Street Fighter x Tekken DLC/Balance patch: 7/31/2012



[LEFT]I like how they are pushing the date up, but since I planned on getting the Vita Version basically I’m getting kind of screwed here. So now its the opposite problem for those who wanted both copies, basically buying the DLC for a timed exclusive. [/LEFT]

It’s kind of shocking. I feel like they listened :open_mouth:

lol xaiyou

For once! :rofl:

Coming to PC July 31st 2013!

Thanks to Capcom. My body is ready…

Good news of the month for me! Hopefully we’ll see some of these DLC characters online.

Finally been wanting to try those characters for a long time.

This is great news!!

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When was the original release date for the 12 dlc characters just curious? Lars yay!

Somewhere around september, anyways it was too far away.

You wouldn’t be “loling” about xaiyou if you saw an end game player using her like king d. You make one mistake and you lose 500-600 life off one meter. That happens twice you lose the match.

Whenever the Vita version was going to be released, which currently has no release date yet.

Saw that on the panel finally get my Tekken main since tekken 4 Christie, hope she is hated like she is in tekken


I am pleased. In all seriousness though, hopefully this nerf forces richer gameplay out of her.

Stoked for Dudley. Prepare for maximum dignity on the 31st.

Great to see they are listening.

I am liking the game a lot this will make it better and should grow the player base as well.

It shouldn’t take too long to come to PC either.
They are also addressing Ravens crouching HP loops,_balance_patch_included

Seriously, this is really good news. Can’t wait to FINALLY play Elena in a game not named 3rd Strike (no offense to 3rd Strike), and my boy Lei, and Christie <3, and Duds… and… fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck my character list is multiplying :wow:

Man you felt that so much you had to post it three times in a row. :razzy:

And hopefully not the last time.

Thank you oh based Capcom!

I only have 1 issue with this announcement:

Who the hell am I going to play with now? xD Man, this is great news! And, best of all: the era of autoblock/tech assist gems is finally at an end… Awesome.