Streetfighter 3s: Sean

I always wondered about this. When he was gonna be the only shoto, did he have the same moves? Like the fireball and hurricane kick and DP that hits once.
Or did he just have the same gi and fighting stance?

Well, I would expect that he would have the same moves as in SF3:NG, but not sure.

whoever said that sean needs meter to do damage hits it right on the head

you can poke with mk’s all day and rush down with his nice dash and throws all day, but you cannot safely combo into anything unless you are right next to the enemy. It says alot about a character when his best move is the roll.

Sean only has two safe combos, one ending with dp and one ending with hurriken. Except if you distance hurriken wrong you get comboed or thrown for free afterwards.

This is all rehashed information of course but I guess I’ll say it again along with anyone else that played 2I. Sean was a bitch in 2I. He wasn’t Ibuki or Akuma, but he was pretty close. He did insane damage, had a standing roundhouse that dominated. HIs standing roundhouse from far is exactly like ken’s standing medium, except of course it hurts a lot more. His close roundhouse came out a lot faster and give you way more frame advantage than it does now. It is much much easier to knee and then link into super in 2I with sean than it is now. Hyper tornado gave you two meters, had shorter meters than they do now, and did more damage. I’m pretty sure he can actually combo safely into specials too although most of the time I can win the match with option select parry and roundhouse - link -> super. So basically Capcom took away his godly normals and didn’t buff up his specials in return. Now Sean is completely un-usable in tournaments.

He has all the specials he has in 3S, with the major changes of:

1: Shoryu Smash - Used to be the good ol DP animation followed by that overhead smash from his leaping victory pose. 2 hits. In other words, and actual Shoryu SMASH.

2: Sean Tackle - Used to just be the Double Hammer from the end of the EX version. IIRC it turned into what it is now in 2I. Never used it in 2I tho. Jab Tackle combos off close RH in NG.

3: HORNAY - Basically they made his NG and 2I RH version into the 3S EX version, and nerfed the rest of them. Pre-3S there was no reason to ever use LK and MK versions unless you accidentally Negative Edged them.

Basically, he was to be a “shoto” that had no reliance on a long range game, but possessing the tools to fight against a long range game. He also had the b+MP/HP/MK/HK glitch where he’d gain 3 times the amount of normal whiffed meter(and double meter on hit IIRC), which made it easy for him to have meter at any time.

And co-sign on close RH links pre-3S. Close RH link SA2 for all 15 mashed hits > *

how is he a clone of dan?

*Sean has no taunt specials or supers
*Sean has a Hurrican kick dan doesn’t
*Dan has a DP Sean has a Dragon smash
*Dan has a Fireball special sean doesn’t
*Sean’s axekick and ken’s axekick from CvS2 are VERY different
*Sean has more moves
*Sean has roll Dan doesn’t(no the taunt doesn’t count)
*Sean has more combos
*Sean has better supers

i disagree heavily hadoken is easiest move to parry in the game

Considering Dan first appeared in 95’ in the Street Fighter Alpha series and hasn’t really changed much since, the relative closeness I saw was his useless Hurricane Kick which was punishable on block and crappy uppercut which 3S Sean has both, but both with just a different animation. Fireballs that are both seemingly jokes (super-wise as Sean doesn’t have a Fireball). He gets the tackle and Ken’s overhead roll and is called a new character. Granted he was different in NG and 2i, but when comparing him in his 3S Incarnation, both characters get just as much play. I only mentioned CvS2 because that was the most known incarnation of Dan to most people who browse these forums now. It’s blantant and scrubbish still, but at least I can say something to back up what i threw out ;p Basketball taunt isn’t something I count as a move since you most likely won’t ever be comboing off of it or using it to your advantage unless it’s really set up for it.

I don’t think he mean’t literally.
Besides, axe kick is punishable on parry. A full screen hadouken isn’t.

