Streetfighter 3s: Sean

Seems like in 2I capcom got lazy and made a ken clone(another classic shoto copy).So I thank capcom for doing the right thing and making a newer character and not just some rehash.

Funny he was trained by ken but he counters ryu.(Sean SAII).

On 3S they made Sean into a counter character(axe kick counters far DP(except ken’s fierce DP which it will trade on),tornado counters diagonal jump in,Dragon smash counters directly overhead/point blank(only) lp Rolls counter fireballs up close.Tackle counters high hitting excluse attacks(start of ken’s axekick and fierce,Ryu standing jab and MP).

Does anyone play sean seriously?

uh no, cuz those moves that you speak of are flat out horrible. sean is one of the worst characters to ever hit an sf game ever. 2i sean was a beast tho. 3s sean is the biggest joke. the ONLY character that gets literally no play in tourneys EVER

Axe kick is the number one easiest to parry move in the game. Anyone with a DP would never have to try to DP you out of it because of that. Why DP it when you get free combo of choice after the parry?

New Shoryu Smash loses to damn near everything, and trades with others, and is just as parryable as Axe Kick.

If you can parry Hurricane Kicks on jumpin, you can parry Sean’s HORNAY

And you are horribly wrong. Sean technically has no ranged game. He HAS to play rushdown. Too bad most of his normals don’t allow him to play an effective rushdown game. Nothing he has outside of c.MK combos into anything worthwhile when he’s outside of normal throw range(since RH HORNAY no longer combos off anything but a crouching opponent with close HP/HK), and every poke he has at that range is shitty.

Sean doesn’t counter anyone. Like, he doesn’t counter Ryu at all. Ryu can do whatever he wants, and can still win. He can play defensively and just react to Sean’s limited bs, he can play offensively and take advantage of the fact that Sean has no good way to get anyone away from him without super but has real trouble building meter, or he can do a mix of both, etc.

Ok, the axe kick beats a shoryu if timed perfectly, but that’s still a problem. Sure, you can time it perfectly as a meaty, but too bad the move has such bad startup that if you use it as a meaty it’s super easy to parry, and also too bad that if you use it outside of meatiness, it can be beaten by anything with any speed. The roll can get you out of the corner once, at which point the opponent will not believe he was retarded enough to let that happen and won’t let it happen again. His dragon punch beats very few things if not ex, and even if it is ex, it still loses cleanly to throws and well-timed meaty attacks. Let me repeat that: his EX DRAGON PUNCH loses to THROWS. Not a good thing.

The tackle is his only special that gets any respect, but don’t use it to actually tackle. It’s just one part of a tick, really. Like, yeah, it’s true that if Ken does a standing fierce immediately before you land the tackle, that the tackle will win, but that will never happen ever, so there’s no use in really considering it. Yeah, you can use the roll for more (also limited) mindgames, but it’s not as “good” as the tackle.

Sean is limited to semi-decent pokes and roll/tackle throw games, and without meter he doesn’t have anything that’ll scare anyone.

Actually there are like 2 of us lol. One Japanese cat named Sean P and me. And I have beasted in tournies with him, even majors. Well, most of the peepz that see my Sean are pretty amazed and give me props. I won’t disagree with you that he is like one of the worst in 3rd Strike, but does have some things going for him that peepz that don’t play him might not immediately see. I did find an unblockable for him, check the 3S Sean Strats section for more info. It is hard, but might bump him up past 12 at least, lol. Yeah but give me my 2I Sean anyday. I miss my dragon dammit!

sean cant do anything at all until he has meter. and even so, his meter building is so poor. his jump is amazingly high and slow that its way too easy to couter it with a simple dash under or whatever you want. he has no way to do any real damage without meter. he has no real options at all in a fight. hell, he struggles scoring a knockdown cuz his sweep is so retardedly slow. i like using 3s sean, but realistically, hes the most worthless character to ever hit an sf game

yeah you may get some wins here and there, but sean is mostly just gonna be a scrub killer at best, and thats worthless.

I do! Unfortunately…I got no one to play Vs. mode with ;_;. He’s OK, but needs some practice THAT’S ALL.

**okay but play jeoff!

ABASI!** :karate:

Like already mentioned sean counters noone and is worthless. Though he is fun to use sometimes when you’re casually playing. If his tackles were better I would play with him more.

3S Sean isn’t really original either. The only new move he brings is the tackle grab and his “axe kick” is taken from Ken’s movelist in CvS2. Other then that he’s pretty much a clone of Dan. Sad excuse for a character in 3S honestly even though he has potential as was seen in 2I.

Even though I don’t play 3rd Strike as much as MvsC2, I must agree that I hardly ever see him being played. I like watching 3rd Strike matches and everything, but I never see him get played.

That reminds me, why don’t we see as many Ibuki players?

SF3 NG came out in 97. CvS came out in 2000. Sean was original till Capcom put Ryu and Ken back in. You are wrong.

All of the above are fact.

Well said, I’m glad you proved him wrong. But whoa there, watch it with that e-cock.

Um HELLO! 3S was releaed in 1999 & CvSNK 2 was released in 2001! I.e. the ‘Axe Kick’ is originally Sean. Seriously I don’t know what the fuck Capcom were smoking when they decided to scale him down!

Capcom doesn’t care about black* people.

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Sean was originally supposed to be the only shoto in SF3 until people pissed and moaned to the point that Capcom threw the other 3 back in.

Too bad, maybe we would’ve seen another original character or 2, instead of the shotos again.

He has none of Dan’s moves.