Street Fighter Zero 3 : Double Upper

Street Fighter Zero 3 : Double Upper …Ingrid?

Street Fighter Zero 3 : Double Upper

YES CAPCOM! Milk the fucking cow! What the fuck is Ingrid doing there?!

wow they sure are milking that. so unoriginal.

i think its cool. Just might get a PSP for it.

I have no idea why some people want to seriusly play a fighting game on a HANDHELD system :confused: :lame:

u can play players wireless on psp

not a true SF fan or just cant get a psp

What is this bullshit. They release it for PSP but not for Xbox.

I want A3/VS collection for LIVE! God damn it!

Spare me the elitist nonsense. I’m a huge SF aficionado and always have been, but that doesn’t mean I should feel the urge to shell out 200+ of my hard-earned cash for yet another version of a game I already own just because Capcom decided to copy and paste one of their shittier character efforts across. The beings of a Street Fighter fanatic arent measured by how much merchandise you own - it’s about how much you engage in and love the games. By your reckoning, being a wealthy nerd makes you a bigger fan than the rest of us.

capcom says to Neil “NO!!!”

yea hopefully the will seriously. i hope fucking every sf game eventually gets online. i can dream cant i? …yes especially marvel…i know how much u love marvel cigarBOB :clap:


Also hope it can be played on Xlink Kai. ONLINE MULTIPLAYER BABY!

Tiny screen + no joystick + I have to hold it + hard for spectators = not good for fighting games. Would it be THAT hard to port it to PS2?

They’re still gonna used that stretched out screen for the game? It looks kind of awkward on Darkstalkers and it would probably look about as awkward on here too.

playing this would be way better than playing about 95% of the games out on psp right now

Playing a fighting game wireless against human opponents on a portable beats playing alone on your console.

By about a mile.

You mean playing a widescreen game on a widescreen handheld is awkward?


And seriously, this thread title should be “Ingrid in SFA3 for PSP” or something like that. I mean, now you can throw your CFJ copy away (if you didnt already)…

Capcom needs to be slapped for not porting this game to current consoles as well. And what the fuck Capcom? The Nintendo DS(the little awesome 2D machine that it is) can definitely handle your arcade hardware so why not port it to that handheld as well ya doorknobs.

I threw away my PSP months ago…

Since A3 is my favorite SF, I’ll be all over this when it comes out although, I agree that it really needs to come out on consoles, specifically Xbox and Live.

The problem the DS has with Fighting games is what would the second screen be used for? Although I myself would like to see a game once Nintendo gets its online service up and running.

SFA3: DU doesn’t sound like anything to bad, but not actually all that good either.

Once again, the Capcom fanboys will continue to buy this, giving Capcom even more of a reason to continue milking it.

Wait until they make Street Fighter Alpha 3:Third Upper which will include Kyosuke and nothing else. They will still continue to buy this.

I mean, why buy the cow if Capcom could have the milk for free?

No smartass comments about the name yet? Sexual references? Drugs? No? I’m disappointed.