

A couple years ago I was a member on this site. I made a thread and a mod deleted it, he said it belonged in a different category, I created the thread in the new category that the mod reccomended and a different mod moved it to the original category I had it under all for the original mod who deleted it to ban me for 2 months for “insubordination”. I emailed him and told him what happened and he was like “whatever ever man, already banned you, haha!”

Now that I’m back. I would like to say that that mod is the biggest faggot on earth.

Go to Polygon. Find A Ben Kuchera article. Call it sensationalist and say something like, “what a shock, it’s by Ben Kuchera.”

You will be banned in record time. Took me 45 seconds.

Posting on a BeGuiled thread…

… oh shit!

Pipedream Extreme Fuck Me Silly Slut reviews:

Smogon(not the forums, but their online server for the Online Pokemon Battle Sim) banned me for kicking the shit out of both their founder and the number one(at the time) ranked player after racking up a major win streak with a so-called shitty team.

The baby wipes-soft ass mods hit me with a 365-day ban from their server after I let everyone in the chat know I just shitted on their gods with a team that was almost all weak to Ice attacks… and an Alakazam with Focus Punch, lol.

I’ve not missed an opportunity to tell them to eat a bag of dicks ever since.


when Diablo II came out, some asshat mod on a third world forum banned me for posting a warning from blizzard about current hacks and bugs. He claimed I was advocating cheating in video games by posting the warning.

I also got banned or suspended or something from Penny Arcades because I asked what would happen to the world if Africa was devoid of human life.

You should really take screenshots and record video of stuff like that, you could really hurt their credibility which you seem to wanna do.

Team Liquid is run by queers, the only site I’ve been banned from, let alone multiple times

The Starcraft scene was fucked from the start given what the majority of their playerbase is like, buncha fruitcakes

Arguing with someone about some shit on a video game forum, got the guy busting out the old “first world problems” chestnut and I call him out on his bullshit as most every fucking thing being discussed about a videogame is a first world problem, pointing it out don’t mean shit for your argument.

Mod steps in on the other dudes side, gets butthurt and goes for the banhammer.

I got infracted on Smashboards for telling it like it is.

Reading “Goku/Goomba/Octorock for Smash 4” millions of times a day prompted me to ask if they were that bored or just delusional.

I once told an idiot why he was wrong on srk. i got a temp ban, or enough point infraction where id get banned for another infraction.

I guess telling somebody the truth is trolling in baby soft ahit fgd

I responded to a bot thread, didn’t know it was against the rules, now i actually “somewhat” attempt to read web forums stickies more. I think trouble brewing just doesn’t like me in general. Lol

i got warned about 8 years back when i called out this cocky colombian scrub in the king of fighter xi thread here on srk.

he kept saying that whip was good (shes not) and when other people tried to tell him why, he acted like we have no idea what we are talking about.

so i called him out, he got pissed and started bashing the usa and americans.

BeGuiled, what about stupid warnings on this forums?

A person got mad at the information I told them aobut chun li’s usefulness in sfxt vita (pre-2013), which made them say things in a manner that was not pleasant to me, and I answered back with remarks of my own, there were blunt but not disrespectful comparatively, and was banned and warned in one action.

That forum didn’t have integrity when it started and it definitely doesn’t have any now.

I bought a PSP on Japanese launch day, posted my impressions on another forum and competed in a Lumines scoring discussion. That drew the ire of the JP expat weeb clique, my input spoiled their “we have the hottest gaming gadget on the planet, worship our feet” circle jerk. They started accusing me of not even owning a PSP, posting fake Lumines scores, not really living in Glourios Nippon, etc. One of their irl friends banhammered me with no explanation. Since then I stay away from “living in Japan/Asia” discussions online, it draws the wrong kind of attention from mongoloids.

I’m pretty sure those involved with Death Cargo’s forum can all testify to this thread

Never been banned but I managed to earn myself an infraction by leaving GD going into FG and telling some user to man the fuck up!
…I then promptly went to Val to complain about the moderator and he had the infraction revoked.

I imagine the conversation looking something like this…

Val is my hero.