Strider Night School: Study Hall | Strider Hiryu General Discussion

I was waiting for someone with more enthusiasm to start this general thread but it already has been TOO long for this section to be empty.

Hiryu gonna get his in this game…believe that

I feel like Strider goes super well with all of Ultron’s drones (like many other characters).

But damn I found something particularly nasty I’m kinda excited about. Just need more testing

Strider needs some new alts. I am not happy with his current color scheme, I like an all black or an all white just like UMVC3’s.

agreed. I use color 3 cuz it’s too ugly not to.

What characters you guys think go well with Strider and what team are you running?

I use zero/strider. both are on my top ten characters list…and I found this easy gram set up

How are we approaching striders neutral?

For me it’s just setup a Fhp into teleport, and some general movement with Excalibur (air qcf + button) what else should I be looking for besides abusing that and ouroborous?

At the moment I find myself fishing for the HP-Gram when more than half screen away to try and go into the Gram/Satellite combo. Other than that I find myself struggling and relying on Ultron for my neutral play. I was trying to supplement my lack of neutral with Ouroboros but that isn’t working out either.
I keep getting the feeling that I’m playing him wrong though so take with a grain of salt but he feels more like he fits the role of Iron Man in MvC2. He’s not an awful character but in order to get the most out of him, you bring him in when the time is right to run wild for the rest game.

Raw HK Vajra to keep super jumpers honest.

j.LP is incredibly fast and I’ve had some decent success air to airing as j.LP, j.HP xx Excalibur into a combo.

I feel his ground sword normals (f.LP and df.LK) have some potential but I need some frame data to check on that.

striders animals are too damn slow. bird bomb should do more damage. in marvel 2 it was the most damaging projectile in the game

Im currently using Gamora/Strider/Soul

is there any use for ame-no-murakumo? in marvel 2 it went through a lot of projectiles. seems as useless in neutral this time around as it was in 3.

It has a hitbox behind it. So you can do funky cross-under stuff against super jumpers using the HP version.

Also since HP version dashes so far, you can react to pushblock, chase down then do Tag stuff.

You could also use it to extend combos and normalize them after a tag in the air. For example, if I do a basic air series with any character. RIght after the knockdown, I tag Strider and do ame-no-murakumo. This pushes the opponent closer to the corner and gives a solid extension opportunity.

here’s a use enjoy guys

Been trying to think of new stuff to do, i do have some combos already taped for a third video but I feel its to short to put out so still trying to come up wiht something but its been difficult. On a strange potentially buggy sorta note… I dont know if its the fact that legion itself is just random. But I did find recently that if the opponent starts in the center of the stage, and you run them into the corner while legion hitting, instead of legion just knocking down, it then wall bounces instead. Strange… doesnt seem to ever happen if the opponent is in the corner directly or in the middle of the stage. Has to be running them into the corner. So with that strange caviet I wonder if other moves have a buggy type property such as this? If it is a bug and its not just legion itself being random.

Anyone know if l.p. Excalibur is safe?

Just started playing strider/captain marvel about 2 weeks ago. There is alot of eagle bomb set ups that i’m trying to pull off. You can see a piece of it at 0:44

It is. Feels like +1 or 2 on block

Any good strider/spiderman tech? Resets, mix ups, etc…