At least place top 8 in evo (for 3s is a nice tourney but not as high level as SBO) and Ill believe that
it is just IMPOSSIBLE for a sean player to be on top 8 in a major tourney

lol. Some of you guys taking this shit too seriously. I have beasted with him in a tourney, but no it is not like he is my main character lol. My response was to Sabre that no one played him in tournies. I have played him against really good players such as Flash G, Spellmaster J, and tons of ATL south players who place high in tournies. Jae Purvis, shinblanka, haunts, etc. for example. I didn’t win the majority of matches against top players in tournaments, but no way do I get dominated, it is always close. But I do use him to take out a few scrubs, or to test people, and in casuals. He is not my main character in 3S. I am not a fool in 3S or SF in general, I know damn well Sean is one of the worst in 3S. But I do know the game very well. We played 3S in Atlanta so long, since it has been out, before everyone in the U.S. jumped on the 3S bandwagon after the japan ass-whooping a couple of years ago. We always claimed that 3S was a great game, and always enjoyed playing it. I have not been able to make an Evo but I hope to make it this year. Hopefully TX showdown and some other majors as well. Hope to meet some of you cats there as well. peace :karate:

Exactly. Sean ISN’T a clone of Dan at all. In fact, this is why I hope to one day see a fighting game where you can pit Sean vs. Dan. I am a fan of both characters, trust me, I know. Also, as a factor of Sean’s ‘un-Dan-ness’, Does Dan have a fucking tackle? The answer is no. Even Sean’s strikes are different from Dan’s, last time I checked. Do me a favor. Boot up SFA3, CvS2, MvC2, or any other game that has Dan. Play as Dan for a while. Then, pop in any version of SF3. Preferrably Third Strike. Use Sean. However, it’s been a while since I’ve played SF3 so correct me if I’m wrong, but in Third Strike, doesn’t Sean have a flying multi-kick special similar to Dan’s? But other than that, comparing Sean and Dan are like comparing apples and oranges.

I love how people can’t grasp that he didn’t mean a literal clone, he just means Sean is like Dan v2.

damn, good point.

Which wouldn’t’ve made sense up until they ruined Sean in 3S

Wonder if Sean is meant to be used to corner your opponent? I mean his main use is at the corner like Asura in NGBC?

Here’s a fun fact about one of Sean’s moves: Sean had the Ryubi kyaku (Dragon-Tail kick) first in the first SF3 game. Ryu gained said move for Pocket Fighter. Ken gained a variation on it in Cvs, and a higher-jumping version in cvs2.

And Capcom needs to stop being so damn lazy and head-swapping. In all the art you see of Sean, he’s all skinny cuz he’s only, what, 17? And he has the classic inner city/Brazillian (semi third-worlders don’t place so much value on getting big, unless they compete in world body building competitions) basketball player build: scrawny. In the games, he’s super bulked out as if he’s been lifting weights twice as long as he’s been alive…wtf?

Frankly, I’d say no one in the game is less scary than Sean when you’re cornered. The only character that gives him a run for his money in that department is Twelve, but even Twelve has some pretty sick corner stuff. Sean? Other than the same normal throw games and preemptive antiair that everyone can do when the opponent is cornered, Sean really doesn’t have anything.

he really looks like ryu with a different face…and a tan.
this too pisses me off. but to be fair, he does look pretty bulky in his/ken’s 3s ending…

On Topic: Sean is also noticeably weak, imo. his supers seem shitty when compared to others…aside from being so combo-unfriendly.

Now… all im seeing in this thread is people saying the same things over and over about how sean is the “worst” character in the game. Can any of you give me a good reason on how he is the “worst” character, without repeating one another. Because quit franckly he is the only underrated character in the game. Also nobody cares about si sean this is an third strike forum am i right. so post that stuff some were else.

sean is the most underrated character in 3S.

If you don’t agree with them you are going to be alienated and ignored.

aquired tier-whore apathy syndrome most commonly found in fighting game message boards.